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Monday, December 5th 4:00-5:30pm CST (Chicago time zone)

Support Group for Sensitives

Topic: Navigating States of Overwhelm

$36 fee, payable via PayPal

This support group is an opportunity for those who are sensitive/“psychic” to come together and support one another. The topic of this group is Navigating States of Overwhelm. For the sensitive the world can be too noisy, too much, and interacting with so much stimuli can be overwhelming (especially over the holidays!)

It is rare that the world understands that being a sensitive comes with struggles: physical ailments, fatigue, and autoimmune and immune issues, being overly aware or sensitive to what is going on in your body, and emotional overload.

Discussion includes: why shielding is not the best option for the sensitive, what overwhelm feels like for many sensitives, and how to live in a world that is not built for the sensitive.

This workshop will begin with a talk about this topic and tools for overwhelm (and tools for the holiday/social situations). It will then open up for questions, discussion and support from those who attend. Sharing of the difficulties and blessings of being sensitive can be a wonderful way to connect and realize that you are not alone in your sensitivities.

For registration you are welcome to contact me. This workshop will take place via Zoom. It is video optional. This workshop will not be recorded.

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