our guitar player got mad at me tonight for channeling someone’s pain
away into my body where I can give it back out to ocean because I didn’t ask
permission to do so??? Then she sent me your link..and I read what you said
about wrong uses of energy transfer…but I’m simply taking pain away…like
via magnetic intentionality…is that wrong to do without explicit
permission from the person I am healing???



Although it sounds like you had wonderful intentions, unless you had her permission ethically it was not the correct thing to do. People have pain for a reason, and it is their job to figure out why that is, and to experience it. By taking it away, you may have stopped an experience they were likely supposed to have or a lesson they were to learn.

You can simply ask for permission from someone to do what you are doing. That way they are aware of it and can say yes or no. Most people, naturally, say yes. If you want to be more interactive with it without asking them, you can utilize something like Ho’oponopono where you heal the part of yourself that resonates or has created that person. You can do this by simply saying internally to yourself “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you” for the part of you that created or wants to interfere with her pain.

If you are an empath or are physically or emotionally feeling their pain I always suggest to people to say thank you (internally) for the information, but that I do not need to feel their pain. Then it usually goes away.


P.S. Here is the original article on ethics here and the second article on ethics here

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