One of the things I get asked about most by people is what to do if they naturally are open to the Spirit World, Energetically Sensitive, and/or are an Empath, Clairvoyant, Channel, Medium etc.

In this blog I will discuss what to do if you naturally are in tune with seeing spirits or other energies. What do I mean by other energies? I mean that you are seeing or sensing energies that surround people, places, and things, that other people don’t typically notice.

The first thing that I tell people who are sensitive and/or who see spirits is to simply accept it. The way I describe it is like this: some of us walk into a room and notice 10 things, some of us walk into a room and notice 50 things, and some of us walk into a room and notice 5,000 things. For many, this changes, and on one day you may notice 200 things, and on another 2,000, but the more you live with your sensitivities, the more you will figure this out.

So, simply accept the fact that you are sensitive. It is not a bad thing, something to hide, or something to shy away from. Most artists are sensitive, great thinkers, therapists, healers… all are likely sensitive. We have a tendency to denounce being sensitive, or have been told many times as children that “Oh, she is just too sensitive” as if it is a bad thing. It isn’t, and it simply the way that you are wired. Much of our suffering comes from being sensitive when you denounce who you are, or try to hide it. So accept that you are sensitive, that you notice more than others, and learn how to work with it.

The same goes for seeing spirits. There are all sorts of things beyond the purely physical in our world. Some people are able to process non-physical dense matter, such as spirits. Some other sensitives are able to notice energy within people, places or things, other dimensions, other times, other energies (such as elementals or thoughtforms). What seeing spirits means, or any of the other sensitivities I listed, simply means that you need to properly learn and process all of the extra information coming at you. So accept that you see/feel/hear more than others, and learn to work with it.

Working with it
These are some tips that I have learned throughout my journey as a sensitive.

Don’t deny who you are– this doesn’t mean you have to proclaim to the world that you are clairvoyant or can see someone’s dead uncle hovering over them. But learn to be fine with the fact that you are sensitive, and that you can see/feel/hear/smell more than the average Joe

Learn that this doesn’t make you really special, or a God, or Guru– simply because you are more sensitive doesn’t make you special. We are all special in our own unique ways. You have the ability to relate to the universe in a different manner than other people do, and the ability to know more, but when you are really in tune with your gifts, you will realize that:

You are not alone, you are not the only one with these abilities

There are always people better, faster, smarter, more in tune, more Awake, more Enlightened, more sensitive, etc. than you– you, and only you, do not know the Truth about the inner workings of the Universe. You may have an idea about what is going on, but this is always through your ego, your perceptual lens, past experiences, cosmology, religious and community affiliations, common societal thoughts (you get my point). So understand that you may know more about certain things, but there are always people who know more, and there are many different Truths out there- so don’t get a big head about it.

• Learn how to ground in your physical body– many sensitives I meet are not in their physical body, they are not grounded or connected to the earth. Many prefer to be this way, either fully disassociated or partially out of their body. What I can tell you about this is this- when you are fully disassociated or partially out of your body you are jumpy, have a lot of fear, have pain in the lower body (feet, knees hips), feel like you don’t belong on this earth, need to protect yourself (because you are out of your body and open it allows other energies to come in), and most importantly, it doesn’t allow for you to process all of the input coming at you appropriately.

There are some wonderful tools and ideas for grounding, among them are: doing things in nature, gardening, imagine that you are a tree and planting yourself in the earth, taking care of your physical body through exercise, nurturing yourself with baths, lotions, experiencing your senses through art. But most importantly, you need to want to be in your body. Seems strange, but many people don’t. Accept that you have a physical body, and that although you are a spiritual being you have a physical container, and many of the issues I listed about being sensitive will be greatly reduced or simply disappear.

Learn how to work with and become “friends” with your spiritual helpers– most people on this path have a religious figure, angel, power animal, or other spiritual helper that they feel connected to. Start praying or simply asking that spiritual being to support you, to guide you on your path. Nurture the relationship with them by meditating or praying and asking for help. Gradually, you will develop a relationship where they can help you on a regular basis.

• Connect to your Ancestors– chances are if you are highly sensitive that it is genetic- meaning that other people in your family are sensitive and psychic. You may not be aware of this, or you may be intimately aware of this. For any highly spiritual and/or sensitive person, learning how to work with and listen to your ancestors can be an important step in your spiritual evolution. A teacher (such as myself) can help you learn how to connect with your ancestors for guidance, support, and answers.

Get a physical teacher, guide, healer, or someone who has already walked this path– like anything, choose a teacher that you feel a connection with, that doesn’t have a huge ego or guru complex, and has the ability to help you out with compassion. Take classes if you feel guided, or simply visit a few healers like Energy Workers, Shaman, or Meditation Instructors in your area and see how you feel around them, how the session was, and how they answer your questions.

It is part of my calling to work with Sensitives and Psychics to help them understand and work with their abilities. I teach Psychics/Sensitives how to utilize their gifts, how to protect themselves, and how to go about being a sensitive in the world safely and with boundaries through programs, readings, and individualized sessions. You can read about my individualized services here or contact me here.