Spiritual Guidance

I am no longer taking spiritual guidance clients.

Spiritual Guidance offers a unique opportunity for a 60 minute chat with Mary about your spiritual path. This may be a more generalized chat, where you ask how to move beyond blockages in your life or what path would be best for you to pursue. It may also be mentorship, where you ask how to build a successful ritual, how to answer a spiritual calling, how to interpret dreams or happenings in your life, or how to integrate spirituality more successfully in your life.

It may also be sharing your spiritual experiences with me, either to learn more about them or receive guidance regarding them, or to have an opportunity to share your story with someone who has considerable spiritual experience and has worked with/listened to people and their stories for twenty years.

While spiritual guidance is often focused on spirit, its manifestations come into all areas of our life, including work, finances, where we live, and how we can spend our time in a more authentic, meaningful way.

I specialize in working with people undergoing spiritual awakenings, including kundalini awakenings, shamanic callings, and top-down awakenings to understand your experiences and learn how to work with them. I also work with individuals experiencing spiritual emergency to help them come out of overwhelm states and to integrate their experiences.

Another specialized area of interest is working with sensitives and “psychics” to understand your experiences and to learn how to work with your specific gifts and challenges.

I also work with people, either in healing sessions or through individualized guidance, to heal from bad experiences with spiritual and meditative retreats (including plant medicine) and past teachers/gurus/healers. This “cleanup” work often requires understanding your experiences, being validated in them, and suggestions for a ritual or healing work to move through an incomplete initiation or problematic relationship with Spirit that may have ensued as a result of prior spiritual experiences. My job is not to judge, but to help people to heal and repair any damage that has been done.

Please note: I am not the right practitioner for clients who feel as if something spiritual is chasing or attacking them.

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Generally the call will begin with a “check-in”: for you to voice what you are going through and to ask any questions of me that you want to explore. Basically, how I can be of service to you.

We then will have a discussion and I will offer “homework”. This may be suggestions to pursue, such as a book (I love my books but have read thousands of books in the mind-body-spirit space over the years and find that the right book at the right time can be incredible medicine).

It may be a ritual to do to gain the results you are looking for in your life. It may also be suggestions for meditation. In the modern world we do not recognize that meditation is prescriptive. While there are generalized, helpful meditations out there many meditations serve a specific purpose and can either harm or heal, based on what we need to find balance.

Typically many of my suggestions are quite practical and “real world”. I am here to help you clear up confusion and come to answers that you already know in your heart to be true. My services are ultimately to lead you to your own sense of internal knowing and guidance.

A session is 60 minutes via phone, Skype, or Zoom. Sessions are $150 US. I currently work Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7:30 am-5:30 pm CST/Chicago time- last appointment starts at 4:00 or 4:30 pm). Sessions are audio only (no video) which allows us to go into deeper considerations during our appointment together.

If you have a question as to whether spiritual guidance or a healing session is more appropriate for you, you are always welcome to contact me to ask.

To sign up for a guidance session please send me a bit about what you would like guidance regarding. You can contact me to do so here…

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