For some time now I have been considering what the energetic and spiritual nature of Facebook is. There are some wonderful things about Facebook- it allows for us to keep in contact with people from across the world, and we can easily stay in touch with friends and others with shared interests in groups. It can help us feel connected and can allow for us to virtually meet people that we otherwise would not have. We can know the day to day details of our favorite author or celebrity and there is an infinite amount of information and education of sorts to be had in the varying groups that populate Facebook.

But Facebook has a more sinister side. On a simple level, it is a tool (one of many) that allows for us to be sleepers. It encourages and disallows the awakened state. It allows for us to be zombies, basically. Go into any Starbucks or ride the bus and you will see most people with their heads down, checking Facebook and other sites. This has allowed for us to be disconnected from external reality and one another. While Facebook can engender all sorts of interesting discussions on spirituality, there is an odd sort of polarity about doing this on a site that has energetically disconnected us from one another, separating our humanity and our true selves from who the version we present ourselves online to be is.

Energetically when we are online we are utilizing our third eye, crown, and throat chakras, and are typically disassociated from our bodies.

Our first two chakras (pelvis, legs, and lower abdomen) are all about our connections to people. Our real, live connections. Physical, meaningful, sexual relationships. Energetically we process technology through our throat chakra and third eye. Facebook is energetically ungrounding, and results in relationships and communications that are not based in our physical bodies or our external reality. While certainly friendships and relationships of all sorts that are very real can be found on Facebook, this disconnect from the first/second chakras and centering in the throat/third eye is problematic (to say the least).

This centering in the upper body allows for our shadows to come out- for us to be both the best and worst representations of ourselves. There is not the filter that comes with the centering of our energies being in our actual center (our abdomen and midline/spine). This leads to both the highs of creating a “Self” that is far greater, or different than who we are in our daily lives, and the lows of the showing of our unprocessed trauma, wounds, anger, fear, ego, arguing, rage, and bullshit (yeah, I used the BS word) without the typical filters that we would have by meeting in person.

Beyond the notion of Facebook being yet another tool, similar to drugs, television, gossip, and the like, that puts us to sleep and distances us from who we vitally are as people and an awakened state, there are more interesting energies at play. The first that is most interesting to me is the energetics of memes, sayings, and the like on Facebook. Memes and the sayings of others energetically are also a way to keep us asleep. While we certainly at the beginning stages of awakening utilize the words of others to engender our own transformation, it is rare that the words posted actually mean anything. In fact, many memes, sayings, and “truths” on Facebook are simply wrong or at their very worst dangerous. Every time I check Facebook there is a new cancer cure or herbal meme that is incorrect or as an actual trained, board-certified Herbalist makes me shudder a bit inside.

Along with memes comes the concept of ego awakening. Ego awakening is somewhat of a complex subject, but simply put in this context it is the ego-based idea that our words are so important, we are so important, that we are going to create memes with our sayings with our names printed at the bottom. What is interesting about most of these memes is that they are rarely sayings that mean anything. They are thoughts and concepts that anyone past the beginning stages of awakening is well aware of… typically with an image of a prototypical attractive white woman lounging in a tree or a “Native”, small child, or nature shot to emphasize the profound nature of the words. It is rare that the person posting this considers the dynamics of race, religion, or spirituality in these posts. Basically, if they consider if somehow posting a picture of a Native wearing a headdress to espouse some random meme is ethically or spiritually okay. It typically isn’t, just as an FYI.

Memes are rather silly, and energetically are somewhat harmless unless we take them seriously. Energetically they are meaningless. They rarely bring any sort of meaning or realization to our lives. They are simply an energetic manifestation of the sleeper state- we see so much meaningless information, we are inundated by it- that the thousands if not millions of memes we see we in fact see through glazed eyes. Even when we post them to our own wall or pages they are rarely fully considered, and are seen for a mere second or two before we move on, forgetting them. Yet again we have more information that is surface level, meaningless, and contributes to our collective sleeper state.

If we take memes at face value and do not question the words, sayings, and memes that populate our Facebook feeds they can be potentially harmful. When we awaken there is a putting away of the words of others and typically a profound realization that we are not that important. That we may have ideas and thoughts, but in the grand scheme of things we do not need to create memes out of them. Energetically Facebook is a way to commoditize ourselves- to sell our Selves, our books, and our thoughts. To prove that they are important. That who we are and what we are doing is in fact important. When we realize that we are not that important, and also realize that we know who we are and what we stand for and our own self-worth we do not need to “prove” ourselves. We do not need to create the memes, we do not need to utilize the words of others to express our points, we do not need to participate in the way that most of us do on Facebook. If we choose to be on Facebook we can do so while recognizing the patterns, the sleeper states, and the memes as simply meaningless. We can do so without engaging, and do so while being in our midline… being who we are. We do not need to put on a front, or rage or gossip and be out of our bodies. We can utilize Facebook for what it is good for- communicating with friends and family.

In Part Two I have examined Facebook Gurus, and the dynamics of “Facebook Gurus” and their followers. You can access that here