One of the most commonly talked about and thought about psychic abilities these days is Empathy. But what exactly is an Empath? What does it mean to be Empathic?

In many circles I see this as a source of difficulty– a wide variety of people belaboring the moon cycles, or crowds, or an Earthquake in a far off land as a source of great pain and discomfort for themselves. And while this is true, and can and does certainly happen, it certainly misses out on the positive aspects of being an Empath, and is largely the perspective of the unskilled (meaning lacking the understanding and tools to navigate the ability).

A lot of people I find also announce themselves as an Empath when they do not have much information on it, and will assume that they are one because of a meme or quiz on Facebook or a short article somewhere, or because it is a term that they heard basic information on (and they don’t know anything about other psychic abilities). While this is in no way dangerous, knowing what our dominant psychic ability is (basically how we take in information) is how we both understand and develop the capabilities to work with our sensitivities (the PC word for psychic abilities these days it seems).

We all have a dominant psychic ability– a way that we take in information. Even the most asleep, clouded individual who is in no way psychic (and would likely loudly denounce the term) sometimes takes in information that other people in the room might not notice. This can be through felt sense, visually, hearing, taste, smell, and/or feelings.

Being psychic in a simple sense just means that we take in information that is beyond our culturally accepted notions of what “reality” is. We think of reality as being somewhat concrete. Five people walk into a room and they all agree that a desk is in there. This is concrete reality. Two people may notice two things about the desk, one may notice three, one may notice twelve, and one may notice forty-five. The last two people, in simple terms, are psychic. They notice more than other people do, and are likely noticing things that are outside of what we commonly accept as “reality”.

So what is an Empath then? There are actually different degrees of being an empath. For simplicity I will refer to them as low, medium, and high. Empathy in itself simply means that you take in that information, feelings, and experiences of the people and situations around you like a sponge. Likely most of us (especially if you are reading this) have had an experience of being in a room with someone who is really angry and then feeling angry ourselves– not because we are actually angry but because we actually soaked in that energy.

Empaths are energetic chameleons. There are different psychic abilities that would create the situation that if we were in a room with an angry person our Stomach may hurt (Clairsentient, which most people who consider themselves as Empaths actually typically are, and is something that also happens to most Empaths to a certain degree). But while someone who is faced with a lot of stimuli and gets a headache or stomachache because of it (and this is something that normally happens to the person when they are faced with an overwhelm response), the Empath will get a headache because someone else has that headache, they will get a stomachache when someone else has a stomachache, they will get angry because someone else is angry.

Empaths energetically change themselves, like chameleons, to the dominant energy of the room, a person in that room, the environment, the weather, or even the world. 

In low level Empaths they may just notice not feeling well, they may notice that when they encounter someone angry that they take on that emotion. They will often call themselves sensitive, or will notice that they are sensitive, and will have trouble with crowds, with chaos, with difficult emotions. They will be able to connect deeply to people and will be able to see people for who they truly are (behind all the masks and lies and other stuff people put up to survive). They will be able to tell when people are lying.

In mid level Empathy the person will have all the traits of a low-level Empath but will also use their sponge- like abilities to soak in/change their energetic structure to match the weather, the environment, political upheavals, the room they are in, the internet, their electronics (yes, this is where difficulty with electronics can come in and most mid or high level Empaths cannot wear watches because they just stop them). The mid-level Empath unless they are aware of what is going on is often in a fair amount of pain (physical pain) and doesn’t know why they feel like crap so much of the time, and why their emotions are always all over the place.

In high level Empathy the person will have the traits of low and mid-level Empathy. They also will feel major shifts with the world, the cosmos, the fluctuations in the Earth (volcanoes, for example) from even far away. Most high-level Empaths actually process these events in their bodies like a fault line for the Earth (a topic I can get to in another day). A high level Empath who is unskilled (who doesn’t know what is going on or hasn’t found any tools to deal with it) is often in a great deal of pain and is often not able to be functional in the world. In some high-level Empaths there also is the ability to not only resonate and take on energies like a chameleon there is the permanent shifting of their energetic structure after. This can happen with some skills (like sculpting for example, where the person is around a sculptor, resonates with them, and permanently takes on an ability to sculpt) but happens with psychic abilities as well. For example, I have worked with plenty of high-level Empaths who have found people who can see grids, or can communicate with the dead, who after their encounter with them now have the ability to do so themselves on a permanent basis.

In many cases of mid and high level Empathy it is difficult for the person to have an identity– to know who they really are. This is because they are processing and assimilating so much information that is not them. This means that it is difficult to know what is vs. what is not actually themselves. Mid/high level empaths may feel quite lost or feel that there is so much stimuli around them that they are constantly on overwhelm. These are all skills that can be learned and worked with and even the highest level Empath can discover who they really and truly are.

All of these Empaths (low, mid, or high) require the right skills and understandings to navigate their world. A fair amount of Empaths think that empathy is just torture, and it is an odd torture that they on some level enjoy. They enjoy going into chat rooms and groups about psychic abilities or “shifts” and finding others in their same situation to complain about how the current shift, or astrological phenomena, or person in the bar has caused them pain and finding other Empaths to be in a pain field with. People are where they are, and if they wish to have that pain, or the label of Empath means pain and difficulty to them, they can stay with it.

But there is so much more, and with the right tools and understandings Empaths can really thrive. You do not need to be in pain, you do not need to lament your existence because you are so sensitive. Empathy contains a lot of useful skills that allow for you to feel life on a different level than most, for you to care for people and understand people on a really deep level. For you to make a huge difference in the world. At the very least knowing when people are lying is an incredibly useful skill. I have helped many Empaths become functional, learn skills, and learn to thrive in a world where “sensitive” is still not considered an admirable or useful trait. I offer 3 or 6 month programs as well as individual sessions for Empaths to learn all the skills they need to navigate their experiences, understand their experiences, and learn how to build a functional and quite wonderful (if I do say so myself) life with their abilities as a source of power instead of being a source of constant pain or detriment to their existence. If you are interested, you can contact me.