There are a few different ways of looking at the basic building blocks of the Universe… and of ourselves.

One of the most significant ways to know ourselves and to develop a depth relationship with ourselves, to begin to understand and access our power in this world is to know how to work with these building blocks.

The way we can delve deeply (or deeper) into our spiritual path and into relationships of a spiritual nature is to know how to relate and work with the elements of the outer world.

At our depths (the basic building blocks):
We are made of earth, water, fire, air… and spirit.
The Universe is made of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit.

So Why Should We Do This?
The basic question is why, of all of the possible course options that I could have written, that I could offer, that I believe that relating to, understanding, and learning how to work with the elements is so significant.

Because it is.

On a personal level, many of us have lost any sort of grounding in the Earth. We have lost our center, we no longer are embodied. Many people on a spiritual path are so disassociated, or only have energy in their heads, to the extent that they are lost in delusion. Much of modern spirituality is escapist and encourages illusion, lack of centering, and pulling away from our bodies, lives, and the natural world.

I was describing to someone the other day about how I see chaos in people, and that most of us have a swirling entropic energy around us filled with our thoughts, emotions, and the thoughts, experiences, and emotions of others. We focus on this outer chaos, we perpetuate it.

The difficulty with this swirling chaos around us is that we live in it. We have no distance from it.

If we are able to re-orient ourselves to the depths of our inner nature, to the basic elements– earth, water, air, fire, and spirit– that create and nourish us on the deepest and most primal levels– we can begin to learn to not only step away from this chaos, to have a different perspective of said chaos… but to live a life of being centered, embodied, and vitally alive in a way that we may not have thought possible.

We can begin to realize and let go of the self-created chaos and difficulties that we have created for ourselves, and begin to reorient to a stable place of peace. Allowing this shift in perspective is life-changing, and reorienting ourselves to our basic elements can allow for this shift to occur.

This vitality comes from not only exploring our own inner building blocks (the elements) but also exploring and developing relationships with the outer (or universal) aspect of these building blocks.

To put this (somewhat) simply, much like ourselves, the world is composed of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit at its deepest levels. By learning to attune yourself to each element, you can begin a relationship with each element.

For example, when you go through the initiatory process of working with “Earth”, you not only can work with the Earth element within yourself, but to work with a single tree, the park (and everything in it) that tree is in, and even all of the trees in the world. You can call forth the primal energy of “earth” as an element, as a constructive elemental being, as well as begin to work in relation to it with the other elements.

The elements themselves can then be powerful allies in your spiritual path. There is a certain state of flow that comes from accessing such energies, and the possibility of working with such primal and substantial energies can give power to work and to your spiritual path (and/or your healing journey) if you are ready for it do so.

In an advanced capacity, working with the elements can allow for you to enter this state of flow, to see how your internal building blocks (the elements) are an extension of the outer building blocks… and for you to begin to understand (or further your understandings) of oneness. Separation and the belief of separation causes a lot of pain within us– it is one of our primary wounds. By understanding that not only are you not alone, but that you are made up of the same “stuff” as your neighbor, or the tree in your front yard, you can begin to let go of this separation instinct.

Also in an advanced capacity, the utilization of the elements can allow for great healing and balancing work. Everything from rebalancing elements that may be too dominant (or too passive) within yourself, to rebalancing the elements within clients, or even doing things like releasing disruptive energies within a house, or attached spirits, can be done when working with the elements.

About the Course
This course is five weeks long. It is $120 US. As a prerequisite, a paragraph (or two) needs to be emailed to me detailing your prior experience in spiritual or shamanic work, as well as your interest in the course. If you are accepted into the course, I will provide a link to complete sign-up and pay for the course.

A document is sent via email each week. You will have access to a private Facebook group to chat with me as well as other past and current students about the course (and other topics of a spiritual nature). If you are not on Facebook, a direct email option for the duration of the course is offered (you would just let me know that you are not on FB when signing up for the course).

Each week we learn about an element. Each week will contain a way to begin to become initiated (and start a relationship) with the element we are working with. We will then work with the beings (or caretakers) of each element, and explore the inner (personal, individualistic) as well as outer (universal) aspects of the element.

This course, as with many of my courses, will take you as far as you are ready to go. This means that my courses (as past students would attest to with my other courses) contain a lot of information, and it is expected that some sections may be more difficult for you than others, based on your individual tendencies (and other life stuff happening). Having patience with yourself (and compassion) when working with material of such depth is always suggested, as is working with things thoroughly… or at a pace that is correct for you.

Although we will move way beyond this simplistic understanding, the Earth has to do with our physical bodies, Air with our mental processes, Fire with our passion, willingness to be alive, and our sexuality, and Water with the fluids within our bodies, and our subconscious depths.

The fifth week is devoted to “spirit”, or how the elements of earth, air, water, and fire work together to create and sustain the universe, and ourselves, as a whole.

By learning to work with the inner and outer aspects of these building blocks, we can not only deepen our spiritual path and understandings of a spiritual nature, but we can come to a state of balance within ourselves, as well as a state of balance and flow in our relationship with others, and the world as a whole.

While this course technically has no pre-requisites, I require that people are stable mentally and emotionally to the extent that they are able to do spiritual work of some depth. Some meditative and/or shamanic journeying capacity is helpful.

I recognize that most shamanic work these days is focused on “self-help”, but my courses are not as a primary focus. They are also not focused on superficial or beginner teachings (although beginners who feel called to this course are welcome to take it, as there likely is a reason that you wish to).

The primary focus is for people who wish to truly know themselves, to know the universe, and to work with depth spiritual subjects in a significant way. This may create a great deal of healing, or personal revelation. It may entirely cause for you to relate to yourself and the world in a different way… if you allow it. I place this caveat in my courses because there is a tendency towards illusion and escapism in modern spiritual work, and that my work is focused on releasing illusion and becoming more embodied, and becoming a person of depth and power that can not only change their individual lives, but be a person of depth and power for the world at large. We need caretakers of this world, people who can do things like this course will teach.

If you have any questions about the course, or would like to sign up, you are welcome to contact me.

You can always find current course dates for my courses on my home page here.