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Referral List

All practitioners listed below have trained extensively with Mary, and demonstrate the type of skill, integrity, sincerity, and depth of knowledge that spiritual work requires.

Please contact the practitioner directly to set up an appointment, or for questions regarding appointments.

Jeanne Gorham is a CranioSacral therapist and Body Deva practitioner. She works with individuals looking for healing on a personal (this lifetime), ancestral, past life, and karmic level.

The Body Deva is a method of healing that looks to resolve anything– spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental– through the body. By resolving things through the body, and by working together to heal and resolve imbalances and unhealed patterns, more wholeness, consciousness, and joy/freedom can be experienced.

When you contact Jeanne, she will be happy to do a divination/intuit if she can be of service to you. If she can be, a phone or Skype session will be set up. For more information, or to book with Jeanne, contact her here…

Adrenna Nicole is a licensed Hypnotherapist, trauma informed yoga instructor and Body Deva Practitioner. She helps individuals resolve trauma by rebuilding the communication between their mind, body + spirit.

Adrenna provides a compassionate and safe space to work with inner children, past lives, and ancestral patterns. She specializes in assisting survivors of trauma and empathy/highly sensitives to become healthier, embodied and more functional   For more information, or to book a distance session with Adrenna, contact her here:

Hanoch is a Spiritual Practitioner and Healer specialized in resolving trauma through shamanic and ritual healing modalities. He approaches healing both as a craft and an art. 

The craft of healing using protocols incorporating traditional shamanic techniques as well as trauma-informed care. The art is where he brings his intuitive gifts and natural empathy. Hanoch has deep emotional awareness that allows him to connect to people’s feelings and be effective delivering this work.

Hanoch has trained extensively with Mary Shutan as a Spiritual Worker and Body Deva Practitioner.

Body Deva Certified Practitioners

The practitioners below have been certified in Body Deva work

Ann Pirruccello, Ph.D

La Jolla, CA

[email protected]

Certified in Modules 1 and 2: Inner Child Work, Working with Resistance, and Somatic Emotional Healing