A brief post, but my book that will teach you everything that you would want to know about energetic cording is now on sale.

You can purchase the print edition here through Amazon for only $10.66

You can purchase the kindle version here through Amazon for only $7.99

Each course will go through basic, intermediate, and advanced considerations of energetic cords.

This is some of the most effective and life-changing work that I teach.

I cannot emphasize enough how this work, and learning how to do it properly has changed my life, my relationships, and how I view the world. 

The book first goes into our energetic cords to other people. Learn not only basic versions of how to “cut and clear” cords– work that is somewhat commonly taught… but is shared in this book in a clear and complete way– but also to release and work with the cords that do not clear so easily… either to significant relationships or cords that remain due to trauma and unprocessed emotions.

It is funny, when I first found work for energetic cords this was really all their was… the basics… cut and clear. But I noticed that cords remained, re-grew, and that a lot of things really stayed the same. Most of all I found myself with lots of cords were filled with the same emotions and issues as they had before.

This is why this work is not more effective– because most of the knowledge of it doesn’t really release cords to significant relationships, deep emotions, traumas, and allow for you to learn the lessons that you need.

This book teaches you how to do that. Learn how to communicate with cords to significant relationships, release traumas, and start your relationships anew. Learn how to release the thousands of cords that you have likely unknowingly picked up through your interactions with others. Learn how to have a balanced relationship with the people around you.

You will not only learn the basics of cutting and clearing cords but will also learn how to release emotions and energies through them, how to alter them, how to move them around in your body, and more.

The rest of the book goes over cords to former humans (spirits), beings, and energies, complex or woven cords (cords that are stuck together), and cords to places or events. Freeing ourselves from these cords and learning how to find them through the direct experience and meditations in the book will allow for you to powerfully move forward in your life and feel a sort of freedom and lack of chaos that you likely have never felt.

The advanced portion of the book goes over “natural cords”– cords that are a natural part of our energetic anatomy. Learn how to discover and work with cords to past lives, to your ancestral line, and to your future/destiny.

Learn how to discover and work with cords that connect you to your other “bodies”– astral, mental, and etheric.

Learn how to work with the cord that grounds us deeply into the Earth and connects us directly into the Cosmos

The book ends with in-utero work, and discovery of the umbilical cord. Few people know how profoundly our in-utero experiences create our worlds, and how negative impressions such as feeling unwanted, unloved, feeling “other” or even having a death wish can come from the in utero experience. Learn to release the in utero imprints and powerfully and completely claim your incarnation here on Earth.

Although this is a short book (115 pages), it is a book filled with meditations and exercises to get you straight into discovering and working with these cords. I have been getting incredible feedback from this work and book, and I hope to make it more available to a wider audience so you all can understand and work with this often neglected piece of energetic anatomy.