I am not the type to typically complain, or even comment on the flow of world energies. I understand (and have had many astrologers back me up) that Mercury Retrograde has people feeling off because they attach such importance to it, and fifteen years ago was around the time that most people started blaming all of their computer issues on Mercury Retrograde.

Similarly, I think that many people in spiritual communities ascribe issues that are actually their own to happenings in the world. I am the type of person that if I drop a hammer on my foot I am going to look to my own clumsiness and question my own issues before I look to the world, or the cosmos, or a being or energy influencing me causing that happening. The worst sort of fake psychic in my opinion is the one who says the day after a bombing, terrorist attack, plane crash, or celebrity dying that they knew it was going to happen because they had a dream or premonition about it. It is tacky, and it is typically the lowest level awareness type of “psychic” who does this sort of thing to prove how awakened they are. I have said it before, but if you are something, and you know you are something (be it a psychic or a mechanic or a teacher or a meditator or whatever you can possibly imagine) you no longer need to prove yourself. You just are.

While I can appreciate astrology (even though I am at only a surface level understanding of it for the most part, and am totally fine with that) the focus in spiritual communities on astrologers putting out forecasts telling us to “brace ourselves” or that “huge energies and shifts are coming our way” or whatever they are saying (do you ever notice none of them say that it is going to be a lovely blissful time of peace?) only serves to perpetuate and create a state of fear and hyper-reaction amongst the spiritual set. This serves to magnify an energy that likely is there, but not to the extent that most people are even aware of or need to process. I always love the expression when you hear hoofbeats look for horses not zebras. While not a perfect aphorism for this context, it shows what most people do: they focus on anything seemingly outside of themselves and are in a permanent state of reaction to energies that they very likely are not even feeling to a great extent.

I also know that by going online and participating in spiritual communities like I have over the past decade that people love to ascribe all of their issues to something outside of themselves. It makes things spiritual… and they do not have to take personal responsibility for them. They can just form groups that all feed off of each other energetically and create huge thoughtforms and grids and illusions magnifying the effects of these supposed energies. When we have dealt with our own issues, for the most part, even the flows of the largest energies from the cosmos do not cause us a great deal of pain. They are just a part of divine flow. We move from a state of reaction to one of simply noticing.

Typically to process most world events you just have to be open enough, and aware enough, to process larger energies through you. This means you have taken care of your own traumas, your family traumas, ancestral issues, past lives, and all of those belief systems and illusions… that you have awakened to community and social and state and country type of grids of energy. As we get further out, the energies and the grids get larger. What may be a small stream of energy from our community turns into a tidal wave of energy from the world.

These grids, these energies, flow through all of us. Most of us are not awake enough to notice them. Most of us are so focused on ourselves (or we need to be focused on ourselves) that we cannot even look to what is directly influencing us– our family, ancestry, etc. So the fact that all of us interface with world energies and only some of us are conscious of it means that only some of us are really noticing these grids in actuality. It means that most people have so much stuff of a personal nature to take care of that the illusion that much of their issues are caused by Mercury Retrograde is comforting. And in fact the fear and illusion of Mercury Retrograde that is created by society, on a societal level, on a spiritual community level, is enough to intensify any spiritual happening much past its actual nature.

All that being said, some of us are awake or sensitive enough to interface with the grid of global energies. For some people this can be very difficult and disorienting, especially because it is not talked about and if you have a bunch of “stuff” in front of it (all of the other layers of you, your family, ancestry, belief systems and trauma etc) that feeling a huge grid of energy, a huge wave of energy, only magnifies all of the “lower level” issues rather than being just a huge wave of energy that informs your existence. There is also a lot of understandable fear that happens, as people who can see/hear/feel/smell this type of grid are freaked out because they don’t know what to do, why this is happening, or even what it is. They don’t know how to interact or work with this energy in any sort of healthy or beneficial way.

At a certain point we become fault lines for larger energies. They manifest through us, we process them. We process energies for ourselves, but also for our communities, for the world, and even for the cosmos. But as these energies are flowing through us (if we are sensitive/ awake enough to notice or feel them) they bring up our other stuff we haven’t processed yet. This stuff may be painful. So this large wave of energy is flowing through us… and we will have to process the wave of energy as well as the layers and layers of unprocessed belief systems, illusions, and traumas coming from many sources that are present in more superficial layers of ourselves.

In addition, sometimes things happen in the world, like this week, that cause a massive wave of energy to come through the world grid. It actually doesn’t happen that often. World energies are pretty wide and big. But sometimes this energy rather than being simply a big energy, or even a tidal wave, becomes a massive multi-story typhoon. And this is enough to wipe anyone out, to completely change their outlook on things, and basically to put anyone sensitive to these energies into a state of overwhelm. Even the most integrated, healthy, and balanced awakened person can be caught off guard by certain huge energies, just because they are so large and take a while to process.

So I have no idea what was happening this week. I know it was from the world grid (as opposed to other grids like cosmic, societal, communal, etc which all have different energies and feels to them). It is ending now (or soon) but it was difficult on a lot of sensitive and/or awakened people to integrate, and resulted in a lot of personal change. So although I am not a person who seeks to look outside of myself, who seeks to blame my headache on the cosmos or a bombing that happened half a world away… it is important to know that these energies can be worked with, they can be integrated in 99 percent of cases. But that 1 percent that we can’t is a good time to surrender and simply allow that change to occur. And when we get back to a state of normalcy, a state of functionality, we can begin the process of understanding and working through what occurred. But it is always important to note that we do react to huge energies that are not “us”… but most of the time and in 99 percent of cases if we had cleared our own stuff, or our family, ancestral, past lives… and progressed through and understood the lower grids that we wouldn’t be in a state of reaction. We would just be in a state of noticing.

I realize that this may be the first time you have been introduced to world grids, or the grid system overall. You can read a bit more about them here but in reality it is important to have a physical teacher to help you understand and process things. It is possible to go to a state of participation and noticing of even the most intensive spiritual divine flows. They can be quite beautiful. But if you do not know how to handle them, or what is going on, they can be painful, and difficult, and cause a lot of issues. You can contact me if you are interested in a reading (in which I can tell you what you are reacting to, what your individual sensitivities are, etc) or to schedule a session for sensitives (read more here) so we can talk about how to understand, work with, and consciously participate in the larger energies that comprise the Universe.