For information regarding The Body Deva Experiential Workshop: Module One

The Body Deva module one is a prerequisite to taking Module Two

The Body Deva Experiential Workshop Module Two will take place November 1st, 2021– February 1st, 2022

Module Two will be the same format as Module One, including an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your body deva in a small group with guided mentorship from an experienced teacher.

Learn how to work with the consciousness of your body to heal family and ancestral patterns, past lives, and contracts.

We hold so much within our physical forms, and working with the intelligence of the physical body (the body deva) can help us to understand what we carry and most importantly, to learn how to resolve it.

Often we carry so little recognition that patterns and imbalances that we feel are permanent are not. We have simply carried them for so long that we do not know life without them, or do not know how or have not had the opportunity to learn how to let these patterns go.

We are not blank slates when we are born. Ancestral, family, and past life patterns and traumas carry forward into our present reality, creating blockages and skewed perceptions of reality (beliefs that color our world).

We then have our own experience of those traumas and beliefs that were passed down to us. The key to healing them is to look at not only the past (the ancestor, the family member, or the past life where it began) but to also resolve the present– looking at how you embody these patterns, how you have taken them on and continue to live them out.

Contracts are beliefs and decisions that we have made to live our lives a certain way due to experiences we have had. We may decide to show someone, for example, through living our lives a certain way. We may live our lives in reaction, not wanting to be someone who let us down or who was unfortunate in their lives (such as a parent or caregiver or other authority figure). We may decide that we will have certain filters, to not show ourselves to the world, to shut down, to behave certain ways around certain people, to wear specific masks.

These decisions are contracts, and just like any contract that we may make with our landlord or in our career, we live under specific restrictions in order to be in accordance with the contract. The difference with energetic contracts is that once we make them, we may still be living them out without awareness years or even decades later. Many of our contracts may also be subconscious, or made without our total awareness. Ending these contracts frees up so much choice, so much capacity to live and to make conscious decisions about who you want to be and how you want to show up in this world in the present moment, as an adult.

Prerequisite to take this workshop is The Body Deva Module One

Like Module One, this will be a small group of students working individually as well as with other committed, engaged students who are ready and willing to look within. As a mentor-guide, my role as teacher is to assist you in learning to look within and to support you in your own process of self-healing and self-realization.

This course is sliding scale $350-$650 US (payment is between those two amounts at your discretion). Payment is due prior to the course beginning, and as with Module One, there is a one week refund policy– beyond that point there are no refunds.

This course does offer a certificate upon completion.

If you are interested in this course, and have already taken The Body Deva Module One, email me to sign up. Enrollment will end October 20th, 2021.

If you are taking The Body Deva Module One starting in July 2021, you are welcome to join us for The Body Deva Module Two starting in November 2021.