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About Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an opportunity to work with the energetic and spiritual reasons for blockages, pain, physical and emotional health concerns, as well as more existential issues.

You can come to spiritual healing with a specific idea in mind, like an area of pain or felt imbalance in your body. It can also be more existential, like a feeling of being stuck in your life, an area of your life you feel held back in, or vaguer feelings of emptiness, disconnection, or repeating patterns that you would like to heal.

It may also be emotionally based, such as a desire to work with anger, fear, depression, or grief. Many people come to spiritual healing because they wish to break through patterns of being (places they feel stuck, or beliefs that they wish to release), or wish to turn over a new leaf in their lives.

On a more existential level, spiritual healing can work with patterns of disconnection (from yourself, from the natural world, from other people, and from the cosmos/spirit/creator/“god”). Other common spiritual patterns include feelings of isolation/loneliness, insecurity/self-worth issues, feeling “out of place” (unlike others, an outlier), and questions around wanting to be here (be in a physical body, be present on earth).

Spiritual healing works with the understanding that we are not blank slates when we are born. We carry the trauma and triumphs of our past lives, ancestors, and our collective/cultural history. It is by healing the trauma of our ancestors/past lives that the gifts can shine through.

Additionally, spiritual healing excels at working with pre-verbal states (including in utero and early childhood) as these result in mental and spiritual patterns that form the baseline of our identity moving forward.

When approaching work from this lifetime spiritual healing offers the opportunity to directly talk to “inner children” (you at any age) to see what they need. By doing this through the body the inner child and their trauma/nervous system responses (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) can heal.

Spiritual healing works from the basis of understanding that all of our imbalances– physical, emotional, mental, spiritual– come from some level of disconnection. The purpose of spiritual healing is to resolve that disconnection, and to become connected in a loving way to ourselves, to others, and to the world (cosmos, etc).



I am a generalist, which means that I am able to work with a wide variety of spiritual, mental-emotional, and physical concerns. I have a background in somatic and physical/mind-body modalities and all of my work is grounded in the body. Working through the body shifts all levels of being– physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual.

I have a lot of experience working with individuals going through spiritual awakening, including kundalini awakenings. Most often the difficulties that occur during spiritual awakening can be healed through resolving blockages (past trauma, held emotions) in the system.

I also work with many sensitive (or ”psychic”) individuals. Many of the difficulties that occur as a result of sensitivity can be resolved through healing work and in strengthening the system (energy body) so that information can flow through, instead of becoming absorbed or stuck.

An artist myself, I tend to work with artists of all kinds who feel artistically stuck, feel like they have lost their “mojo”, who feel out of alignment with their creativity, or who are finding themselves in the limbic space in which a new form of artistry is having difficulty emerging through them.

Other groups I have worked quite a bit with are addicts as a part of their recovery (addiction often has spiritual roots), adoptees (I am an adoptee myself), migraine and headache sufferers, “outliers”, “black sheep”, near-death experiencers, and people who have life-altering religious, spiritual, or occult (magic-based) experiences that they are having difficulty integrating (including those who have worked with plant medicine, pharmaceutical, or drug-based therapies).

I am open and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as any faith/spiritual orientation (including those who may be more “scientific”, or struggling due to prior disbelief in spiritual reality).

Sun and Moon, by M Shutan

About Your Session

My work is body-centered, focused on healing, and includes you as a part of the process. I meet people where they are; this means that we will do whatever work is helpful and healthy for you during a session.

During our session together I will be asking you some questions and to reflect on them. By working through the body we can create wonderful changes in body (your life/every-day reality), mind, and spirit.

My work is based in a spirit-model world view. I have spent decades developing spiritual relationships as well as undergoing spiritual initiations with teaching and helping spirits to bring shamanic and spiritual work to my clients.

I work with people of all faiths, and if I am not already educated on your particular spiritual path, I am always open and curious to learn.

I view spiritual work as a form of artistry, with each session emerging into something totally unique, beautiful, and soul-led by the client and their needs.

Sessions may include inner child work, ancestral healing, past life healing, archetypal work, and energy work. In a session I may bring an element (like the water element), or call on other forces to assist in our session.

During a session I will likely direct you to take a breath in and out, or breathe into an area of your body. We will sometimes pause to sit with emotions and realizations that arise.

I may also share received information (intuition), journey (spirit flight) to gather information or retrieve lost power or soul parts, or utilize merged states (trance/voluntary possession) during our session.

I approach even the darkest aspects of self with respect and love (our rage has a reason for being, for example. So does our resistance, addictions, and all the parts of ourselves that we feel are “wrong”, “bad” or “Other”). I work best with people who are willing to look at the depths of themselves with honesty and openness.

I will offer aftercare as a part of the session. This may include “homework”, or simply suggestions for how to best process and integrate the work that we have done.


If you are interested in an appointment, you are welcome to contact me. Please include what you may want to focus on during a session (a paragraph or two about why you are seeking spiritual-energetic healing).

Please note: I do not take clients who feel as if something spiritual is chasing them or attached to them.

Sessions are distance (phone, Skype, or Zoom), approximately 60 minutes in length, and are $150 US per session. The sessions I offer are audio only (no video) as this allows for us to focus on deeper considerations during the appointment.

I offer appointments Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7:30 am-5:30 pm CST/Chicago time- last appointment starts at 4:00 or 4:30 pm).

If you are confused as to which type of appointment would be right for you (Guidance or Spiritual Healing) you are welcome to contact me to inquire.

You can contact me here to book an appointment, or for questions regarding appointments

If you wish to read about the type of work I offer, I recommend my books The Body Deva or The Shamanic Workbook series. None of these books are required reading prior to an appointment with me, however.

For more information on spiritual and shamanic healing, you can read a blog on Spiritual Healing here…

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