In my practice I do Ancestral Healing (I will talk about this in a future blog and how significant/important this is) but I also teach people how to work with their ancestors and the power of the ancestral line.

This is often a crucial step that is simply not taken by many modern practitioners and spiritual seekers. This is often because many practitioners first come across spiritual paths and understandings that are not of their own heritage. That, or they do not see the significance of working with their ancestors.

In modern spiritual practice it is common to take a deity from one culture, spiritual ideas from another, or work within the context of a “spiritual system” that has been created (often unknowingly to the participant) out of a hodge-podge of Peruvian, Eastern, South American, Native American, and other indigenous-type sources and mixed with psychological mechanisms and self-help ideologies. Unless you are from a deeply spiritual family or culture, this is where most modern practitioners first begin (and perhaps end) their path.

It is also true that most people interested in spiritual paths will try out one, not find immediate results, and will then go on to the next deity, the next spell, the next spiritual path or practice. This is how many people remain beginners in their understandings and practices– and subconsciously they may desire to remain beginners (which is fine, of course, I do not judge… this is simply a commentary for those of you who wish to go deeper and are realizing that you can).

But many of you may be ready to move forward, to move beyond the pop psychology and the marketing of the new-age canon. Maybe you are ready to finally commit yourself to a weekly or daily practice, to integrate spirituality in your life. To not only intellectualize it and create images out of your imagination and keep on attending workshops to get a temporary “high” but to have the direct experience of it. To let go of the fads in shamanism, magic(k), the occult, folk magic, and energy work. To learn how to cultivate power, to learn how to cultivate yourself. To step out of that path of beginner and finally begin to have concrete understandings and direct experiences of a spiritual nature.

For this I suggest working with your ancestral line. No matter how screwed up our current family is, or how many cultures and regions of the world we are comprised of, we have ancestors that can be strong spiritual allies. Our ancestral line is our power– it runs through our blood, it gives us our spiritual capabilities, it gives us our calling (if we have one to become a spiritual practitioner).

The cultures and places we are from (even if we have never physically visited) give us power. Our ancestors can give us protection and guidance if we know how to access them. It is typical to try to borrow the power, to feel the power of other cultures, to continually go to workshops and seek gurus whose power we can be in the presence of. I personally have a passion for folk medicine and spiritual and occult practices from many cultures that I am not from. I have learned a lot from them. But when we adopt other cultures as our own, when we appropriate them without the baseline of our own power, our own ancestry, often we are just mimicking power of other peoples’ ancestors. We have not cultivated our own.

I talk a lot about power in my practice because it is important. Most people have not developed any power. They believe they are powerless because of trauma, they believe that power needs to be given to them by taking classes or through their teachers. Real spiritual power comes from within. It at first comes from understanding who and what we are. This is our history, our lineage. After we understand this we can move on to greater spiritual powers. But first we must develop our own spiritual power. And that is done through understanding our ancestors, receiving guidance from them, and understanding what abilities and power flow through our lineage.

Working with your ancestral line is fairly simple but requires a bit of guidance. I say this because it is important to have an ancestral guardian– a point person to contact and work through, especially early on in the practice. There is a huge misunderstanding in the spiritual community that once people pass over they become all-knowing and wise. This is untrue (and typically people who have written books about communicating with their dead son or relative or whomever who suddenly starts espousing Osho after death when they were educated at a high school level and were a drug addict in life are accessing their higher self or are simply delusional with grief unfortunately). Simply because someone is dead does not mean they are all-knowing, know the totality of the cosmos, or are even in place of being able to help us out. We have all sorts of ancestors who need healing (again, a separate post I will do in the next few weeks). We have all sorts of ancestors that have not accessed their own power, who will simply give bad advice.

With that understanding, you need a spiritual practitioner that can help you to find your spiritual guardian and teach you how to access your ancestral line. Gradually many of you (especially if you are interested in going beyond beginner-dom and are resonating with this post) may become lineage bearers for your ancestral line– meaning that you carry the spiritual power of your entire line. Through an appointment together we can find out who your guardian is, set up your practice to honor and work with them, and begin to answer questions of what ancestral abilities and knowledge flow through you. Generally it is a one-time appointment to set you up with a practice that will give you power and guidance for the rest of your life, if you choose to cultivate it properly. This is often a huge step for people, and often takes them from being spiritual seekers (without finding or even knowing what they are looking for) to looking within and beginning to cultivate themselves and develop power on a rather deep level. If you are interested in doing so, you can contact me, and we can see if it is the right time for you to begin this practice.