One of the more common beginner responses to noticing a spirit, being, or other energy in your space is to fear it and want to clear it. Many of us are asleep to the extent that we do not notice that the spiritual is all around us. It is not separate from us. We are constantly surrounded by spirits, beings and other energies.

When we notice anything not physical, as in something outside of the realm of being commonly noticed, the first response is typically to go into controlling and assault mode. We sage and clear and clean until we feel safe again. Or, basically, until we no longer notice it. This allows for us to feel in control of our surroundings, this allows us to feel safe. It allows for us to perpetuate the myth that the spiritual is somehow “out there” and we need to do shamanic journeys or meditate or work to access it… and that when it accesses us it is something to clear and fear.

The truth of the matter is that we are constantly surrounded by energies, by spirits, by emotions and grids and thoughtforms… by the history of the place we are in, by the elements that surround us. Due to a lack of spiritual understanding of death rites there are many spirits around us all. Most of us simply are not sensitive enough to notice anything that is not concrete, and beyond that our egos and belief systems get in the way so we further fall into a state of illusion and not-seeing. Most people, in fact, when they clear don’t do it appropriately and simply fall into a state of illusion that the spirit is gone, or that they have cleared their home.

Instead of reacting to anything not physical, or possibly spirit-oriented as being something to “fear and clear”, learning about what surrounds you and the understanding level to know what to do, if anything, about the situation, is the best thing to do in situations like this. There are plenty of spirits that wish no harm. They just are there. We happen to simply occupy space with them. There are also imprints of the past we think are conscious spirits. There are also ancestors, guides, and all sorts of spirits and beings that are helpful and can be teachers to us. And yes, there are harmful spirits, but they are fairly rare.

Simply because you notice a spirit in your space does not mean you need to clear it. Plenty of people do not mind occupying the same space as a spirit as long as there are ground rules. People can reach the understanding level to know if a spirit is something that is helpful, not helpful, or simply happens to be there. People can learn the tools to know how to respectfully work with the unseen, the spirit world, with openness, respect, and know-how. Simply because we see something outside of ourselves that we cannot control we do not need to go into “fear and clear” mode. By learning how to successfully work with spirits we can move beyond that, and open ourselves to seeing more of what is actually around us. We can move beyond the state of willful ignorance, fear, and wish to control everything around us. Even the most advanced sensitive can never truly know everything around them, but when you approach the spiritual world as simply flowing through the physical world, as part of it, instead of something to fear or going into a state of spiritual bypass where you think spiritual things are somehow separate or different than our physical world, you can open up to knowing more about the spiritual world and how to work with it properly.

Mary assists sensitives, psychics, and people undergoing spiritual awakenings to learn how to work with their abilities and experiences. You can contact her here with questions about readings, programs, and individual appointments.