Spiritual Services offered by Mary Mueller Shutan

I know that you likely have been looking for a while. The truth is that most of the information out there isn’t for you. Most of the books, healers, teachers, and gurus are focused on aspirational states… on making you more psychic, to awaken your kundalini, to make you into a shaman, or to cause you to have spiritual experiences if you have not had them before.

But you don’t need more spiritual experiences or heightened psychic abilities– you need to learn how to understand, manage, and/or learn how to work with what you are already experiencing. You need to be taught proper discernment, how to use your abilities, how to answer a spiritual call, and how to navigate your spiritual experiences while still being a part of this world.

I offer email based programs focused on giving sensitives, spiritual practitioners, and spiritual seekers the tools that they need (you can look below for course dates and for more information)

I also offer Spiritual Healing sessions done via Phone or Skype. My focus in my sessions is on body-based spiritual work and “dark” work, meaning ancestral, karmic, past life healing, psychopomp and spirit release work, curse releasing, and spiritual healing of trauma, emotions, and releasing the spiritual considerations of physical issues. For a session I require that you contact me with a paragraph about what you wish to work on so that I can make sure that I am the right practitioner for you. You can learn about my ethical pledge, or why I work this way, here.

My third offering is Email Based Readings. Get questions answered about your spiritual path, what spiritual awakening or psychic abilities you may possess, or inquire about your life, career, relationships, and other spiritual matters.

Email Based Programs


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