The Benefits of Spiritual Awakening Part 2

You can find Part One of the Benefits of Spiritual Awakening Here. Now to continue our list! Knowing who you are and what you want (individuation). There are many paradoxical things that happen on the spiritual path. People release their conceptualizations of who they...

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Reconciling the Archetypal Witch

It seems this time of year the topic of witches always comes up, specifically discussion around the phrase we are the witches you could not burn (or we are the granddaughters of the witches that you could not burn). This discussion typically goes as follows: Some...

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The Energetics of Money

This is Part Two of a two-part blog. You can find Part One here… Let’s start with the basic energetics of money… Money is a form of power. A good working definition of “power” is agency; when we have agency we can make conscious decisions regarding our own lives....

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