Over the next few weeks I will be going into depth about some of the services I offer. You can see the last installation of this blog about Individual Sessions for Psychics/Sensitives here.

One of my specialties is working with ancestral healing. This is fertile ground for many, and is a subject that is rarely talked about. Ancestral patterns can have a huge impact on our lives. The traumas, belief systems, and experiences of our ancestors live within us. This can present as a sense of power, or can be a source of difficulty for us that we are unable to resolve.

Consider your ancestors and where they came from for a moment. It is likely that in our history there were wars, famine, rapes, murders, and a wide range of other difficulties that affected our ancestors in a profound manner. Some of these traumas were too big for them to resolve. Some of these traumas were less huge but our ancestors lacked the emotional capacity to deal with them. All of these traumas, experiences, and beliefs that were not resolved within their lifetime were passed down to the next generation to resolve (and the next, and the next, and so on).

So how to do ancestral patterns present? Generally most people are not conscious that they are dealing with ancestral patterns unless they are fairly awake/conscious people who have already done a fair amount of work on themselves. To most people having ancestral issues presents as emotions (such as fear, depression, etc) that you are unable to connect to any experience in your own lifetime. Many people describe things such as having a “huge wall of grief” or “I have so much fear and I don’t know why”. Some people who are more conscious may understand that they have something weighing on them that feels connected to them but is not theirs, or know that there have been incidents in their family line that were difficult and traumatic. But generally most people who have ancestral patterns have dealt with strong emotions that they cannot place and that cannot be resolved through therapy, medication, bodywork, or other healing methods.

Ancestral patterns are huge. They are large energies. They take up a lot of space in our bodies and our lives. They color our beliefs. We may have no idea that the reason why we are so afraid of getting enough to eat (when we have a full refrigerator and/or delivery that can come to our house and enough money to pay for it) comes from something that is not technically us, or from our direct experiences in this world. If it does come from our direct experiences (for example, we grew up in a poor household) we may not understand that our fear may be magnified by the additional fears of our ancestors about the subject, or that even our financial beliefs and realities have been given to us by and through our ancestry.

It is important to note here that simply because you get ancestral healing that you will experience resolution of depression, or that you will have enough money to always have a full fridge, or that you will not still have other work to do with grief, anger/rage, guilt, or living family dynamics. But it certainly can help… and it certainly can make a small or astronomical difference to understand and clear the ancestral influences and beliefs that are informing your body and your life. We are multi-dimensional, multi-layered beings, with many reasons for the beliefs we carry and the emotions we experience. But healing one dimension, one layer, can certainly help us to eventually the whole pattern, or help other mundane methods (like therapy) work when it has not before.

So how does a Session work?

Generally most people who contact me have no idea that they are dealing with ancestral issues. They are either dealing with something that beyond “normal”– meaning that they have looked at stuff through therapy and traditional means and have not gotten anywhere so they decide to give spiritual healing a try… or they are familiar with spiritual work and healing on this level and they do not quite know what is going on but would prefer to try alternate methods rather than more traditional ones.

Some people are very aware that they are dealing with ancestral issues, or are aware that things are coming up that are not theirs. Some people are sensitive and understand, see, feel, or in some way sense that their ancestors are reaching out to them or that what is coming up is ancestral. Many spiritual workers come to me for work because this is a known specialty of mine.

Generally people contact me asking for Spiritual Healing. Whatever category you fit in (either knowing what is going on or not so much… or even not at all) I will ask for your sense of what is going on. Based on that I will do a basic divination to see if I am able to help you. If the answer is yes, we proceed. If the answer is no, I will often suggest someone locally or say that it simply is not the right time yet for you to do work with me.

I will then have you give me a bit more information about what you are noticing in your life. We will set up an appointment to work together. I work with people all over the world, and utilize Skype, Facetime, and Phone for our session. I will inquire as to your basic availability and your time zone and we will set up a 60 minute appointment to chat.

Sessions are sliding scale– $75 to $125. You pay what you feel is right for the session between those amounts. And no, someone does not get more effort on my part if they pay $75 rather than $125. Payment is due prior to the session.

Prior to the appointment I will do a distance check-in and some preliminary spiritual work to set up for the appointment. During our appointment we will discuss what I found and I will walk you through healing the energies that present. It is important to know that I consider myself a teacher– this means that I will help you and hold space for you (and often assist) working through ancestral patterns. I have long ago learned that the method of me “doing things” for the person is not as effective and empowering as teaching you and helping you resolve the patterns and difficulties of your life.

During the appointment we will work with clearing emotions and trauma from your family lineage. This will be done through energy work, understanding of the patterns that present, and simple, effective spiritual work via imagery and us dialoguing/chatting. Most people who do this work with me notice a huge difference… like a massive weight has been lifted off. Again, ancestral patterns are really huge energies filled with emotions (typically) so the difference during and after a session is often quite palpable.

After the appointment I will send an email listing any “homework”– exercises, meditations, and/or understandings that will help to finish resolving the energies we have worked with. I will let you know if this work needs more than one session, and if so when you should make another appointment. Often we have layers of ancestral healing that need to happen. One session can definitely clear up a whole layer of healing, but there may be multiple layers to work through (depending on the individual, of course).

I pride myself on being an ethical practitioner. You can read more about this here. But basically this means that I do not tell people that they need more work with me when they do not, and I only help people who I feel I truly can help, and I only work with people who are in a place of being ready for deep healing work.

Often most spiritual healing sessions contain a variety of work. I do not focus on simply one thing, such as ancestral work. I work with whatever layer or energies present as the most needed for healing for you at the particular moment. I am a spiritual worker who is focused on “dark” or “earth” work, meaning that I specialize in working with ancestral healing, spirit and being release, past lives, clearing/protection work, curse removal, and trauma/emotional work.

I also work quite a bit with corrective work– meaning that I work with people who have been aligned with schools, gurus, or organizations that had odd energies that require clearing, and I work quite a bit with people who have been to healers who did work that had negative or traumatizing effects. Corrective work also includes working with people who are involved with the occult, magic(k), shamanism, and other spiritual paths who have either done something odd, have gotten themselves stuck someplace odd, or have called something up or participated in something that had results that they were not expecting. I will talk about all forms of work I do in upcoming blogs, but you are welcome to contact me to see if spiritual work and/or ancestral work is right for you and your situation.