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2024 Schedule

Spiritual Awakening Open Forum

Monday, February 26th from 4:00-5:30 pm CST

$36 US

This is an open forum– an opportunity to gather, seek support, share your stories about spiritual awakening, and to ask questions of Mary and others who attend.

Suitable for anyone who is experiencing any type of spiritual awakening, including kundalini awakenings, shamanic, psychic awakenings etc.

The Open Forum takes place via Zoom, and will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.

This course has several partial scholarships ($24 US) and a few full scholarships for people who are experiencing spiritual awakening and would not normally be able to attend due to cost.

To sign up for the course, you can contact Mary here…


Body Deva Module Two: Healing Inner Children

Saturday and Sunday March 2-3rd, 2024, 10:00-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half hour lunch)

$225 US for new students, $150 US for repeat students (those who have taken this module or studied inner child body deva work with me prior)

Working with inner children through the wisdom of the body allows for significant healing and transformation. Working with the body, through its wisdom, and directly with the inner child, is often a missing piece in healing and mind-body work.

If you have not taken Body Deva One but would like to participate, there is a correspondence/recorded course option for Body Deva Module One to catch up so you can join us for Module Two. Contact me for more details or to sign up

For information on this course, the body deva curriculum, and certification


Communal Healing: Anger

Thursday, April 25th from 10:00am-11:00 am CST

$24 US

One of my teachers used to say “shared pain is lessened pain”. Come together in group healing with Mary facilitating this unique and transformative experience.

By being a part of the group field greater transformation of what we carry can take place. It is difficult to heal past emotions– irritation, anger, resentment, fury, in isolation. By working in conjunction with a small group of individuals focused on transformation of personal and collective (the group’s) anger, greater healing work and transformation can be achieved.

Once we truly feel our anger in a healthy, titrated (calibrated– in a way that is healthy and helpful for us to experience) way, it can transform into its pure, vitalistic force. Anger is passion, enthusiasm, the fire for living that has grown dull in so many of us. If we heal our anger, and learn to develop a relationship with anger, it turns into passion and enthusiasm for living.

You will still be part of the energetics of the group even if you are unable to attend live. Course via Zoom video optional, recording sent after the course to all participants.


Body Deva Module One
Saturday/Sunday August 10-11th 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half an hour lunch break)

No prerequisites.
Fee: $225 US or $150 US for repeat students
Body Deva 1/2 discount: if you sign up for both modules, the price is $400 US

Our bodies have wisdom… we just have to learn how to listen. In the first Module of the Body Deva curriculum you will discover how to “speak” to your body, to hear the responses your body has to offer, and how to practice basic discernment (for example: how to tell the difference between your mind speaking and your body).

Learn how to work with emotions in an embodied way. When we learn how to compassionately work with our emotions (by listening to them rather than trying to avoid, block, clear, or bypass them) our emotions, relationship with ourselves, and the entire mind-body-spirit continuum shift.

This is the missing piece for most people doing meditative or other spiritual work– without the body, emotions, beliefs, our spiritual nature, and our daily reality do not shift (or do not shift as much as they could while engaging through the body).

Also covered in this weekend is self-inquiry, working with emotions, feelings of stuckness and blockage, numbness/emptiness feelings, and how to work compassionately with resistance.

Learn about the Body Deva curriculum here…


Body Deva Module Two: Healing Inner Children
Monday/Tuesday August 12-13th 10:00am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with half an hour lunch break)

Fee: $225 US or $150 US for repeat students
Body Deva 1/2 Discount: sign up for both modules for $400 US

Working with inner children through the wisdom of the body allows for significant healing and transformation. Working with the body, through its wisdom, and directly with the inner child, is often a missing piece in healing and mind-body work.


Communal Healing: Fear

Thursday, September 19th from 10:00 am-11:00 am CST
$24 US

During this workshop we will come together in communal healing to explore, heal, and transform energies of fear, anxiety, panic, and dread.

As an experienced ritualist, the opportunities for healing in a group format with an experienced teacher focused on a specific topic (in this case, fear) are tremendous.

By learning how to feel into fear energies safely (learning how to work with what is helpful and healthy for us at this given moment) we can learn to meet our fear with compassion. We have such a tendency (and understandably so) to fear our fear, to run away from it, to try to block it (for example: addictions and other disassociating tasks that make fear worse, such as social media, internet usage, eating, drugs/alcohol, television and video games). By learning how to sit with our fear in a healthy, right-sized-for-us way, we can learn to stop letting fear control our lives.

On a spiritual level fear is ultimately a fear of truly living life. If we sit with our fear, we can discover what is preventing us from living full lives of our choosing. We can learn to tap into the energies of love and embrace life rather than fear.


Death and Dying Course

Monday, October 21st from 4:00-5:30 pm CST
$36 US

How do we navigate our own fears of death and dying? How do we develop boundaries and a healthy relationship with the dead?

Learn how both of these questions are linked, as our own fear of death and dying impacts our relationship with the Earth, the Dead, and our ability to connect spiritually overall.

In meditation and spiritual work, navigating the fear of death requires pragmatism and compassion. It is considered one of the last “big” spiritual blockages or subjects to work through. How can we accept our own death and move beyond fear of it?

Underlying our fear of death is often something much different entirely… a fear of life. How can we move beyond fear of death and embracing truly living?

How is depression and existential states of questioning (for example, questioning the meaning and purpose of life) related to the fear of death?

All of these questions and more will be explored in this workshop. Mary has experience working with hospice and end-of-life patients, near death experiencers, and has taught/been a practitioner of psychopomp (working with/healing the dead) for many years.

There will be time for questions/answers from live participants as a part of the course.


Body Deva Module 3: Past Life and Ancestral Healing

Saturday/Sunday October 12-13th 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST

Prerequisite: Body Deva Modules One and Two
$225 US
($150 for repeat students/you have taken this course with me before or the Two Year)

This module covers past life, ancestral, as well as cultural healing. This is extraordinary and rarely-discussed work, that if done in a body-based way, provides understanding and healing on an “ocean floor” level (our deepest level of soul-based healing).

We are not blank slates at birth, and we can learn to somatically resolve the suffering and loops (repeated patterns/karma) that we have entered this world with. We can learn to work with legacy healing (our ancestral line/family), doing work not only for ourselves but to resolve and prevent familial/ancestral suffering from continuing. By healing the suffering of our ancestry/family within ourselves, we can rediscover the gifts and light of our ancestral line.

Our past lives also include unresolved suffering. This often appears interpersonally, but may also enter our lives as specific fears (from past manner of unresolved death), or experiences from past lives that have created an imprint that follows us into this life. Learn to work with past lives, life in between lives, in order to come fully into the present (your present body, this present moment, this world).

For more information on the Body Deva curriculum and this course…


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