In my daily life I often get to mentor people in various ways. Through my programs, online, through one on one sessions via Phone or Skype, and through email I interact with hundreds of people each week. A similar theme appears with many of the people who contact me.

Many people are curious about Power. Power is a touchy word in many spiritual communities because there is a basic fear and misunderstanding of what it means. Power to most people is meant in a very materialistic way- they see politicians and religious figures who wield tremendous power which leads to them having bad character and doing amoral things. People who are in control, in power, in our society are seen as amoral, vindictive, only out for themselves, full of ego (in a new-age sense of that being a detriment), and ultimately not people that most “spiritual” sorts would want to emulate. Think of the things that represent power in our society- money, labels, titles, etc. Now think of the spiritual discussions that you are part of. Chances are they are all about power and how people are trying to tear down or dis-identify with any sort of power that they or others may have.

On the other hand people who identify as being on a spiritual path will often seek out the most powerful or “strongest” spiritual experiences, they will believe themselves to be contacting the greatest Gods and sages of all time in their work or will automatically assume that they are going through the strongest or most powerful experience they have heard of (which lately is the Kundalini awakening) even if they do not have any of the signs and symptoms, and will acquire thousands of books, go to classes, seek gurus and teachers, use the strongest herbs and plant preparations they can find… all in a quest to find some sort of externalized power as well as to define themselves as going through something profound.

It is interesting- this duality. We seek and seek to find something powerful. When we have a spiritual experience (or experiences) we often think it is the most profound or strongest experience we have heard of, even if we do not have anything beyond a Wikipedia-type understanding (if that) of what that means. We also vilify this power, we do not have faith in this power, while at the same time we actively seek power we fear it and turn away from it when it finally comes.

When we have spiritual experiences, when we have a taste of power we seek to understand it through our mental faculties. We think about it, discuss it in chat rooms, go to healers. We want to believe that we are going through something profound. And we are. All of us are going through life, which is a profound thing. But we often stop ourselves from progressing further- from acquiring any actual power out of fear and conditioning. We seek out power in a rather overt way but when we are confronted with expansion or acceptance of power, or greater power, we balk. We want to be accepted. We do not want to do anything against our conditioning- which tells us that we should lack power, that we should be understood rather than be who we truly are. We believe ourselves to be going through Kundalini awakenings, or encountering Kali, or define ourselves as teacher or guru because we are going through something profound and these are the most profound labels we have heard of.

It is rare that someone is willing to let go of those labels (whether or not they have or are experiencing these things) into greater understanding and actual power. It is rare that someone is able to open more doors or go further down the proverbial rabbit hole because subconsciously they realize that when you have greater understanding or are actually awake it both takes you into a state of oneness but also isolation (basically, nobody understands you anymore and there is a cognitive dissonance because people are still under a lot of conditioning and seeing through their trauma and would rather believe spiritual illusions and memes than open doors they know will reveal some frightening things). We fear Power, we deny it, we push those who have it to the outskirts of society because they are not readily understood, we try to steal it from those who have it. There is a subconscious impulse to keep us weak, to have us lack power, lack vitality, to not wake up from sleep that is present in every single one of us. There is a question of if we are going to continue listening to it, that voice that tells us that power is bad and causes us to turn away from it, from fully expressing ourselves, or if we are going to acquire it despite the fear and the conditioning and the subconscious mental and trauma based issues that make us believe we can never be powerful in this world.

So what actually is Power?
Power comes in both internal and external forms. When we become who we really are, when we know who we really are, and do what we came here to do we become filled with internal, personal power. But it is more than that- to become really powerful we must cultivate ourselves- meditate or pray, exercise and move, eat right for our bodies (yes, this is an individual thing and can involve cake), have appropriate sexual release, have relationships with our friends, family, and community, and follow the path that we are intended to in this life. When we do this we become filled with our personal power. No excuses, just personal responsibility, showing up 100 percent, a letting go of anything in us that still wants to be a victim, and a release of endless programming and worries about what society, our family, and everyone on Facebook thinks about us and our choices. We are who we are, and we emanate that into the world.

When we start to become filled with this power we shy away from it, we fear it, we deny it. One of my teachers used to tell me that people were so used to living out our wounds that once we progressed past that (or some of that) that most people have no idea what to do with themselves. What would happen if you could have and be exactly what you wanted in this world? This thought is totally terrifying to someone on the verge of realizing their own power. If we are called to be a Shaman, for example, and have been initiated by spirits to be one, if we are filled with power we state that we are a Shaman. If we are not filled with power and understanding of what and who we are we participate in endless discussions about how it is bad to call oneself a Shaman, or a Healer, or whatever. We endless tear down celebrities, politicians, and regular people who we identify as having power. We deny our path because it does not suit the chaos of others. If we are called to be a stay-at- home Mom, or not have children (for example), we can either choose to listen to the programming and opinions and chaos that are in the minds of others or be filled with the knowledge and power of our path, our choices. Whatever our power is, our unique way of being in this world, we can choose to cultivate it and become power-filled or we can return to the chaos and programming of others who tell us what and who to be.

External power is an extension of internal power. When we are self-realized, when we are filled with the knowledge of who we are and what we want, we at first gain access to the part of ourselves that is God. This might sound confusing, but the more we clear of our traumas, our issues, our programming, the more we know who we are, the more internal power we gain, the clearer we become. This clearness allows for us to remember. At first this memory is of ourselves being an archetype- a deity, a facet or representative of externalized Power. This is an extraordinary, powerful remembering, and can bring us to full capacity of our own internal power.

But there is more. For some of us we may begin to realize that there is power way beyond us. We allow for faith to come in. As we access this power that is greater than us we can do more than we, as an individual (even a fully powered individual) can do. This power washes over us, it informs us. We become servants to it. Whatever religious path, spiritual understandings, etc. that we have are worked with through the archetype layer- meaning the power-filled internal aspects of us. This is beyond that. This is oneness, divine flow, God… however you wish to define it. We are simply a particle, a representative with some of the traits of that oneness.

This state is difficult to describe. Many people do not reach here because they are not willing to cultivate themselves. It is really, really easy to sleep in this world. It is harder to remember. It is hard to move past the conditioning that we are not intended to be powerful, the fear. It is even more difficult to understand that there is more outside of us. That there are beings, deities, and powers that are quite separate from us that can become our allies, that we can serve, whose power can come through us, that can teach us more than any book or any internal aspect of ourselves could. To access external power again requires cultivation, it requires initiation, it requires acceptance by whatever power we wish to work with. It requires a humbling of ourselves and realizing that however much we know, whatever labels we have given ourselves, whatever illusions we are projecting out into the world there are always more powerful, more knowledgeable people as well as powers and knowledge beyond us in spirit form that we will likely never understand or be able to process. But more than that it requires faith. If we do not have faith- in ourselves or in our internal or external power- we will never move past the conditioning, to having true spiritual experiences outside of our own self-creation. If we do not have faith in ourselves or in a power outside of ourselves we have little to rely on in this world. All of the spells, workshops, books, illusions of grandeur, teachers, and gurus cannot help us with this. If we have faith, if we take personal responsibility, if we are open to our spiritual experiences moving beyond the basics (step by step instead of going from point A to Point Z in one step) and if we cultivate ourselves and our relationships properly we can move mountains. If we do not have power, if we do not have faith, we are doomed to repeat the same conditioning, the same issues again and again.