Two Year Spiritual Worker Course

The Two Year Spiritual Worker Course–

Tiamat Rising

begins February 5, 2019

Instructions on how to apply for the course are near the bottom of this page.

This will be the last time that I will be teaching this course

This course is full and has a wait list. You are welcome to apply for the wait list (see instructions for applying below). Preference will be given to prior students of Mary’s.

This is a two year course that will teach the fundamental knowledge that is necessary to become a competent spiritual worker.

This is not a “basics” or beginners’ course; it is an immersive, depth-driven exploration both experiential and intellectual that will allow for the student to gain the knowledge base, confidence, and practice to be a person of knowledge in this field.

Please understand that this is an intensive course that requires stability as well as a great deal of personal responsibility for oneself.

This is an advanced course. This means that a substantial foundation in spiritual work, energy work, or bodywork is required to be a part of this course. There are many wonderful courses out there for beginners. This is not one of them. This course at minimum requires previous experience of at least two years with a physical teacher, five years substantial self-study, or five years experience as a clinician in another modality.

I do recognize that people at the beginning of their path or without this foundation believe they can jump to advanced coursework, but if you do not have the foundation I listed, you will be lost and overwhelmed in a program like this. I suggest my book, The Shamanic Workbook I, for those seeking a substantial foundation in spiritual work.

It is my purpose to offer a serious and fairly intensive program for those who are ready for it. There needs to be enough balance and maturity to be able to do work of spiritual depth, to fully take advantage of a program like this, as well as to integrate the changes that spiritual work and education creates in your life.

I suggest approximately 5-10 hours a week for the course.

It will consist of a small group of students who are ready to become of service to their communities. This may be in a professional capacity, or for friends, family, and neighbors. This is not a course focused on self-help, or self-healing, but on building spiritual skills and capacities. This will, of course, change your life, but the primary focus here is how to become a resource for others.

Spiritual work is most simply defined as the developed skill to navigate and interact with the Other (the spirit world… as well as what lies beyond our physical, materialist senses) to bring back information, healing, and help maintain balance between the worlds.

There is a large amount of healing that is required at this time between us and the Other, and approaching it in a balanced, healthy, life-affirming, and compassionate manner will allow for those of us ready to become touchpoints, or guiding forces, to healing of this rift, both personally and collectively, are very much needed in the modern world.

The modern spiritual worker should have a wide variety of knowledge and skills to meet the modern world. While the course is focused on animism (“shamanism”) it weaves in knowledge of other spiritual paths, magical/occult disciplines, trauma and psychological constructs/care, energy work, and bodywork.

The Curriculum
Each year will consist of written as well as video/audio transmissions. There will be a bulletin board/posting section on the website to ask questions, as well as communication via email. While there will be specific topics taught (see years below), there is a sense of flow and purpose… a group soul of sorts… that arises based on the individuals that participate. Some of what is taught will therefore be dependent on group interests and energies.

The first part of the course is the Animism course. If you have taken this course, it is expected that you will deepen your skills. You can also consider your payment/previous taking of the course when submitting your sliding scale payment (more details below about payment).

Four group rituals occur each year. These are done via distance and there will be information on how to connect to the right time/energy for those living in differing time zones. These rituals are both to gain education and experience in the power of group ritual (and its varying parts– anchor, worker, holder of group energies) and will be for healing purposes for a specific community, event, etc. divined by the group.

It will also be required for six weeks to do simple prayers/a candle lighting as a service to friends, family, and/or your community.

Six practice spiritual healing sessions with feedback from other students via email and a minimum of three practice sessions with other students with feedback via Skype/phone are required for entry into year two (a total of twelve sessions). The healing work will be based off of The Body Deva method.

One session on your teacher, or a trusted colleague of mine (which I will track and offer feedback on as well) via email is required for entry into year two as well. While I do realize that the thought of doing so can be initially anxiety-inducing for some, this will allow for essential feedback and skill-building that will grow confidence and skill.

Multiple checkpoints, tracking, and experiential work will occur throughout the course to gain confidence as well as learn of personal blind spots or needs for focus. This will always be done in a thoughtful, compassionate, way, but the focus in this course will always be on clarity and personal growth– rather than placation or illusion.

Prerequisites/Who the Course is Best For

  • Personal stability is required. We all have things to heal and work on but this is a course intended for students beyond enough of their chaos to be of service to others, and who have enough stability to be a resource for others.
  • Personal responsibility and ability to question clarity is also required. To be a spiritual worker requires a high level of personal responsibility, and the capacity to question internally your reaction to the world as well as to others who come across your path. People in need of healing are often frightened, lack boundaries, and are immersed in illusion and created chaos. Ideally the spiritual worker would have capacity to question their shadows in the external world, and to take back their projections to become a resource for others.
  • A desire to be of service to your community
  • Either prior study with me or long term established study in a shamanic, spiritual, energy work, body work or meditative discipline (at minimum, two years with a physical teacher, five years substantial self-study, or five years experience as a clinician in another modality).
  • Sight/Sensitivity to do this work: There is a big deal made of out of this, but really it is as simple as a chef needing to have a good palate or a carpenter needing to be good with their hands. Natural or attuned ability to connect with the spirit world/the Other
  • Curiosity and willingness to work with spirit outside of dominion-based ideologies. An animist perspective is one of spiritual ecology, or humans being a part of things, rather than on top. A further spiritual ecology/animist perspective is that humans have done a lot of damage and that part of being a spiritual worker is being a good citizen and/or rectifying that damage on a spiritual level.
  • Capacity to critically think and move beyond “group think”: My objective is not to get you to work like me or think like me, but to understand who you are and your capacities to the depths that you as an individual light can shine in this world.
  • Balance. As you will see from the course curriculum, I believe that you need to know the full terrain of what you are working with. This goes way beyond binaries, beyond “dark” and “light”, “LHP” or “RHP” or any other label you wish to perpetuate. The idea that there are practitioners out there whose response to curses or dark energies is that they not only do not need to know about them but can work with them without any type of knowledge is as delusional as a surgeon saying he doesn’t need to know anything about tumors.

Year One

Each year will have a sense of flow, but subjects that will be definitely be covered will have a star * by them

  • Ethics *
  • Psychological and Physical Red Flags *
  • Mental vs. Spiritual Healing– Moving beyond the Psychotherapeutic Paradigm *
  • Considerations of Appropriation (I realize this word has swung the other way towards ridiculousness, but a conversation of how to establish a practice that is not looking to simply “take” or the modern sense of entitlement and power loss/inappropriate power gain in relationship to other cultures and their spirituality is necessary) *
  • Personal Energy Dynamics *
  • Manifestation and Intention *
  • Taming the Mind/Seeking Clarity
  • Astral Projection/Etheric Projection * (there will be a checkpoint and group work for this)
  • Dreamwalking
  • Divination, Seership, and Gazing Practices *
  • Working with the Moon, Tides, and Currents
  • Establishing a Primary Guardian
  • Establishing Secondary Guardians
  • Body Deva– Spiritual and Emotional Healing*
  • Candle Practices– setting of Lights *
  • Basics of Ritual *
  • Spiritual Healing– Ancestral, Past Life, Karmic, Extraction, Aftercare and Follow-Up *
    • It is expected that those who do not already have a background in this will play catch-up to learn the basics quickly to move on to more advanced/in-depth considerations
  • Power Dynamics
  • Working with Objects *
  • Group Work *
  • Navigating the Other I *
  • ”Exit” Interview– an email check-in with me as to how you are doing, any “blind spots” I feel that you may have, and talk about specialization (if you are called to be a more general practitioner or have an area of specialty and guidance towards that specialty)

Year Two

  • Navigating the Other II*
  • Advanced Energy Dynamics *
  • Trance, Mediumship and Channeling *
  • Spirit Release and Depossession *
  • Possession States
  • Land and House Work *
  • Planetary Hours and Flows
  • Curses *
  • Spiritual Attack and Warfare *
  • ”Left Hand Path”– Chthonic, Solomonic, Demonolatry, Tantra, etc (know how to identify/basics of these paths)
  • Angelic and Archangel Work *
  • Saint and Deity Work
  • Dolls/Poppets and Advanced Object Work, Establishing a Spirit Pot *
  • Elemental Work
  • Working in Multiple Dimensions and with Non-Linear Time
  • Social and Enviornmental Work (and the concept of Justice) *
  • Psychopomp and Death Practices
  • Working with Mercury, Persephone, and Selene
  • Spirit Evocation and Invocation *
  • Katabasis– Descent into the Underworld/Initiation and Rising
  • TBA
  • Exit Interview

If sufficient interest, there will either be a year three, an in-person meetup/workshop, or workshops online just intended for graduates of this curriculum.

How to Apply

I do not accept all students– I only accept students who meet most, if not all, of the pre-req’s, that I personally wish to teach, and that my spirits (via divination) give the “okay” to.

I do realize in this day and age the idea that you cannot simply buy something is difficult for many people to digest. While I have compassion for that, this work isn’t like buying a sweater, and some of this work is simply inappropriate for individuals still immersed in their personal chaos/in need of substantial healing work or who are at the beginning of their path.

You can apply by sending me an email with approximately two paragraphs. Basically let me know why you wish to take the course, if you have taken any prior courses with me, how you see yourself being of service to your community (if you have an idea), and your experience/background. 

I will send you an email back after I do divination inviting you to the course if all answers/divination point to “yes”.

Registration will begin officially in January 2019 for the course. I will only be accepting a small group of students in the course, and will close the course once it is full. This is the last time I will be teaching this course. You are welcome to apply now, and to confirm your spot, but I will not be accepting payment until January 5th, 2019.

Feel free to send me questions about the course. You can either apply or send questions to me here.

Payment/Cost Info

The course is sliding scale, $1400-$2000 a year (you decide what the right amount is for you). Payment plans will be available. The payment plan will be 3 payments throughout the course of the year. Further details will be offered upon registration (payments due January, May, September). $1650 is a suggested minimum for those who can afford it.

Year Two will be the same rate ($1400-$2000 US).

I do realize that this course is an investment, so it is something to think about carefully. I also realize in the modern world there is an unfortunate amount of entitlement– any emails extolling this type of behavior from people are not suitable for a course like this, and will not be replied to (such things, unfortunately, need to be said)

Due to the nature of the information, and the fact that I already offer a great deal for the pricing structure/knowledge offered, I am unable to do sliding scale below these prices. If you have been doing spiritual work or bodywork for five years or more and truly feel called to take this program and are truly unable to afford the course, you are welcome to contact me to discuss things, however.

There are a lack of competent spiritual workers in the modern world. This course is my offering to further the spiritual education in the world, and to bring others to a place of being able to offer spiritual work and teachings of depth, and I am happy to help those ready to become competent, confident spiritual workers to do so.