Amongst a few other specialties, one of the things I work most with in my Spiritual Healing practice is past lives. 

Remembering past lives is a natural part of the awakening process, and I am not here to debate the validity of past incarnations, that they happen, or that they have an effect on people. Quite simply, once you have direct experience of such things and have worked with them to the extent that I have, it removes any and all doubt.

Most of us “waking up” will begin to realize that we have a lot of stuff informing our existence and coloring our world. Beliefs, traumas, and expectations are carried forward from our ancestors, our immediate family, and our past lives (as well as through many other layers past this point, like the collective energies of society, archetypes, and so forth).

Others who come to me will have medical issues, physical complaints, or areas of awareness in their body that seem “off”… and they have run through the usual gamut of holistic and allopathic medical providers and are looking for someone who can look a bit deeper and see if this pattern comes from something like a past life. They do not necessarily know that it is a past life, but based on their symptoms and inability to get relief they are curious if spiritual healing can help, or are curious if it is a past life or ancestral pattern.

Although I could talk endlessly about how past lives inform our existence, I will instead more generally talk about how past lives have the largest impact on our lives and current incarnation.

Manner of Death
A lot of us in our previous incarnations might not have had what is known as a “good death”– meaning that we were not either ready or conscious enough to fully anticipate such a death. Typically this happens as a result of tragedy, but it is not the “I was Cleopatra in a past life” type of illusory thinking that many people when first approaching the subject ascribe to.

We have a host of past lives that might have led rather mundane lives, and that might have had deaths that included dying in childbirth, through murder, rape, drowning, in surgery, war, natural catastrophes, and so forth.

When we do not have this “good death” it is likely that our death remains unresolved. And this will show up in our current, physical bodies… typically showing up in the area that was involved in the actual manner of death.

So what does this mean? It means that if we had our throats cut, or were hung, we might have a constricted feeling in our throat. If we died in childbirth, we may have difficulty in our lower abdomen or pelvis, if we drowned we might have breathing difficulty.

This also means that the accompanying emotions of death has never been resolved. So we may have the energy of fear in our throat, pain and grief in our abdomen/pelvis, or simply have a fear of water that is somewhat irrational (at least according to our logical current incarnation).

It is possible to resolve these deaths and allow for this energy to dissipate out of your body… releasing a great deal (typically) of fear, apprehension, and constricted energy in the body.

Before we move on, I will say that past life healing is not a panacea. What is more likely to happen is that when the spiritual roots of an issue are resolved, the biomedical and holistic methods of care will simply work better. So this means that if you have severe endometriosis (for example) and discover that there is a past life element of dying in childbirth, that resolution of that dying in childbirth will not cure your endometriosis. But there is the distinct possibility that then acupuncture, pain medication, biomedical procedures, and even the monthly pain itself will be lessened.

Unresolved Emotions and Experiences
Although there are other factors that we can talk about with past life healing, the other big subject that comes up is unresolved emotions and experiences.

Really this subject can be open to anything– house fires, loss of a child, rape, enslavement, unresolved relationships, starvation, are some of the many, many examples of things that can remain unresolved in death.

Basically any trauma, emotion, or experience that was too much for us to work through in our previous incarnation will become unresolved and carry forward into this lifetime.

This will carry forward in an attempt to heal in the next lifetime. Unfortunately what happens is that most of us are not conscious enough to understand why we might have fear of the water, or of heights, or even why we may be interested in airplanes or ancient Egyptian artifacts. We may never know why we carry around such a wellspring of despair, grief, anger, rage, or feelings of isolation, imprisonment, anger towards men or women, or feelings of scarcity and lack in our current lifetimes.

But it is possible to work through these patterns, to have our former selves heal, and to resolve this energy within our own bodies. I work with people on a daily basis to do so.

Releasing patterns like these is always a big deal. We may suddenly have a whole new understanding of our lives, of why we currently fear or believe what we do. More than that we can release the emotions, the manner of death, and finish the unfinished business, allowing for ourselves to be more peaceful and more free in our lives and our belief systems.

Some people who book with me know that they have a past life that needs resolution, but many others simply know that they have either something going on that isn’t inherently “theirs”- such as strong emotions or feelings of constriction or pain in a specific area of the body that doesn’t correlate to anything currently going on. And other people simply want to look a bit deeper at issues that are going on to see if there is anything that spiritual work can do for them.

Whatever your situation, you are welcome to contact me and I will see if I can be of service to you in an individualized appointment via Skype or phone. If you are interested in a reading for your situation, I also offer readings via email. I work in a pragmatic, straightforward, and most importantly ethical fashion. You can read about the ethics I have developed for myself and my practice here. 

A note to end: I am not interested in creating an elaborate story for you of your past lives for you to be interested in. I do not care if you were a peasant farm girl, a monk, or Napoleon in a past life. My focus is on healing– on releasing layers of unhealed material, emotions, and traumas in a body-centered fashion. I say this simply because past lives have become a sort of fashionable to do regressions or for spiritual workers to cater to a crowd that wants to believe they were Cleopatra, and idle curiosity is not the focus of my practice.  I wish only to get to the heart of the matter, and to help you heal in whatever manner you are ready to.