As someone who does spiritual work, I don’t talk about politics a great deal. This is mostly because I look at things from the pattern level, and to see the level of absurdity and illusion, as well as to understand that politicians are representative of collective and larger forces, means that there is often a certain amount of separation for me.
I also know that we are in a destruction cycle (Kali Yuga, if you will), as most aware people are… and that dealing with a certain amount of chaos, pain, and darkness in this period is necessary.
One of the worst things that we can do is ignore our pain or whatever emotions are arising right now. It is not focusing on “negativity” or creating more of it to do so. One of the biggest issues with the spiritual community is that people have created this “love and light” ideology that means that any mention of pain or anything uncomfortable is considered “low vibration” or “bad”.
I recently worked with a woman who repeatedly told me how she had been on a spiritual path for twenty years. She had very little consciousness and zero ability to look within. This was not only because she wouldn’t allow herself, but because what happens is what always happens with the “love and light” community– she had a stockpile of unhealed pissed off energy that she refused to acknowledge because it wasn’t “spiritual”.
What we have unhealed within us, what we ignore, creates our collective energies. The purpose of any spiritual path is to come to consciousness. It is truly to look within. It is not to create illusions of bliss, or to stick your head in the sand, or to only sit with the good (and demonize the bad). There is absolutely no point to a spiritual path if it doesn’t allow for you to heal, to explore, and to understand. To work your way beyond illusion. To see beyond your fleeting wants and needs and to understand yourself, and reality, with increasing clarity.
One of the first “initiations” on the spiritual path is to realize that there is more out there than you. Through this you realize that you are not the center of the Universe, and begin to relate and understand people very dissimilar to yourself. You begin to become okay with thoughts, people, and other energies that have not had the same experiences of this world as you.
I see people creating “stories” right now about how and when “light” will prevail, and how things like this are always for the higher (or some) good. These are ways to placate the brain that is dealing with uncomfortable stimulus. It is a way to feel closure, to feel safe, to provide cotton candy type anesthetic for any sort of difficult feelings that arising. We are uncomfortable with the unknown, and so will do anything and everything to create a fairy tale ending, to anesthetize ourselves when we feel any sort of pain.
Understand that some people do not have this capability. That it is an luxury to have the ability to create illusions and not have reality interfere. I had a friend who was told “this country wasn’t for her” at the polls (she is Vietnamese), and today had a black friend have four men pull up to her and call her a “n” and then say that she will get what is coming to her. She is deeply afraid for herself and her son.
It may not be right to do so today. Today you may just need to get through. But at some point you should allow yourself to feel. To sit with pain and discomfort without trying to placate it or make it go away. Coming into consciousness sometimes results in discomfort. The decision to be okay with the unknown and to not create illusions or stick your head in the sand is always a difficult one. It is always easier to numb, to try to make pain go away.
But the people who are able and willing to deeply feel everything– from the greatest bliss to the greatest pain, are the ones truly doing the greatest work in this world. The people who are able to look beyond their own pain and to actually see how and why some people may be deeply fearing for their lives right now… and even why some people may choose to hate anyone or anything that is even slightly different than them… those are the people who are truly courageous, who are truly making a difference in the collective.
It is not by ignoring, or creating illusions, that we become “light”. It is by truly dealing with all parts of ourselves, acknowledging and feeling compassion for every part of ourselves, that we become “enlightened”.
And most of all, be of service. Or let someone be of service to you. One of my teachers used to say “shared pain is lessened pain”, and I find it very much to be true. So reach out to a friend, be compassionate towards others, and choose to make a physical difference in this world. Volunteer. Befriend people different than you. Read books that you don’t agree with. It is up to each and every one of us to do our own work, to expand our own consciousness, otherwise the collective shadow will never lessen.