“There is a Spiritual Void in the West”- pretty much everyone who knows a thing or two

I began to offer courses because people really need tools that they were not being taught elsewhere. Much of what I offer is based off of what I could have used five, ten, or fifteen years ago or so. Needless to say, my path would have been a lot easier if things like Discernment and Cleansing were offered to me the same way I now offer them to others. A fair amount of my purpose has been around offering tools to people so they don’t have to go through the intensity of searching and difficulties that I did to understand things that are really vital, and not really taught.

One of the things that has been most difficult for me to reconcile on my path is that I didn’t see much that I viewed as real, or truth, or powerful, in the type of mainstream work that most people interested in things like shamanism find their way to. People in the West look to other cultures in order to cobble together some sense of spirituality. Devoid from history, real understanding, and the sort of romanticized fashion in which it is presented, and without living and breathing the culture, much of what has been taken from other cultures has been white-washed to make suitable for the masses. Doing this is really not necessary if we learn how to connect to our own sense of spirituality and the energy of our ancestors.

But this is not another blog about cultural appropriation (I promise). But here is the thing… Our power comes from within. Spiritual work, to be simple about it, runs on power. There are many different forms of power. The first, and most essential, is self-power. Self cultivation, understanding who you are, and so forth. But the next rung on the “power” and “depth” ladder is ancestral work. (If you want a whole spiel on power, read this)

I have thought for a long time about how to offer this course. Because really what can just stop the spiritual appropriation, the spiritual vacationing, and the illusory, hollow sort of surface level void that never gets filled by reaching outward is connecting to our own ancestry.

We are more powerful than we think we are. Our ancestors fought and died and struggled, just as we do. They have knowledge and insight to share with us. What’s more than that, they actually care about us in a way that other spirits likely do not. They care about our mundane lives, and remember what it is to live and breathe and struggle with things like money and career and relationships and physical ailments.

If we are able to learn how to truly communicate with our ancestors, and do so in a way that is respectful, we can deepen our spiritual paths in ways we never thought possible. We can actually know our own power, and our spiritual paths can have depth and substance.

When we learn how to communicate and work with our ancestors properly, the endless seeking can stop. We will have a resource that empowers us, and if cultivated properly, is with us for the rest of our lives. 

If I were to describe the average spiritual aspirant in the West (and I come across a lot, and of course this is not always the case, but…) I would say that most people do not have a base. They do not have a personal or spiritual basis, a center, from which they move from. This means that the “average” spiritual aspirant/seeker is constantly looking for the next workshop, the next idea, the next trend in spirituality.

If you have a base, a center, an idea and connection to the power of your ancestors, life is much different. You know who you are deeply, and you move from a place of realizing support and guidance.

This course will teach you how to set up a space to commune with your ancestors, how to build a relationship with an ancestral guardian, and how to tap into the immense knowledge and power that your ancestors have to offer.

In connecting with your ancestors, it is not necessary to know who they are, or to even have contact with your family. People who are adopted, come from single parent households, or who have had a falling-out with current, living family (or trauma from current, living family) can still utilize this course. In fact, it can be almost easier for people to connect to their ancestry who don’t know much about it, because they will tend to not self-create as much.

So, in simplicity, I will answer this question: Why Should I Learn to Connect to my Ancestors?
Ancestors offer protection, guidance, and can support your spiritual practice(s) like no other spiritual guides or energies can. They are invested in you (like other spirits or energies may not be), they can be of assistance in spiritual work, and they can “vet”, or support communication with other energies. They have an understanding and can support spiritual work in the “mundane” world (the world of rent, groceries, and relationships) as well as more elevated work.

I will state this, however: This work is for people who are ready for it. Who are truly ready to move away from the sort of illusory, pop-psychology self-help type spirituality. This work is for people ready and willing to connect deeply, and to move beyond where they are in their path. What you know about the world and believe to be true about spirituality will likely change quite a bit if you are ready to do so. Please be mentally and emotionally stable enough to do deep spiritual work.

There are no prerequisites (technically) for this course, but it is probably not best for beginners. There are some motivated beginners who are incredibly ready for this type of work, however, and some people who have taken all of the programs and certifications in shamanism for the last twenty years who wouldn’t know power if it hit them over the head with an anvil, so this is not a static requirement.

If you would like to sign up for the course, I ask that you are ready to do inner work, to question (critically think), and ideally have a bit of experience going into altered states and/or journeying. I also (I realize I am repeating) ask that you are mentally and emotionally in a place to do this type of work and to achieve a new depth on your spiritual path.

This course is a four week course. Along with the course I offer a private Facebook group so you can ask questions during and after the course. If you do not have Facebook, alternate arrangements (a few emails while taking the course directly) can be arranged.

The course is $120 U.S. 

To sign up for the course you must send me an email listing your prior experience as well as why you wish to take the course. If accepted into the course, I will send you a link to sign up and pay for the course (utilizing PayPal).

Format of the Course:
Week One: Different Types of Ancestors and definitions, How to Set up an Ancestral Altar, Basic Communication steps and skills
Week Two: Establishing an Ancestral Guardian, How to Work with your Ancestral Altar (advanced); Offerings and the Ancestors
Week Three: How to Ask Ancestors for Assistance, “Bridge” Ancestral power (create an object that will allow for ancestral energies to powerfully come through), developing the ancestral current through you (how to recognize and realize ancestral power and have it emanate from you)
Week Four: Working with Your Original Ancestors (non-human or partial human origins); working with ancestors of the land, working with communal (all of our) ancestors

You can look at my home page for the next course dates and contact me with any questions about the course, or if you are ready to sign up.