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This a complete list of the workshops I will be teaching for 2023. Please contact me to register and receive the payment and zoom link.

Working with Light

Thursday, April 13th from 10:00 am-11:30 am CST

$36 US, Payable via PayPal or Stripe

Learning how to call in the elements (light, water, earth, air, fire) for yourself or for others is a basic shamanic tool that is helpful for any practitioner or individual looking for personal development.

Learn how to develop relationship with light, water, earth, air, or fire, and how to call in the elements during your healing work. Also discussed will be how to tell what your dominant element is and the many ways that the elements can express during a session.

Embodying light within ourselves allows for our light to emanate outwards. We can use this light to “fill up our own cup” as well as utilize it in healing work. Being in our own light allows for us to feel more peaceful/still, and for others to feel at ease in our presence.

Also discussed is bringing in colors during healing work, including qualities: such as peace, stillness and joy. Learn to bring in any quality to your healing session and how to use your intuition in conjunction with this work.

Suitable for anyone, from beginning seeker to experienced practitioner. For clinicians and non-clinicians alike. This course will cover different ground than the work in my Shamanic Workbook series, but that work on the elements is a wonderful adjunct to what we will cover here.

This course will be recorded for those who cannot attend live

Body Deva Module Three

May 6th and 7th 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hour workshop with half an hour break each day)

$225 US, payable via PayPal or stripe. For repeat students (people who have studied body deva past life/ancestral work with me before) it is $150 US

Day 1: Working with Past Lives and Q & A from prior modules

Day 2: Working with Ancestral Energies (and Cultural Energies)

Working with ancestral energies and past life energies through the body can lead to tremendous healing. We rarely recognize how we carry the energies and traumas of our family, ancestral line, and past lives within us and how we live out these energies. This is important, impactful work that is essential for any spiritual worker, energy healer, or bodywork practitioner to have in their toolkit. It simply gets at issues that are puzzling, long-standing, or multi-faceted in a way that no other form of healing can.

Please read pages 134-158 (the Ancestral and Past Lives healing chapters) in The Body Deva prior to attending the course.

This course will continue certification for those interested. For certification in Body Deva Module Three (Past Life and Ancestral Work) this workshop plus five case studies are required (discussed in course).

This course will be recorded for those who cannot attend live and will be sent to all participants after the course

Spiritual Support Group- Kundalini and Spiritual Awakenings

Monday, May 15th from 4:00-5:30 pm CST

$36 US, payable via PayPal or Stripe

This support group will begin with a chat with Mary about Kundalini awakenings and other types of awakenings (specific focus on top-down, chakra awakenings, and awakening and the nature of dreams, but anyone seeking to understand spiritual awakenings or going through one is welcome to attend!)

It then will open up for sharing and questions. This will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. This group takes place via Zoom and is video optional.

Body Deva Module One-

Saturday and Sunday July 8-9th, 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half hour lunch)

$225 US for new students, $150 US for repeating students (who have studied body deva work with me prior)

Day 1: learn to work with feeling states and the body. Meet the body deva (the wisdom of the body) and learn to work with emotions in an embodied way

Day 2: working with resistance and blockages

Please read pages 1-87 of the Body Deva prior to the course (Intro, Chapters 1-3)

Course will take place via Zoom, and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live

Communal Healing with Body Wisdom- Grief

Thursday, August 10th from 10:00 am-11:00 am CST

$24 US, payable via Stripe or PayPal

One of my teachers used to say the phrase “shared pain is lessened pain”. When we learn how to connect to one another through an embodied way- in recognizing our suffering within one another– our suffering lightens.

This group will begin with a brief chat about how to connect to grief through looking within, and then we will communally sit with our grief, allowing for lightening and transformation to occur both personally and collectively. This is not taking on or absorbing each other’s grief, but collectively experiencing it in shared empathetic understanding that we all have experienced and know grief.

Discussions for aftercare will then be shared.

This course will take place via Zoom and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. The same collective energy can still be accessed through the recording.

Body Deva Module Four- In Utero, the Central Myth, and Archetypal Figures

Saturday and Sunday September 23rd-24th, 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half hour lunch)

$225 US for new students, $150 US for those who have studied in utero work with me prior

Day 1- In Utero Healing and Contract Healing

Day 2- The Central Myth and Archetypal Figures

This is the last module of the body deva curriculum. Our in utero time gives us our primal patterning– what we think about the world and how we operate in it is based in our experiences in utero. This is an often neglected area of healing, and is tremendously beautiful work to offer to ourselves and others.

We are meaning-making creatures, and we are taught many myths and stories that we live out throughout our lives without examination. Learn to work with “central myths” and how to release them. Learn to work with the archetypal and mythic figures that populate our inner reality for ourselves and others. Contract work allows for us to break “deals” with ourselves and others that we have made that restrict who we allow ourselves to be.

Please read the relevant chapters prior to the course. This course (with five case studies after) will allow for you to receive certification in Body Deva Work for In Utero and Archetypal work.

Prerequisite: Body Deva Module 1 and 2

Body Deva Module 2

November 11th-12th (Sat/Sun) 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half hour lunch)

$225 US for new students, $150 US for repeating students

Learn how to work with inner children. Day 1 will include any questions from the prior module, as well as learning how to work with inner children. Day 2 will approach working with inner children who are pre-verbal and will discuss how to work with clients. Module 2 will offer tools to bring this work into the world for yourself and others.

Learning how to work with inner children through the wisdom of the body allows for significant healing and transformation. We are often such mental creatures, and working with the body, through feeling, through the inner child (at the time of the stress through the eyes of our inner child, rather than as an adult mentally looking back on the inner child) is often the missing piece in healing and mind-body work.

Module 1 and 2 as well as five case studies (discussed during the course) can allow for someone to become certified in Inner Child Body Deva work

This course will take place via Zoom and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live

Prerequisite Body Deva Module 1

Spiritual Support Group Topic TBA

Monday, November 27th from 4:00-5:30 pm CST

$36 US, Payable via PayPal or Stripe

This course is video optional and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

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