Spiritual Courses offered by Mary Mueller Shutan

Whether you are a sensitive or psychic who wants to learn energetic hygiene and discernment practices, or someone who is looking for authentic practices to connect you (or connect you further) to your spiritual path and inherent power, my courses offer in-depth information and practices to assist you on your path.

I am not a “lightworker”, “new-ager”, “core”  or “neo” shaman, and my practices are a synthesis of direct revelation and experience as well as many years of practice in Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Spiritual, Magical, and Folk Traditions, CranioSacral Therapy and many forms of bodywork, as well as Energy Work.

All courses are offered via distance (a document is sent via email each week) and there is a Facebook private group option (to chat and ask questions of me and other students) or a direct email option if you are not a Facebook user.

I will be adding new course offerings as well as dates for 2017 soon.

If you are interested in a course, or wondering if you are a good fit for a course, you are welcome to contact me.


Beginner Courses
No prerequisites. If you are wondering what course to start with, I would suggest this one.

The Eight Week Spiritual Cleansing, Clearing, and Protection Course


Beginner/Intermediate Courses
This course requires the ability to inwardly question: some shamanic or meditation experience recommended.

 The Five Week Spiritual Discernment Course


Intermediate/Advanced Courses
Prerequisite: The Cleansing Course (individual exceptions may apply, you can contact me, but it would be a good idea to take the course if you do not know how to cleanse and protect yourself properly).  My intermediate and advanced courses require personal readiness as well as spiritual maturity and stability.

I realize that many courses that are considered “shamanic” are focused on self-help or psychological techniques or affirmations; while my intermediate and advanced courses may bring forward deep healing, they are intended for people ready and willing to truly immerse themselves in greater spiritual reality, to discover “truth”, and to learn the skills and techniques to properly navigate the spiritual realms, as well as the stability to begin building power and knowledge as a voyager in those realms. They are focused on the spiritual, not the psychological, simply put, and based in the understanding that there are outer spirits, beings, energies, and spiritual forces greater than the Self that can be worked with. If you have questions about if you are ready for these courses, or you would like to enroll in one, you are welcome to contact me

Ancestral Basic Course
NOW ENROLLING FOR November 27th 

The Five Week Basic Psychopomp Course
I WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERING THIS COURSE after the dates below… This course will be closed after the February 2017 session, and is unlikely to be offered again, so please sign up if you wish to take the course for one of the last sessions
NOW ENROLLING FOR November 6th, January 8th (2017), February 5th (2017)

The Five Week Intermediate/Advanced Psychopomp Course