Spiritual Courses offered by Mary Mueller Shutan

Whether you are a sensitive, psychic, or spiritual seeker who wants to learn energetic hygiene and discernment practices, or someone who is looking for authentic practices to connect you (or connect you further) to your spiritual path and inherent power, my courses offer in-depth information and practices to assist you on your path.

My practices are a synthesis of direct revelation and experience as well as many years of practice in Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Spiritual, Magical, and Folk Traditions, CranioSacral Therapy and many forms of bodywork, as well as Energy Work. I am not a “lightworker”, “new-ager”, “core”  or “neo” shaman, and my practices are about balance, pragmatism, and seeking clarity (clearing away illusion).

If you are interested in a course, or wondering if you are a good fit for a course, you are welcome to contact me. My courses are not intended to heal specific issues– they are best for people who are looking to develop spiritual skills and spiritual relationships or connections, as well as to receive an in-depth education and direct experience of a specific subject with course-related feedback offered by an experienced teacher and spiritual healer.


Beginner Courses
No prerequisites, but some shamanic, contemplative and or/meditative experience is highly recommended. You must be at least eighteen years of age in order to take any of my courses. These are foundational courses, meaning this is the type of in-depth information and building blocks that every sensitive/psychic, spiritual seeker, or spiritual practitioner should have (but are often not taught, or not taught to the depth that they deserve, which is why I teach them). 

These courses are “on demand” meaning that you will receive the week one email right after you sign up, and then emails on a weekly basis for the duration of the course. These courses operate on a closed Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to share your experiences as well as ask questions of myself and former and current students of my courses. While I encourage everyone to utilize the FB group, a non-FB option is available, (you can contact me for details). You can click on each course to learn more about each course, as well as to sign up/purchase the course.

Spiritual Cleansing and Clearing Course
An eight week course focused on cleansing, clearing, and protection. Learn energetic hygiene, how to properly cleanse and protect yourself and your home utilizing herbs, minerals, and other spiritual methods. Considered “foundational” as it is information that any sensitive, spiritual worker, or spiritual seeker should know.

Five Week Spiritual Discernment Course
A five week course focused on differentiating between spiritual energies. Learn to differentiate between self and other, how to utilize your intuition, and how to discern between different types of stimuli. Considered “foundational” as it is information that any sensitive, spiritual worker, or spiritual seeker should know. 


Intermediate and Advanced Courses
These courses are for people ready and willing to learn the skills and techniques to properly navigate the spiritual realms as well as to learn to build authentic spiritual relationships in those realms.  I suggest The Cleansing Course as a prerequisite. Regular meditative, spiritual, and/or shamanic experience over two years or more is suggested, although I occasionally find that some beginners have a flexibility of mind and personal readiness for these courses (so I make some exceptions for this). 

I require anyone wishing to take these courses to send me an email with a brief paragraph (or two) about why they would like to take the course, as well as their meditative, spiritual, and/or shamanic experience prior to the course.

Working with the Elements Course (NEW COURSE!)
Now enrolling for April 30th and July 23rd
A five week course focusing on developing a relationship with the elements– air, fire, earth, and water (as well as spirit). Learn how elements are the constructive elements that create us (and the world), how to develop a connection to each element, how to connect to elementals associated with each element, and how to use this work to heal others, heal the earth, and to become a person of clarity, peace, and embodiment.

Ancestral Basic Course
Now enrolling for May 7th and August 13th
A four week course teaching how to develop a spiritual relationship with your ancestors. Your ancestors guide, protect, and are powerful spiritual allies, but few know how to contact them appropriately or engage with them respectfully. Learn how to set an altar for your ancestors, how to develop a relationship with an ancestral guardian, as well as connect to your ancestral lineage as a whole. Also learn how to work with ancestors of a place, ancient ancestors, and more. In my opinion, working with ancestors is the first step that anyone should take in learning to develop a spiritual relationship, or towards a significant spiritual path. There is no more profound way to build power and knowledge than to tap into your ancestry.


Some Thoughts about my Intermediate and Advanced Courses/Additional Perspective: I realize that many modern courses that are considered “shamanic” are focused on self-help or psychological techniques or affirmations; while my intermediate and advanced courses may bring forward deep healing, they are focused on the spiritual, not the psychological. They are intended for people ready and willing to truly immerse themselves in greater spiritual realms, to build relationships in those realms with spirits, beings, and other energies, and who are willing and able (as well as have the stability) to do the work required to do so. I realize it is a rarity in this day and age turn away prospective students, or to suggest that someone take a foundational course first, but my intermediate and advanced courses will best be utilized by those who are ready for them, who are willing to understand that there are in fact things separate from you/are not psychologically a part of you, and who have the personal stability to do spiritual work of some depth.

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