Body Deva Courses & Certification

The Body Deva is a meditative method of somatic self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry is the ability to ask honest and inwardly focused questions

Somatic means relating to the body.

Meditative means to contemplate. There are many different types of meditation, and the body deva is a form of meditation focused on connecting with the body consciousness for healing purposes.

The Body Deva gives people the tools for self-healing as well as working with others at an in-depth level. No matter what physical, mental-emotional, energetic, or spiritual difficulty or imbalance we are experiencing, we can work through the body, effectively healing all layers of our being.

When utilizing this work, we always first anchor into the body and feeling in an embodied way (see my blog on How to Feel). From there, we can ask the body directly what it carries and build tools to heal at whatever level is required.

The consciousness of the body is much different than the knowledge of the mind, and by working through the body we heal emotionally, spiritually, and on a nervous system-physiological (physical) level. One of the reasons why this work is so effective is that it is focused on the individual– the reason for your back pain, or stomach pain, depression, or feeling of being “stuck” in life will be different than your neighbor or another person with the same complaint.

We also are composed of layers and different needs for healing. Put more simply, your back may have inner child (from age two, fifteen and twenty), ancestral, in utero, and archetypal reasons for being in pain. Sometimes we are not that complex, but it is typical, especially for more complex patterns or deep-seated emotions, for there to be layers of healing that are needed. The Body Deva goes to the layer of healing necessary to resolve whatever pain or imbalance is present.

This work is far reaching– inner child work, past lives, ancestral healing, in utero healing, archetypal healing, and working directly with our emotions to give them a “voice” are but some of the possibilities of this work.

Body Deva work is focused on compassion– no matter what we carry, it deserves to be witnessed and heard with a goal of acceptance. Our anger does not need to become happiness– it can simply rage. By truly feeling in an embodied way, with full acceptance for whatever arises, we can learn to not only heal but to navigate the challenges of life in a new way.


Module One: Somatic Emotional Healing

Meet your body deva, the consciousness of the physical form. By listening to our bodies and their wisdom we can learn emotional intelligence (how to feel what is going on within ourselves, especially our emotions, in a safe and healthy way). Learn to work with feeling states and the body as well as how to work with emotions through the body.

Day 1 will cover meeting the body deva and how to utilize self-inquiry to work with emotions. By working with emotions through the body our emotions, beliefs, understandings about ourselves and the world, and how we treat ourselves and others undergoes massive change. With a somatic (body-based) approach, we can approach even the most difficult emotions within us with compassion.

Day 2 will continue our work, utilizing self-inquiry to look towards the body to work with resistance and blockages. Our resistance is our protection, and is present in our bodies for a reason. By working with compassionately with protection, emotions, and blockages, we can understand why they are present in their lives, figure out what they are trying to accomplish, and figure out a different way to go about our lives.

No prerequisites

Fee: $225 US or $150 US for repeat students (who have taken this module before or have done body deva coursework with me prior)

Body Deva 1/2 Discount: If you sign up for both Body Deva 1 and 2, the price is $400 US

Next Body Deva 1 Dates: Saturday/Sunday August 10th-11th, 2024: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm CST

This course will be taught via Zoom and the recording will be sent out to all participants, including those who cannot attend live.


Module Two: Inner Children

Learn how to work with inner children in an embodied way.

Day 1 will include any questions from the prior module, as well as learning how to work with inner children.

Day 2 will approach working with inner children who are pre-verbal. In Module Two we will also discuss how to utilize this work with clients as well.

Working with inner children through the wisdom of the body allows for significant healing and transformation. Working with the body, through its wisdom, and directly with the inner child, is often a missing piece in healing and mind-body work.

Prerequisite: Module One or Prior Study of Body Deva Work with Mary

Fee: $225 US or $150 US for repeat students (who have taken this module before or have done inner child body deva coursework with me prior)

Next Body Deva 2 Dates: Saturday and Sunday August 12-13th, 2024, 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours with half hour lunch each day)

If you would like to take part in this course and have not taken Body Deva 1, you are welcome to contact me as there is a recorded Body Deva 1/correspondence option available.

See complete course schedule here…

This course will be taught via Zoom and the recording will be sent out to all participants, including those who cannot attend live.


Module Three: Ancestral Healing, Past Life Work, and Cultural Healing

We are not blank slates at birth. We carry the patterns and traumas of our family line– our parents, grandparents, and ancestors. This pain lives on through us: through our lives and through our bodies. By utilizing the body deva, we can learn to heal these traumas and instead bring through the gifts of our ancestry. Many times our ancestral patterns show up as large emotions that do not make sense to us based on our history.

Our past lives can create repeating patterns for us. Who we meet in this lifetime and what type of trauma-based patterns emerge in families, friendships, and relationships can often find its root in our past lives. Additionally, the manner of death from our past lives can linger and can show up as fears or physical ailments in this lifetime.

Especially for complex healing concerns, we are multi-layered beings, with many patterns (for example: inner children, ancestral, and past lives) creating what we are currently experiencing. Working with past lives and ancestral healing gets at the root of complex, puzzling, or multi-faceted concerns, which often allows for other methods of healing (inner children, diet/lifestyle, holistic, etc.) to become more effective.

This module will cover ancestral and cultural healing as well as past life healing. This is extraordinary and rarely-discussed work, that if done in a serious and body-based way, provides understanding and healing on an “ocean floor” level (our deepest level of soul-based healing).

Prerequisite: Module One and Two

Fee: $225 US

$150 US for repeat students (who have taken this module before or have done ancestral/past life body deva coursework with me prior)

Scheduled: Saturday/Sunday October 12-13th, 2024: 10:00 am-2:00 pm CST (3.5 hours each day with a half an hour lunch)

This course will be taught via Zoom and recorded for all participants, including those who cannot attend live


Module Four: In Utero, the Central Myth, and Archetypal Figures

This is the last module of the body deva curriculum. Our in utero time gives us our primal patterning– what we think about the world and how we operate in it is based in our experiences in utero. This is an often neglected area of healing, and is tremendously beautiful work to offer to ourselves and others.

We are meaning-making creatures, and we are taught many myths and stories that we live out throughout our lives without examination. Learn to work with “central myths” and how to release them. Learn to work with the archetypal and mythic figures that populate our inner reality for ourselves and others.

Contracts are vows or decisions that we have made as a result of our life experiences. Like making a contract with a landlord, we make contracts with ourselves and others to act a specific way. These contracts, even if initially helpful, ultimately restrict who we allow ourselves to be and often define us against someone else (our mother, father, or a specific person/group of people who have wronged us).

Also learn how to utilize the body deva protocol for spirit release. Attached spirits can be released somatically with compassion and simplicity.

Prerequisite Module One and Two

Currently Scheduled Dates Module Four: TBA


Certification in the Body Deva

Certification is available after Module Two, Three, and Four. How to submit case studies will be discussed during the course.

Certification in Modules 1 and 2: Inner Child Work, Working with Resistance, and Somatic Emotional Healing

To become certified in Modules One and Two requires taking Modules One and Two and five case studies of Inner Child Work/Somatic Emotional Healing.

Certification in Module Three: Past Life, Ancestral Healing, and Cultural Healing

To become certified in Module Three requires certification in Modules One and Two, taking the Module Three course, and five case studies of Past Life/Ancestral Healing sessions.

Certification in Module Four: In Utero Healing, Archetypal Healing, and the Central Myth (Full Body Deva Certification)

To become certified in Module Four (which is full certification in The Body Deva) requires prior certification in Modules One, Two, and Three, taking the Module Four course, as well as five case studies of in utero sessions

Please note: This curriculum is not to be construed for any type of medical advice, and is not a replacement for appropriate medical or psychological care.