Online Workshops

The following workshops have been scheduled. Please contact me to register and receive the payment and zoom link.

Body Deva Workshop Module 1

February 11th and 12th 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hour workshop with half an hour break each day).

$225 US, payable via PayPal or Stripe. For repeat students (who have taken body deva work with me before, either in workshop or my two year course) $150 US. Takes place via Zoom.

Learn to communicate with your body deva. The body deva is the consciousness of the body. Many of us are out of touch with what our bodies are speaking or feeling to us. Learn how to restore connection, listen to intuition, and communicate with your emotions.

Day 1: Getting to know the body deva and communicating with emotions

Day 2: Working with Resistance and Blocks

This covers page 1-87 in the Body Deva book. Please read this section prior to the course. After this course you will be able to do body deva work for yourself.

Each day will include a demo of the material as well as time for Q & A.

This course will be recorded to all those who sign up, including those who are unable to participate live.

My body deva courses do not offer CEU’s, but there is a certificate available for those who complete Module 1 and 2 plus five case studies signifying that you have completed the requisite coursework to work with others.

Spiritual Awakening Support Group: Kundalini Awakening Support Group

Monday, February 20th from 4:00-5:30 pm CST

$36 US, payment via PayPal or Stripe

The topic of this support group is kundalini awakenings. How do we understand what a kundalini awakening is (simply and clearly)? What does kundalini want/what is its purpose?

How can we learn to work with kundalini instead of fight against it?

What is a false kundalini awakening (why do so many people desire to have kundalini awakenings?) How can we feel connected to others despite having different perspectives on reality? How can we become more connected to others (rather than feeling separated) as a result of spiritual awakening?

Why is it so important to awaken in an embodied way and how can we ensure that we are doing so?

This course will begin with a talk by Mary and then will open up to the group for questions and sharing.

The course will be recorded. The recording will be sent out via email 1-2 days after the course to all participants. It is video optional and will take place via Zoom

Contact Mary to sign up for this course

Body Deva Module Two

March 4th and 5th 10:00am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hour workshop with half an hour break each day)

$225 US, payable via PayPal or Stripe. For those signing up for both workshops the total will be $400 US. For repeat students it is $150 US or to sign up for both $275 US

Day 1: Working with Inner Children and Q & A from the prior module

Day 2: Working with Inner Children, Working with Others and Q & A about all prior material

This workshop will cover pages 88-100 in The Body Deva. Please read prior to the course.

Working with inner children is crucial to our healing path. Often we do not recognize that parts of ourselves are stagnated energetically in their development due to trauma, overwhelm, or a lack of proper tools. Learn to recognize these parts of yourself and how to work with them.

This course will also go over how to work with others utilizing this work. If you would like to use this work with others, Module 1 will allow for you to work on yourself and Module Two will allow for you to begin to work with others. For certification in Level One of the Body Deva Modules 1, 2, and Five Case Studies (from working with others) need to be completed.

This course will be recorded for those who cannot attend and will be sent to all participants a few days after the course.

Sensitive Support Group Monday, March 20th from 4:00-5:30 pm CST

More details coming soon. This course will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

For questions regarding workshops, certification in body deva, or to sign up, you can send me an email here…

Further workshops will be updated on this page in the future, including future dates for more modules of the Body Deva course. I will update via my newsletter (sign up here) when new workshops are announced.