Last blog I talked about how our mental concepts and how our beliefs can cause for us to become stuck. You can read that here.

However, I will say that while the mental considerations of anything are incredibly important, there is one reason, and one reason only that people don’t move forward.


I will say that there are spiritual reasons that we can be stuck– there are outer energies (very rare, but happens) as well as need for healing the emotional and mental constructs that needs to occur, but even saying all that we are stuck because of fear, which can be broken down into two types of fear.

Fear of Dying and Death
If you look at the spiritual marketplace, a lot of effort has gone in to appeasing this fear of dying and death. Everything from overly simplistic and saccharine books about how wonderful being in spirit is to methods of achieving immortality are peddled to us because of this fear.

But by and large, we make all of the decisions in our lives based on this fear in particular.

Some of this may be entirely logical, by the way. If we are considering jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, being afraid of the likelihood of death is entirely natural, and in fact necessary, to make sure that you are not stupid enough to actually do so.

But this fear of something happening to us is insidious. It stops us from achieving our dreams, it stops us from moving forward. It prevents us from being anything but who we are today and what we are today.

This is because our egos tell us that any sort of change is in fact “death”. And it is, a sort of small death. While there is that fear of physical death that is very much an aspect of things, a lot of our decisions are based on the fact that if we move forward, an aspect of ourselves or our lives needs to “die”.

And our egos– and by that I mean the sort of controlled reality and beliefs about ourselves and the world… the way that we have created our ideas about who we are, what we are about– will push back against this.

Our ego will want to maintain the safety of the known. Anything outside of the known, including moving forward, is perceived as death. Death to the known, death to who we were and what we know to be true about ourselves and the world.

I was talking with someone the other day who wants to be a spiritual worker. I told her that spiritual work often isn’t terribly difficult, once you are properly trained in it. What is difficult is working with the living human– the person who needs to accept that change has happened and to filter it through their brain/mental processes/ego and accept the work as non-threatening enough to change.

Because spiritual work really creates this sort of “death”, and the client will have to reformulate their reality after. And the most difficult part of the work is always working with the living client to see how ready, and how much, they are willing to enter into that reformulation process.

Realizing that we have this fear of “death”, or of the natural cycles of being reborn and reformulating who we are and the dissolution of who we were is often enough for us to not get stuck. To move forward. If we look at stuckness as us getting caught in a cycle– and often we get stuck in the part of the cycle where a part of us has “died” or is “dying” and we are too fearful to acknowledge it and move forward into our next re-birth or “life”, we can consciously acknowledge energies like this, realize that they are there, and make peace with them.

Fear of Life
The second reason we don’t move forward is that we have a fear of life. 
Most of us are not really living.

I realize that sounds odd to say, but if you look at the mechanistic nature of our lives, it is rare to meet someone that is really and truly alive. Who is inhabiting their lives, who is inhabiting their bodies, and who is delighting in the senses and experiences of this world

I often find it interesting that when I talk to people about power, that a lot of them are quick to dismiss it. Power is evil, it is corrupt, they say. And it is not. In our outer world we have certainly have knowledge of people who are wealthy or powerful who have done some terrible things, but personal power is really our life force.

We not only have a fear of death, but we have a fear of truly living. Of being who we were intended to be in this world. Of fully inhabiting our power, of fully realizing our potential.

Because if we do not move forward, things stay the same. We stay with the known. Our lives may be okay… or they may be difficult or terrible and we just can’t wait to get home from work… we may just be trying to get through the next hour, if not the next day… but there is safety in the known.

Again, we return to the concept of the ego. There are a lot of various ways to look at this concept, but really for the purposes of this blog I am going to look at it as the sort of control center of our reality. It has a vested interest in our lives remaining the same, our beliefs and fears and emotions and patterns remaining exactly how they are.

Because to move beyond this fear, the whispers that our ego-mind are telling us from the patterns that are locked within ourselves that we have yet to heal, there would be change.

We would change who we are. We would change what we know to be true about ourselves. We would change what we know to be true about the world.

We would be willing to really inhabit our bodies and our days.

We would be willing to look at something that we are afraid of, recognize that it would change us, and do it anyway (using logic, and returning to the airplane example).

We are not truly living, and our fear holds us back. Our fear stops us from moving forward, from becoming who we were really meant to be.

I see this all the time in my programs and in working with people. People will simply stop learning when they come across knowledge that will really change them. They may state it is about time (or lack thereof), or about something else, or on rare occasion will create some sort of outer chaos or experience (and will sometimes attempt to involve me in the process) so they don’t have to learn something that would change who they are. But it always happens when someone simply isn’t ready to move on from who they were into who they could be.

We all do this, but it really is a recognition process. It is a realization that our controlled version of reality may not be what we think it is. It is a willingness to recognize that we hold ourselves back out of fear. And it is a willingness to move forward, to truly live, to truly surrender, despite any controls that may want for us to be who we always were.

Moving forward in our lives on a spiritual level is 99.99 percent about this… about looking at our fear– our fear of death, our fear of life and of being who really could be in this world (and reconciling if we are worthy enough to truly live when so many are simply not)– and surrendering, realizing that we are constantly going through cycles of death and rebirth, and if we were to only engage and accept this flow… instead of fighting and creating illusions to stop ourselves… that we could move forward in ways that would astonish us, realize our own power and worth, and truly be who we are intended to be in this world.