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2024 Schedule

Communal Healing: Healing the Hara (Center of Self)

Thursday, June 13th from 3:00-4:00 pm CST

$24 US

Hara is the Japanese word for belly, and in Chinese Medicine it is the energy center, located around and below the belly button, associated with original qi (life force energy).

On a spiritual and energetic level when this energy center is fully online and flowing well, we feel secure in who we are and feel at home in our bodies. If this energy center is offline, or there is stuck energy present, we will suffer from insecurity, feelings of rootlessness, low vitality, depression, and physical symptoms like fatigue, poor digestion, and difficult sleep (either a desire to sleep too much or insomnia).

On the deepest level our hara is associated with our true selves– who we are stripped of masks, pretensions, and trauma. On the largest energetic level, we contain the world, and even the Universe, within ourselves, and the abdomen lets us feel connected not only to ourselves but is also the energetic connection we have to the world as a whole.

In this healing ritual we will learn about the function of the belly, as well as the physical, energetic, and spiritual structures of the hara. We will then move into a guided ritual, led by Mary, to feel, heal, transform, and “come home” to ourselves.

In communal healing we are able to experience growth, transformation, and understanding much more readily than by ourselves. Come learn, heal, and discover your vital energy in this uniquely led ritual by an experienced facilitator (Mary).


Communal Healing: Fear

Thursday, September 19th from 10:00 am-11:00 am CST
$24 US

During this workshop we will come together in communal healing to explore, heal, and transform energies of fear, anxiety, panic, and dread.

As an experienced ritualist, the opportunities for healing in a group format with an experienced teacher focused on a specific topic (in this case, fear) are tremendous.

By learning how to feel into fear energies safely (learning how to work with what is helpful and healthy for us at this given moment) we can learn to meet our fear with compassion. We have such a tendency (and understandably so) to fear our fear, to run away from it, to try to block it (for example: addictions and other disassociating tasks that make fear worse, such as social media, internet usage, eating, drugs/alcohol, television and video games). By learning how to sit with our fear in a healthy, right-sized-for-us way, we can learn to stop letting fear control our lives.

On a spiritual level fear is ultimately a fear of truly living life. If we sit with our fear, we can discover what is preventing us from living full lives of our choosing. We can learn to tap into the energies of love and embrace life rather than fear.


Death and Dying Course

Monday, October 21st from 4:00-5:30 pm CST
$36 US

How do we navigate our own fears of death and dying? How do we develop boundaries and a healthy relationship with the dead?

Learn how both of these questions are linked, as our own fear of death and dying impacts our relationship with the Earth, the Dead, and our ability to connect spiritually overall.

In meditation and spiritual work, navigating the fear of death requires pragmatism and compassion. It is considered one of the last “big” spiritual blockages or subjects to work through. How can we accept our own death and move beyond fear of it?

Underlying our fear of death is often something much different entirely… a fear of life. How can we move beyond fear of death and embracing truly living?

How is depression and existential states of questioning (for example, questioning the meaning and purpose of life) related to the fear of death?

All of these questions and more will be explored in this workshop. Mary has experience working with hospice and end-of-life patients, near death experiencers, and has taught/been a practitioner of psychopomp (working with/healing the dead) for many years.

There will be time for questions/answers from live participants as a part of the course.


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