It has been suggested to me many times now that I should go into more depth about some of the services that I offer. You can access some of this work here (Ancestral Healing), here (Individual Sessions for Empaths, Psychics and Sensitives), and here (Erasing Imprints of Sessions).

Today I am going to talk a bit about the contract work that I do. We all are aware of what contracts are– that they are agreements that we come to either orally or written with our landlords, our work, and other various sources.

One of my favorite terms for what a Shaman/Spiritual Healer does/is is spirit lawyer (you can read about my reticence to call myself a Shaman here). By this is meant that the Spiritual Healer has the ability to not only traverse realms but also to talk to the various spirits, beings, energies, humans, and entire communities involved to negotiate a state of balance. This is obviously a difficult job, because negotiating with some of these energies is difficult, and both sides (or many sides) need to come to a state of understanding, or negotiate a contract, to maintain balance and peace.

I do a lot of “spirit lawyering” in my practice. In healing sessions it comes up quite a bit. This work can take two forms. It is either a negotiation with the Self or a negotiation with other energies, spirits, or beings (or both, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive).

Over the course of our lifetimes we develop many contracts with ourselves, or are given many contracts by our parents, schools, organizations, and society that we have subconsciously agreed to. This can be as simple as seeing our parents overwhelmed and having financial issues because of having multiple children and vowing that we would never have children. This was an energetic agreement that we came to when we were six (for example) and now, as a thirty year old, we are wondering why we cannot have children. This is because the agreements we make to ourselves, the vows we make as our younger selves are still energetically valid.

Most of the time we do not remember these agreements we have made to ourselves. We don’t understand that when we were a teenager and got made fun of for being tall and having pimples and vowed to never let anyone in for fear that they would make fun of us might be the reason that we cannot let people in or cannot connect or have a relationship to men even when we are in our forties, and far away from being that awkward teenager.

We don’t understand that our parents have given us contracts as well. When we were told growing up that we were so pretty, or that we were worthless, or that we were going to be a doctor or take care of them or that we were just like our father or sister (whether that be good or bad), we took on these energies as contracts and implicitly agreed to them.

These contracts can be given to us by many sources. Schools, organizations, parents, loved ones (I have worked with many, many people who have been told by their partner that they “would never find someone as good as them”), teachers, and ourselves are the sources of many contracts.

These contracts color our world, they result in behaviors and issues financially, in relationships, in families, and with our own self-worth and drastically reduce our capabilities and abilities to achieve what we want in this world. Every contract we make has an impact. It has a huge impact, in fact. We may be operating under many, many, many contracts that we have made with ourselves and that have been given to us from a variety of sources.

We are likely not aware of many of these contracts consciously. We are just aware that our finances are never in a good place, that we cannot get into a relationship, that we cannot form relationships, that we can never achieve what we want in this world. That there is something in the way that is preventing us from being who we truly are. We feel blocked. We don’t know why we are blocked, or why we are still connected to or can’t move past someone or something in our lives.

In more advanced situations, we may have formed a contract with other energies, spirits, our house/land, beings, or energy fields. These contracts need to be broken before we can clear our homes and ourselves, otherwise the spirit or energy simply comes back. It is something that is often missed or not known by most energetic and spiritual practitioners, and why many people become possessed again and again, or have their homes intruded on by energies and beings again and again.

In other situations, our ancestors may have come to a decision and formed a contract that has been passed down to us. We may have also made contracts in past lives, or be influenced by a contract of a loved one.

What happens is that these contracts still remain because we do not know how to break them, and we do not realize that they are there. When we form a contract, it may still be energetically present and informing our present day years, decades, or even lifetimes after we have formed it. We may be still be operating under many beliefs as grown adults that are outdated, do not benefit us, and potentially restrict a huge amount of energy and opportunities for us.

How I work with Contracts: Generally when someone contacts me contracts are one of the things that I have the ability to track, or look for. This is especially something I look for when someone contacts me and tells me that despite their best efforts, despite really trying and doing other mundane (as in external reality things like consistently holding down a job and not spending too much, for example) that they are never financially solvent, that their relationships never work, that they cannot connect to anyone, or that they feel really stuck in some aspect of their lives.

In a healing session we would then discuss what is going on, the contract that was formed, when it was formed, and what circumstances allowed for it to be formed. We would then break the contract, release any energy involved with the contract over the years, and work with your present day reality to make sure it is broken and no longer affecting you. I would then send you an email after the appointment, “homework” listing specific things to do (usually quite simple, but often necessary) so you can ensure that this energy clears, the contract remains dissolved, and you can bring in new energy and opportunity in the area you were stuck in to your life.

My sessions are done either via Phone or Skype worldwide. It is a 60 minute Phone/Skype call and is sliding scale $75-$125 US (you decide what amount to pay in that range works for you). There will be preliminary work and tracking done on my part to set up for the appointment, the appointment, and then an email listing understandings and “homework” to do after the session. If you are interested in a session, you can contact me.