This unique experiential mentorship opportunity will take place from March 15th-June 15th, 2022

The Body Deva is the consciousness of the body. It is the intelligence of the human form. It has a voice and a purpose and many of us have simply lost contact with how to listen to it, how we can interact with it, and how much benefit doing so can offer to us.

My book, The Body Deva, is available for those of you who would like to learn the tools to work with your body deva on your own.

But for those of you looking for an in-depth opportunity to develop the skills and tools to work with your body deva with my mentorship and feedback alongside a small group of other dedicated individuals doing the same, this course will provide that opportunity.

This course is Module One, covering the following topics:

  • How to interact with your body deva (the intelligence/consciousness of the physical form)
  • Working with Resistance and Blockages (in your life and while doing this type of work)
  • How to work with your Emotions utilizing the Body Deva (our emotions are powerful messengers– we just need to learn how to listen to what they have to say!)
  • Working with Inner Children (working with parts of ourselves that may feel stuck or traumatized at specific ages due to overwhelm, trauma, or something that felt incomplete/unfinished at that age)

Module One covers pages 1-100 in my book, The Body Deva. In the future there will be two other modules that cover the rest of the book, as well as a teacher training (module four). Hopefully at some point there will also be in-person training for those interested.

FAQ’s regarding the course

What does this course consist of?

This course is called an experiential course because it is focused on doing. This means that it is appropriate for those ready to look within and to develop the tools of self-inquiry (questioning within), self-realization, and embodiment (becoming more present in your body and your life).

Beyond the book (which you will need to purchase for the course) there will be no other readings required. This course is a focused opportunity for those who are ready to do the work of healing and self-realization who would like a community of like-minded individuals as well as mentorship/guidance while doing this work.

During the three months of experiential exploration and healing, you will have the opportunity to seek guidance regarding your body deva work as well as connect with a small group of others who are similarly dedicated to their path of healing and self-realization

Are there any meeting times for this course?

This course does not have any specific meeting times. You can log in and interact any time July 15th-October 15th to take part in the discussions.

How is this course offered?

This course will be held through thinkific, and discussion will take place through disqus. Both are simple and easy to use. There is no social media required for this course (facebook, etc)

During the three months of the course, I am available to answer questions and offer support for those who are developing themselves and looking within utilizing the body deva.

What is the pricing for this course?

This course is sliding scale $350-$650 US. This means that you pay what you are able to between those two amounts.

If you are interested in lower price options, I would suggest my self-guided courses or my books. If you are unable to join us for these dates, but are interested in future workshops, you can sign up for my mailing list.

How do I sign up?

This will purposefully be a small group of individuals taking this course. Please contact me with a paragraph about what you hope to get out of this course and I will send you the course registration link and course policies.

Who is this course best for?

This course is intended for people who are ready and willing to develop the skills to look within. The Body Deva is a wonderful tool combining self-inquiry, embodiment work, and healing practices. If developed well, it will be a life-long ally.

This course is not for individuals who are still looking outwards or for someone to do their work for them. I am available to those who are seeking experienced guidance and a teacher who helps them develop the awareness, ability, and skills to delve deeply and become more self-aware. I see many individuals who could be assisted by someone offering them support as well as clarity to ensure that they are on the right track. This is my purpose in teaching.

I have taken your Two Year Course. Would this still benefit me?

Yes, it would. Please contact me and we can discuss your unique situation if you are in this category.

Will this course offer a certificate?

Yes, this course will offer a certification of completion. Module One will be required to advance to further modules.

What else should I know about you as a teacher and about this course? I have other questions regarding the course not answered here?

As a teacher I do my best to meet people where they are, and to provide a supportive yet challenging environment. I believe that no matter how conscious we are, we can always grow and learn.

All of my work is focused on embodiment– that our spirituality should be a part of our bodies and our daily lives. I believe in listening to our emotions rather than repressing or denying them, and that our emotions link to our passion and vitality and enthusiasm for life.

In our modern world, we lack the tools and awareness for energetic, emotional, and spiritual health. It is my purpose to offer those tools and to support those who are ready and willing to develop themselves through them.

If you have further questions regarding this course, or would like to be a part of the course (as this course will be kept purposefully small to ensure that I can properly offer support it will likely fill quickly; I will announce further modules in the future via my mailing list) you are welcome to contact me