Recently someone sent me an article about someone who had had a supposed Kundalini awakening and was now selling courses to teach people how to become “enlightened”. This sort of sales pitch is far from rare. I regularly see or get sent literature, websites, and articles about kundalini, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, or really anything spiritual for sale.

I do think that it is wonderful that people want to become more aware, more in tune with their spiritual side. If each one of us could awaken to the point of holding multiple perspectives– meaning that not only our perspective but that of someone much different than us– as both being valid and true, this world would be a much, much better place.

Just in case you have not read my other blogs, I personally operate under the realization that we all are awakened or enlightened. We just do not remember or realize this… and we have layers and layers of conditioning, trauma, and belief systems on top of that awakened state. So I am not suggesting that if you have had a Kundalini awakening you are a member of some super secret club… but true Kundalini awakenings are rare. The ability to remove or have multiple layers of conditioned reality removed within a single lifetime is really rare.

Most of the people that I see selling enlightenment are not enlightened themselves. They have not had Kundalini awakenings or another awakening to the extent that they have gone beyond the lower layers of understanding– meaning going beyond the Self. All of the material I have seen from people selling kundalini, spiritual awakening, and so forth, are from people who have had a few spiritual experiences (maybe even a singular kundalini experience and not a full awakening) who do not realize what a kundalini awakening actually is, or what awakening really is like.

I realize that in some ways this sounds a bit harsh. But anyone who has truly experienced a spiritual awakening of any sort realizes that you can do all the mantras, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, read all the books, and visit whatever workshops, gurus, teachers you like and the end result for you and the person sitting next to you in said workshop is going to be entirely different. I used to go to workshops and wonder why the person who came up to me making sure that they told me how they had taken years of teachings or followed certain gurus or teachers around for decades were still so traumatized and still needed to be so spiritually competitive. There is a reason for that, I found out later.

This is because awakening is a multi-lifetime process, and it is something that is not in our individual control. Once you get beyond the “Self”– meaning our direct experience of life (this is typically where most people who commoditize spiritual awakening are), we begin to process the layers of family, ancestors, and past lives- meaning the beliefs and traumas that we have been given to us through them. We then leave the Self and process societal energies, world energies, archetypes, thoughtforms… all the stuff that is communally created. When those layers lift we discover that the world is simply in a sort of cosmic flow. When you experience the cosmic flow state you realize that things like spiritual awakening are intended to happen within an individuals lifetime. Or they are not. And no guru, teacher, Oprah show, or the like is going to awaken you if you are not intended to awaken.

People really do not like to hear what I wrote in the last paragraph. We are used to living in an aspirational, goal-oriented world, and the idea that we cannot have something even if we really want it, and we want it now, causes our egos to throw tantrums like a two year old. There is a reason why so much aspirational material is out there– we want to be shamans, enlightened, have our kundalini awakened. We want to buy it. We are spiritually competitive– we want to be more awake and more enlightened than the person sitting next to us. We would prefer that it be easy, and that we do not have to do much work (certainly not lifetimes of work) and that the end result is us being a multi-millionaire.

We create a whole huge mythology around “if we were only enlightened our lives would be perfect.” And the people who are selling enlightenment are only too happy to oblige by wearing a mask of enlightenment, repeating memes and meaningless phrases that superficially sound good to anyone who cannot see through them. This creates a vicious circle of false enlightenment, where people go around congratulating one another on how enlightened they are, or follow and copy a teacher who is saying they are enlightened and promises enlightenment… meanwhile the teacher is typically miserable because they are typically stuck in a specific phase of awakening and cannot humble themselves to ask for help because then they would not be “enlightened” to their followers, and the followers can never be enlightened like their teacher/guru because that enlightenment is an illusion perpetrated by the teacher.

We can only come to a certain point with our teachers and healers– the point they are at personally. This means that if they are still stuck at the layers of the Self, even if they are presenting an illusion that they are not, they will not be able to guide anyone past those layers. Someone who had a single kundalini experience (a one or two time experience of the energy) will not be able to guide someone who is having a full kundalini awakening. Someone who is an aspirational shaman teacher will not be able to provide much for someone called spiritually through multiple generations to be a spiritual healer. And this is unfortunate, as people truly having these awakenings have to go through a lot of b.s. in order to find someone that can actually help them and find material that is not ego-based, aspirational, spiritually competitive and by someone that has actually had or understands these experiences.

In fact we may have spiritual experiences and ignore all facts to the contrary (or simply not know/be educated enough to know) that we have had a profound spiritual experience according to our own direct experience of spirituality… but that it is not in fact enlightenment, kundalini awakening, or so on. Direct experience is tricky, and kundalini has become a bit of a buzz word to the extent that it is rare that people actually in our modern culture know what it is. But kundalini has specific symptoms, phases, and experiences that are really easy to spot. Most of our culture is so filled with aspirational information and people who really want to believe that they experienced (or are experiencing) kundalini that what kundalini actually is has been lost.

As a side note, I get contacted by many people, and as I mentioned Kundalini awakenings are very easy to spot. Basically they are like having a huge fireball in your energy field (this happens even if you do not have a heat-oriented Kundalini awakening). I have regularly had people contact me who are powerful channels, high-level empaths, and/or have a variety of beautiful, special gifts that could be nurtured and developed to profound effect. But some of them really want to believe they are experiencing Kundalini– because it has entered our cultural grids (those middle layers I talked about) as the most intense, advanced, spiritual experience, and fulfills the cultural need for ego-based spiritual competition. Kundalini awakenings are quite intense, by the way. They are certainly not the only intense spiritual experience… they are just the only one people know about. Some of them have disregarded anything I had to say to them about what kundalini is, what a kundalini awakening actually looks like and feels like, because they wanted to believe that they had or were experiencing one. The irony of this, of course, is that their awakenings (if they were willing to understand what was going on) were beautiful, and wonderful, and meant specifically for them. But most of them will not continue awakening because they prefer the illusion.

There is a huge mythology in the “awakening” community that enlightenment is the end point, the peak experience, the most “advanced” you can be. It is sold as such– that once you do become awakened your life will be perfect, you will be rich, beautiful, and svelte. Becoming awakened is actually the end… the end of seeking… but it is the beginning of true understanding. No matter how “awakened” you are, how far and wide kundalini flows through you… there will always be someone better, faster, more awake, more aware, differently awake, etc. than you. Realizing this takes you out of that spiritual competitive mode, and that idea that you can purchase enlightenment.

Real awakening creates humility… a realization of how small and unimportant you really are. The aspirational community hates to hear this, because most of us come to spirituality to fill a sort of emptiness, a void of not feeling or sensing our own divinity and hunger to merge with divinity. Most people come to spirituality to feel big, to feel important, to recognize the Self as God. This certainly is true… we are all divine… we all are aspects of divinity… but we are also very small. I mention this because it is again a specific phase to look for in the awakening community– if the teacher does not show this or recognize this directly they are not as enlightened as they claim.

It is of vital importance to realize that becoming awake, enlightened, or having a kundalini awakening is not something that can be purchased simply because you want it. We can and should all become more awakened– meditating, doing yoga, reading, learning, visiting teachers and workshops. Meditating daily will change the life of anyone astronomically. But there are many things that are not under our direct control– despite what aspirational teachers and gurus want you to believe. Becoming a spiritual worker/shaman is one, becoming enlightened is one, having a kundalini awakening is one. We all have a spiritual path here. We can all consciously work to become less traumatized, to open our minds, our hearts, and our belief systems. We can consciously create compassion for one another, to hold multiple viewpoints and understand where they are coming from even if they are not in line with our own. But we should be happy with who and what we are. No need to aspire, no need to compete, no need to be the guru down the block. Real spiritual awakening is becoming as much and as fully who we are as we are able to within our lifetime. Discover who you are as an individual, be compassionate and love yourself, and realize that most of the books, the gurus, and the aspirational material out there is an illusion based on the ego-based, spiritually competitive and unrealized notion that kundalini or enlightenment can be bought and sold like a used car.

By the way, I do realize that it sounds contrary that I do work with people (yes, for a sliding scale fee) who are experiencing spiritual awakening, kundalini, and so forth. When we are awakening, especially when we are going through an intense awakening, we can all use tools to help us, understandings of what exactly is happening, and healing to help us work through the layers that are coming up. That is what I offer. My appointments are based on people currently having these experiences (non-aspirational) and are struggling with some element (or many elements) of it. I do so in an honest, ethical, and straight-forward manner and simply do not take people on who contact me that I am unable to help (for whatever reason) for any of my services. You can read more about my ethical practices that I abide by in my practice here