A few weeks ago I got into a discussion with a woman who is somewhat of a colleague of mine, although with different interests in the fields of energy work and spiritual healing. I have a lot of love for this woman, because she has had a difficult past, is quite ill, and is willing to look beyond what society, her family, and her traumas are telling her about herself in order to heal. I find it admirable, and beautiful, when anyone is willing to question or really to think in a world where most of our thoughts or ideas and our understandings about the world have been given to us by others.

But an interesting thing happened. We had a discussion that ended up in disagreement. Both of us are past the point that disagreement causes animosity towards the other person. The ability to have in-depth discussions like this, even with opposing viewpoints or different ideas about a subject, that do not turn into hurt feelings or personal attacks or the magnification of personal trauma is rare, and I love when it happens.

Later that evening as I was going to bed I became acutely aware of an energy in my room that was not mine. I have excellent protections in my home due to the type of work that I do and my general sensitivity level so it is rare that something could get in the bedroom that was not mine. But it was this woman, my colleague…

It was not her astral projecting, or in any way her physical or spiritual presence. The discussion that we had that afternoon had stirred up emotions from her and she had some thoughts towards me that were less than complimentary. I repeat that this was and is a lovely woman who temporarily got triggered, and the thoughts that she had, due in major part to her spiritual/energetic abilities were sent to me as a consolidated, projected thoughtform. 

As for this situation, I messaged her and she realized what she was doing and apologized. Like I said, she is the type of lovely person who is willing to take personal responsibility for herself and is spiritually aware/advanced enough to understand that she is not perfect. (She is fine with me telling this story, just as an FYI for those curious).

So what is a thoughtform? We are in a sea of thoughts, of emotions, of understandings and ideas that are not our own. In our “spiritual” society there is a huge focus on chakras and larger energies like spirits. But what is most common energetically to encounter is this energetic sea of thoughts. It surrounds us, it engulfs us. Most of us pick up on these thoughts, these ideas subconsciously and incorporate them into our lives without even realizing it.

It is hard to break free from this. Releasing the thoughts and belief systems of other people, of teachers/gurus, of society, is typically a really hard transition. Our thoughts and beliefs form most of our external day-to-day reality. The ability to break free from this is a deeply healing process, and typically allows for us to see or sense thoughtforms and the sea of thoughts, as well as allows for us to stop, for the most part, caring what other people think about us. This is incredibly freeing, as we all fear judgement and may find ourselves feared, hated, or gossiped about by others… this really hurts until we are able to free ourselves from thoughtforms… and then we can take personal stock of what is our issue and what is theirs, often discovering that what people don’t like about us or judge us for doesn’t have much to do with us, but rather something we have triggered that is unhealed or doesn’t want to be conscious in them.

Thoughtforms are really just consolidated thoughts. Like I mentioned, we are in a sea of thoughts. Many of them affect us, but a lot of them don’t have a large impact on us– it would be like walking through a mist or a cloud– we would make it out the other side a little damp but not that much changed.

Thoughtforms are a bit different. These are consolidated thoughts… they typically have emotion attached to them as well. These will either be charged by society (meaning that many people in that society have a lot of emotion and are resonating with and helping to create that thought on a societal level… which is how our reality is constructed basically) or they are projected thoughts at you that either have a lot of emotion, are of importance, or are coming from someone who has some spiritual/energetic power. 

Let me explain.

Some thoughts have a lot of emotion attached to them. They resonate with our own traumas, our own fears, our own sense of injustice in the world. When we argue with someone, when we disagree with someone, when we get into an altercation with someone this often turns into personal attack… if not physical altercation. But what also happens is that the person, with a great deal of emotion, begins thinking negative thoughts about you. The thoughts they are having, plus the heightened emotions, aimed at you means that you are having thoughtforms hurled at you from that person. 

This is like a bubble of animosity, or not-so-nice thoughts, that comes at you and stays in your energetic field until it naturally dissipates, or you take care of it. If this is a one time occurrence, and you are of relative stable and sound mind, you will likely be mad for a bit, notice the thoughtform subconsciously (perhaps sending one back) and it will naturally break apart over time. If the person is consistently thinking negative thoughts about you they will be sending a lot of these “bubbles” into your field, and it might need to be cleared by a spiritual worker. The person sending these thoughts doesn’t need to be aware of this (and they frequently are not) or be spiritual aware, powerful, etc. in any way. They just have to have a lot of emotion and negativity towards you.

Some thoughts consolidate and crystallize in your energy field because they are of importance. Or they come from an important person. For example, if our parent says that we will never amount to anything, if a teacher we had says that our paper was awful, if a friend calls us a terrible friend, if a boyfriend says we will never find anyone else like him. These thoughts all come from people that we care more about, and so their words carry a specific sort of weight that is more likely to cause consolidated thoughtforms and trauma. In this case we will begin to believe the crystallized thoughtform (again, likely not on a conscious level) believing that we are worthless, or a terrible friend, or that we cannot write papers. In this case the thoughtform/consolidated energy needs to be removed and often there needs to be a bit of trauma work done so you can move past the situation and person that created this, or at the very least forgive them for doing so.

The third basic way thoughtforms are created and affect us are thoughtforms that are projected at us from someone with spiritual or energetic abilities or power. The more spiritual power that we have the more we have to be responsible for our thoughts, because they can project and affect a lot of things. Basically, the more spiritually aware we are the more we are able to affect the environment and world around us energetically. But it doesn’t take a lot of spiritual power or capability to have our thoughts be more powerful than “average” or projected at others. Recently I have become aware of someone who dislikes me because I talk about things that are not “safe” or “love and light”. I am not his cup of tea, as it goes. This is fine, and I still consider him to be a lovely person, if a bit fearful and stuck in spiritual immaturity. I became aware as he was consistently thinking negative thoughts about me of jealous and rather nasty thoughtforms coming my way. I am at the point where I just reflect them (and wear a mirror to do so) but I do find it funny that the “love and light-ers” are the most likely to send out negativity and negative thoughtforms into the world. 

When we take care of our negativity… when we acknowledge it… it does not go out into the world. If we choose to remain “love and light” and not acknowledge our negativity, our emotions, and so on these get powerfully sent out into the world. If all of the “lightworkers”, energy workers, “shamans” and spiritual workers would just focus on clearing their own trauma and negativity, and reconciling with their darkness and primal natures the world could powerfully change. That won’t happen, but it of course would be lovely if it did.

Working with Thoughtforms: The Basics
This can be as simple as watching our thoughts. This can also be taken a step further and be watching our thoughts and acknowledging when thoughts come up that are not so pleasant. Or realizing that when we have a lot of negativity towards someone that it likely more about us than them… or that it is likely more about the situation or topic than them. There is no need to send negative thoughts to someone who disagrees with us politically, or has a different understanding of the world than us (no matter how twisted we may feel theirs may be and how “right” ours is). If someone cuts us off in traffic and we get really upset at them we can realize that it is about the situation, rather than them. 

This does not mean that someone we are getting into conflict in isn’t an idiot, or dangerous, or unkind. In most cases it does mean that they have a lot of trauma and difficulty in their lives. People who are happy with themselves don’t send brutal negativity into the world. In general, realizing that people operate under a whole lot of sleep, with a lot of trauma and difficulty and struggle and rigidity in their lives is enough to begin to feel compassion for them.

If we are a “lightworker” we can realize that not everything has to be “light”. We can sit with our negativity, our fears, our judgements, our passion, our primal, animal natures, our physical bodies, our darkness, and have compassion and love for it. Real “lightwork” is acknowledging and loving every part of us– light and dark– and becoming embodied. Spirituality isn’t about escaping our physical realities, or only focusing on the “light”. When we can sit with and acknowledge our anger as well as our bliss and feel compassion for both we are well on our way to becoming “en-light-ened”.

I am certainly not perfect (although I am generally happy with my existence, path, etc) so when I catch myself sending out thoughtforms I apologize, allow myself to see them, and call them back to me. I then “pop” them and watch them disintegrate into the earth. I then apologize to the person who I sent them to, asking for their forgiveness (mentally, of course, I do not call them on the phone unless they are a friend and really, really spiritual aware), and thank them for being a teacher for me. They have showed me something that I need to heal in myself.. otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten mad, jealous, fearful, or whatever in the first place.

As I mentioned, I also wear a small mirror necklace to deflect these sorts of things, do spiritual bathing (a topic for another day) once or twice a week to clear anything that is not “mine”, and track (look for) anyone or anything that is around me that is affecting me.

Thoughtforms can affect our mood, can make us feel negative about ourselves (we feel the emotion or thought that is being sent to us and believe it is our own), and can make us think about the person or event that has transpired (that has created the thoughtform) long after it is over. Learning to clear your energy field, learning how to track thoughtforms, realizing when you are sending out thoughtforms (and bringing them back/taking personal responsibility for them), and learning how to protect yourself and free yourself from thoughtforms, learning how to clear cords if necessary (I have a class on cord clearing/cutting here) are all skills that can be acquired. If you have interest in doing so and setting an appointment to learn how to do so, you can contact me.