I speak quite a bit about how difficult it is to find thoughtful, interesting information that is beyond the surface levels of reality. Since I was a young child I have been a really quick reader who has always loved the library– it was a place of comfort and safety to me where I could explore other lands, mythologies, get inside the minds of others, as well as could expand my own.

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Since I have started my practice and have specifically focused on things like spiritual healing, shamanism, psychic abilities / sensitivities, energy work, spiritual awakenings and kundalini, I have found it frustrating that most books and most information out there is either a repeating of the same concepts ad nauseum, on a beginner or surface level (we have all been there, but what happens when you go beyond this level and still want to learn and expand your mind?), or is pure and utter b.s.– illusory material intended to keep us right where we are, constantly seeking or buying the material of a particular guru or teacher so they can tell us what to believe next or what to purchase next, or slick marketing intended to make us digest material that is fairly meaningless or a regurgitation of buddhist or other spiritual texts (this happens with all of the current gurus– they create a story about being homeless, or being on a park bench for a few years, and then come out with their “spiritual illumination” book which is really popular but is really a regurgitation of much better material from source materials dating back hundreds or thousands of years. I am uncertain how many of these “gurus” understand that they are regurgitating Buddhist precepts (for example) at a very watered-down level or if they really think that they came up with the stuff). A certain amount of watered down material is necessary to make people who are at the surface understand things but still feel comfortable and in their wheelhouse, so to speak… but often it is like a bad game of telephone where the guru may not understand what the actual original precepts were and/or translates them consciously for marketing purposes to a public that will not understand the difference.

It should also be noted that I have not put a huge amount of “current” kundalini books on the list. This is because many of them are garbage (yes, I said it) or have been translated/voiced through the scope of psychologists and the like, many of whom have either not had the direct experience of spiritual awakening or have had lower level awakenings of Kundalini and so cannot talk about the higher experiences (basically what happens after the energy rises above a certain point).

I have also found a fair number of books worthwhile, expanding of the mind, and illuminating. These books have helped me on my path, have caused me to question what I think, what my cosmology is, and propelled me further down the proverbial rabbit hole. Although some of these books can be difficult to read due to their thought-provoking nature or their language/dating, many of them (I think at least) are essential if anyone is interested in going beyond the illusory nature and sheer b.s. of most of the books out there.

I have composed a book list and recommended reading of the books that I have found helpful. It should be clear that I do not agree with all of these authors, or with their realities or beliefs, but their ability to question, to go beyond the surface layers of reality is commendable. There is so much b.s. out there and these books go beyond that to look for truth, or at least go beyond that surface level. All of these books I have personally read and have personally had the effect in expanding my mind, allowing me to unfold further, or at the very least have made me question and consolidate my understandings of the world/universe.

I have recently updated my booklist and attempted to make categories. Many of these categories overlap, so it isn’t as simple as one would think. I will add to this over time (as I read more) or recall other books that would be helpful. I encourage you to look through the books, see which ones resonate, and go from there.

••• It should be noted that sometimes people on the “surface” levels of reality have difficulty with certain words, like “occult” and magic(k)… although I can discuss this in another blog, many of the books on the occult (beyond the b.s. ones or the ones regurgitating the same material again and again) and the true nature of the occult is really personal awakening. It is understanding the layers and energies of the Universe. This is why I have so many books in this category. True occult books discuss how to work with and understand energy in a way that no other category really does, and with a depth that most books do not.