This subject is something that is not discussed often. Most of us have really puritanical thoughts and belief structures about sex (even when we would never readily admit to having such restrictions in our sexual thought processes) and this puritanical and rigid way of thinking about sex translates into the energetic and spiritual realms. Some of us may also have a lot of sexual wounding patterns– trauma that causes us to create illusions about what may be happening to us spiritually when it comes to sex.

Quite simply, not many people want to believe due to their own sexual issues, or are not advanced enough in their spiritual path to have come across the subject of spiritual relationships, or spirit husbands, wives, and astral sex.

This is not a “how to” blog, by the way… so if you are interested in that look elsewhere. This is a blog that introduces the subject to people who may not know about it (or much about it), and introduces the ways in which it can and does happen.

The most common way that spirit sex occurs is through the willing participation of two energy workers who are alive (as in, they have human bodies they return to). These two magicians, energy workers, or conscious meditators (basically living people who have mastered the art of bilocation or astral projection) meet in a specific place, or in specific places known for sexual ceremonies, pick-ups, etc. This may be a group of people who have all read the same books or have the same abilities who found one another or are vibrationally attracted to each who have meetups. This may also be between two living people who maintain a relationship and are exclusive who designate a spot to meet for sexual relations.

One of the other ways this happens is to have a Spirit Relationship with a Deity. In certain religions, such as Haitian Vodou for one, there are ceremonies and rituals performed so that a living person becomes “wed” to a deity. This is actually as complicated as a real marriage, because the deity will always want to be number one in the living persons life, and chase away other spirits, energies, beings, or even other living people. It can be difficult to maintain a human, physical relationship with someone as well as be wed to a deity.

In other situations this is non-consensual and the living person may not know what is happening. There are beings (famously known as Succubi and Incubi, but there are many more that can do this), energies, and living people who are able to astral project/bilocate who are able to have sex with people, typically during sleep. This needs a talented Spiritual Healer who can kick out the being as well as teach boundaries and protections to the person experiencing it.

In some instances a living person may be having sex with a spirit (former human), a deity, a being, or other energy consensually. I have now worked with many, many people who think that they are communicating with an “angel” or “guide” until the “angel/guide” starts having sex or becoming interested in sex with them. Needless to say, this is not an “angel” or “guide” or “spiritual teacher” of any sort who will do this. (You can read about false guides here).

In some cases it truly is consensual and the living person is having a relationship with a deceased spouse, former lover, or past life spirit who has found them in this life. I hear about this more rarely, probably because these people don’t go to spiritual healers to get rid of a consensual sexual partner.

And just so when you thought this blog couldn’t get any weirder, it is possible to experience yourself having a relationship or having sex as a former incarnation/lifetime, in a different timeline, a different universe/dimension, We are simultaneously experiencing ourselves in different timelines, dimensions, and experiences… and some of us are aware of this, and some of us can work with this… and for others it is simply confusing.

Finding someone, although it is an odd and somewhat embarrassing subject manner to discuss with a spiritual healer, to talk about this subject with (who actually knows about this subject and doesn’t resort to puritanical thoughtforms) and figure out what is exactly going on can alleviate a lot of fears and provide clarity about if the situation is something that should be stopped or not, and if it is having a negative or positive impact on you mentally/emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and even physically. You can contact me if you want to set up a reading (more info here) about your situation (I don’t judge, really I don’t), or send me an email to set up a spiritual healing appointment if it is something you want to stop.