A true Kundalini Awakening can be devastating to the person undergoing it and frequently leads to severe illness due to the intensity of the process.

One of my favorite ways to work with someone undergoing a Kundalini awakening in-person is with CranioSacral Therapy. CranioSacral Therapy is a modality derived from Osteopathic Medicine by John Upledger and other pioneers. It is a gentle, whole body approach with a focus on the fluid systems, inherent rhythms and tides of the body, energetic systems of the body, the fascia and tissues that wrap around the brain and spinal cord, as well as the bones and ligaments that make up the tailbone, spine, neck, and head.

Since Kundalini is focused in the Sushumna, or central channel (it runs through the brain and spinal cord) of the body, it is well met by CranioSacral Therapy both in focus and with the gentle approach of the therapy. 

The biggest issue by far that those undergoing Kundalini awakenings face is blockage in their central channel, associated channels (Ida and Pingala that run along the spine) as well as the chakra system. Kundalini begins in the first chakra and behind the point of the tailbone (if you are experiencing an awakening from the crown down it is a Top-Down awakening and not Kundalini) and starts an ascent up the spine. The first three chakras are about you, your survival instincts, your early childhood, your family, and your ancestry. As you can imagine, this is fertile material for many, and these chakras when blasted open by Kundalini cause every issue that has been locked in the respective chakra or area of the body to come up for processing. All at the same time.

This can obviously have pretty severe effects. Kundalini will ascend as far as it can like a thermometer until it meets blockage. Then it will stop and either go back down or will stay with the blockage, blasting it open like a dormant volcano suddenly erupting. This causes physical symptoms in the area (for example burning, low back pain, UTI’s and urogenital issues in the first chakra if it is blocked and cannot ascend any further or nausea, vomiting, inability to take in foods, and rib pain for the third chakra) as well as emotional issues associated with that chakra (fear and survival instincts for first chakra as well as sometimes anger, issues with self-worth, grief, sadness for third chakra). These issues are even more difficult because they are often severe, sometimes life-threatening, and often cannot be explained or treated by Allopathic Medicine (please go see a doctor though to rule anything out though).

So we come back to the idea of blockage. Once Kundalini fire is able to rise up without meeting resistance the huge physical and emotional symptoms settle down. Eventually Kundalini will rise and fall in waves, more gently and sometimes more significantly moving through stored material it did not get the first time (or the first eighty times). The less blockage you have the less intense symptoms (usually, until you get to the bottom of the barrel and the top-down energy and Kundalini energy meet and start cycling, then you will usually go through significant issues again for a while until the whole circuit is cycling. But after that, the heat/burning, pain, and energetic dancing of fingers, hands, and whole body settles down nicely).

CranioSacral Therapy works specifically with blockages in the spine and it can treat many Kundalini blockages through facilitated segment work. A facilitated segment is basically an area of the spine that is having either too much activity or too little. It has separated from functioning with the rest of the spine as a happy, healthy whole spine. These spinal segments innervate tissues, organs, and whole other tracts of the body so having one that is unhappy will create havoc in the whole localized area as well as create issues for the entire body.  CranioSacral Practitioners can correct this, and can help to process the material that is coming up in a Kundalini awakening in a safe and gentle manner through gentle work with correcting these facilitated segments, and helping the surrounding organs, fascia, and other structures come to a state of balance, and allowing the whole length of the spine and nervous system begin proper communication.

There are many other reasons that CranioSacral Therapy works well for Kundalini Syndrome. Kundalini causes overwhelm and overload causing the body to be in a constant alert state. One of the greatest benefits of CranioSacral Therapy is that it reboots the system like a computer, allowing your body to go from “fight or flight” on/alert state to an “rest and digest” off state.  CranioSacral Therapy also evaluates the meridians, chakras, and other energy systems of the body and works individually with your unique imbalances to bring you to a greater state of balance. It is also gentle enough and comes from a “witness state” meaning that it is not creating any new material or issues for your body to process, it is simply finding avenues for your body to release the intense amount of heat, overwhelm, and emotional/physical issues that are arising for you.

There is also SomatoEmotional Release which is enormously helpful for Kundalini Awakenings. Your practitioner can guide you to actually talk to your body, to your Spirit, to your fear and anger, and even to your Kundalini to find out what it wants and the best way that it can individually rise and fall. Through making this individual connection to your Kundalini fire, you can start a positive relationship instead of a relationship of overwhelm, fear, and general dysfunction. SomatoEmotional Release also allows for movement, so often people undergoing Kundalini awakenings will do their kriyas and mudras (automatic hand and body movements) on the table or floor of the treatment room and can create a lot of energetic flow and release by doing so.

The last way that CranioSacral Therapy is ideal for Kundalini Awakenings is because it directly taps into the spirit, the spiritual forces that make up your unique blueprint, and can bring you to an intensely deep, quiet, and spiritual place that will allow you insight into your true self. Since most Kundalini-ites are constantly in a place of overwhelm, they rarely get that quiet meditative focus that they need to both process the enormous energies that are circulating as well as look behind the scenes at why this process began for them and what their unique and individual spiritual path is. This insight into your process which is created by the quiet attention and space that your CranioSacral Therapy practitioner provides you with is a powerful way to gain insight into the workings of your Kundalini Awakening.

Mary Mueller Shutan is a spiritual healer, teacher, and author. You can find more information on Kundalini awakening in her book, Working with Kundalini: An Experiential Guide to the Process of Awakening