Books authored by Mary Mueller Shutan

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The Shamanic Workbook I: Cleansing, Discernment, and Ancestral Practices

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This is a book that is comprised of three of my courses: Cleansing and Clearing, Discernment, and The Ancestral Course The first section is my Cleansing and Clearing eight week course. It teaches about spiritual bathing, house clearing, egg cleansings (limpias), dream pillows, and methods of protection, including banishing and warding. The second section is my Discernment Course. This was a five week course, and like the Cleansing course, both Discernment practices (how to tell what you are interfacing with, and the skills to do so) and Cleansing practices are the first foundation that any spiritual worker should have. The third section is my Ancestral Course. This is a four week course that teaches how to build an Ancestral Altar, how to work with an Ancestral Guardian, how to interface and work with the power of your lineage through a power object, as well as advanced work that includes working with the Void and working with non-human ancestors. Read more about this book here...

The Body Deva: Working with the Spiritual Consciousness of the Body

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As a holistic, interconnected being our emotions, beliefs, past pains, traumas, and even spiritual issues are held within our physical form. We heal through understanding our individual reasons for being and through understanding that many patterns come together to create our imbalances. We are not a separate foot, or a leg, or a digestive tract, or even the label of a disease. We are a unique individual, and it is through understanding how our imbalances came into being– mind, body, and spirit– that we can resolve them and move into greater freedom, joy, and health. Learn to dialogue with the body’s spiritual consciousness to find and resolve imbalances, as well as to become more conscious overall.

Working with Kundalini

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Managing Psychic Abilities: A Real World Guide for the Highly Sensitive Person

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Approximately 20 percent of the population is considered sensitive or "psychic". Understand where you are on the spectrum of psychic abilities, how and why psychic abilities develop, and most importantly, basic and intermediate tools to work with your sensitivities and psychic abilities.

The Spiritual Awakening Guide: Kundalini, Psychic Abilities, and the Conditioned Layers of Reality

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The Spiritual Awakening Guide is a complete guide through the journey of awakening; covering the twelve layers that we transcend to realize an awakened state; types of awakenings; and common experiences that are had during awakening. Packed with material and exercises, you can fully understand where you are in your journey, how to get unstuck (if you are stuck) and what others have experienced on their spiritual journeys over thousands of years.

The Complete Cord Cutting Course: Working with Cords through Energy Work and Shamanic Healing

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When we form relationships, friendships, or even simply interact with people in the world around us we form energetic cords to them. These cords can be wonderful and deepen friendships, help lovers and partners be on the same page in their relationship, and allow us to form bonds to the people we interact with on a daily basis. But we do not need cords to the waiter from six months ago, the co-worker from a past job, or a lover we have moved on from. We also may wish to change cords in order to heal old wounds, restore a relationship, or let go of patterns. We may also wish to learn about "natural" cords, or cords that are part of our energetic anatomy that connect us to our past lives, ancestry, future or destiny, our different "bodies"– etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual, our birth (umbilical) cord, and the cords that connect us to the Earth and to the cosmos.