It is easy to hate humanity. It is easy to understand how and where that hate stems from. If “hate” is a word that you refuse to use in your vocabulary, you can find a suitable word, such as “dislike”. But I would suggest at some point, if you do react to that word, examining why that reaction is there.

And while I no longer feel the need to sort of hold back energetically (or otherwise) in discussing topics like this, what I will say is that not all of my blogs are for all people. This blog, in particular, will discuss a topic that it is easy to emotionally react to. So instead of sending me your anger, you can simply not read the blog if you are not able to sit with difficult feelings. One of our first reactions to information that causes us to either think about our reality differently, or ourselves differently, is to push it away with anger. Or to fixate that anger on the person who brought such ideas. One of the signs of spiritual maturity is being able to sit with things, even with things that do not resonate with us, and take what excites, intrigues, or causes conscious thought… and to let go of the rest in a manner of peace and civility.

The more we can do this, the more we take personal responsibility for our own energy and emotions, and do not push them outward (onto others or the world) when we don’t feel or aren’t able to reconcile them inwardly.

But I digress…


As humans we have done some pretty terrible things. It doesn’t really take that much “awakening” to see that we believe that we have dominion over everything. We believe ourselves to be superior, and whether it is from nature– plant, vegetable, mineral, animal– or on a more energetic level, we don’t question our “taking” or our right to “take” very much.

Something that is largely unspoken is simply our population numbers. We have too many humans on this earth to vitally sustain it. This is obviously incredibly unpopular to talk about, as people get understandably emotional about topics like procreation, and their right or ability to do so. It is also easy to point out countries that are wanting people to have more children in the news, or to get belligerent and suggest that I, or anyone else, talking about how there are just too many humans want to kill humans, or something equally ridiculous and emotionally based.

But if we are to consider the Earth as a whole, we will see this latent idea of consumerism, conquerer ideology, and ideas of dominion has allowed for there to just be too many of us. One out of four children in the U.S. goes hungry, and while there are certainly a lot of factors that go into this (political, class related, and so forth) really if we focus on an energetic level… if we step back from our ideas of humans being superior or having rights to do whatever they want… we may begin to see that we are out of balance to the extent that we are causing immense difficulty for other sentient lifeforms on Earth, as well as the sentient lifeform that is the Earth itself.

We also are causing incredible harm to our environment and to the Earth itself. But instead of talking about this from a perspective that has undoubtedly crossed your path before, I would like to talk about things from a pattern, or a spiritual, perspective.


There is a certain point in the spiritual path in which people come across this hatred of humanity.

It may have arisen before, but there is the difference between a thought or concept sort of percolating in the background or occasionally rising from the subconscious and being front and center in terms of focus… a pattern that is coming up to be reconciled, that needs to be reconciled.

If you have read my book, The Spiritual Awakening Guide, I talk about the awakening process and how we go through different “layers” in the awakening process. One of these is a world layer, but also around the same time we may come across societal and archetypal layers where we may feel this pattern arise.

If I were to talk in sort of vague platitudes, I would next say that we are the Earth, and that if we were to just go into a “oneness” state we would see everything is as it is intended.

This, unfortunately, is not terribly true. But it is also true at the same time.

The state of oneness is also a state of differentiation. It is odd to describe to people, as most experiences of oneness that people have, at least initially, are the sort of temporary, orgasmic realizations as a result of a sudden rush of energy… or as a result of using teacher plants and so forth.

I do not wish to discredit these experiences, they are incredibly important. Realizing oneness, even for a brief moment, and transcending the physical form, is not only necessary on the spiritual path (to move beyond the idea of the Self as protagonist in this world) but really essential to moving forward on a significant spiritual path.

But people tend to experience these fleeting, orgasmic experiences of dissolving into oneness, or the Universe… or will have an intellectual understanding of oneness. Those who move beyond such experiences into realizing oneness will likely realize that we are one, but we are also separate at the same time. The concept of paradoxes is hard for the rational mind to reconcile, so this may come at a later stage on the path for many people.

But what is true is that we are the Earth.

Both singularly and collectively.

What this means is that singularly we create and color our world. How we feel about the Earth, about humanity, is typically how we feel about ourselves.

For example, I teach a Cleansing course. It is really an essential course for any sensitive, psychic, or anyone on a spiritual path. Skills like how to properly cleanse and clear yourself and your home are really not taught. But in this course I notice that people reach for the harshest baths. The harshest cleansing methods.

Many of these harsh baths are intended for things like really negative attachments, extraordinarily dark energies, and so forth. In some cases these baths are necessary, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t teach them. But the people who tend to reach for them, especially when they do so first… or are the type of person who tends to think that they always needs to reach for something that is incredibly abrasive or “the most” clearing… typically don’t need them

They are typically quite deficient (which energetically speaking means lacking vital energy, not a thought about any other sort of capacity). They could use gentle baths, self-nurturing, and so forth. I saw this a lot in my clinical practice as well; the person who tended to go for the drastic “cleanses” were the people who really could have used things like actually including more foods in their diet or some fat in their diet.

My point here is that we tend to be quite harsh about ourselves. As most people on the spiritual path who are attracted to my work would not describe themselves as “religious” there rarely is a sort of reckoning of this latent Calvinistic sort of harshness or ideas about the Self being incredibly impure, or something needing to be punished. Or an idea of how self-hatred can mean that we are incredibly harsh with ourselves, when most of us could stand to be gentle and loving towards ourselves.


Unexamined, we store a lot of hatred within ourselves. How we feel about ourselves is how we feel about the world, generally. The example above shows how these tendencies to be really harsh with ourselves, to not nurture ourselves, color our world. We color our world based off our ideas about ourselves, what we believe and know to be true.

And I see a lot of sensitives, psychics, and others retreat from the world, not realizing that they are retreating from themselves. That they are no longer feeling and expressing their humanity, exploring their senses, and realizing their deeper wildness. It is a wonder, being human, and how connected we are to ourselves shows how connected we can be to others. It is no doubt that sensitives need to live a different lifestyle, but much of what I see is a lot of inner pain (and lack of tools/education) that could be resolved so the sensitive could lead the life they want… whether that be in a treehouse with nobody around for hundreds of miles, or in the middle of a city with thousands of people around them.

But let’s talk specifically about humanity, because our ideas about ourselves also create our experiences with other people. This is not as it has been popularly expressed, however.

What we are triggered by in other people is a reflection of what is unhealed within ourselves.

This is for individuals, of course. I recently shared with someone that I may have five angry people being jerks to me in a day (sadly, on some days this is fairly accurate assessment of my email inbox). I am only triggered, or have an emotional reaction, to one of them. That one is the person that I have to look inside for… it is the person who I have to reconcile that reaction.

Because if I did not have a part of me that was that person, however small that part may be within me, I wouldn’t react.

What reconciling this will not do is cause for people to be any less broken, or less of a jerk. People will still be who they are: they will be asleep, or silly, or stupid, or traumatized, or other negative words you can place on them. People will still look to take, or be violent. You reconciling your inner violence doesn’t mean that nobody will ever be violent with you. It is an illusion to believe so, and one of those illusions that allows for people in new-age communities to victim-blame as well as make themselves feel “safe” because they have supposedly not created a reality that would allow such things.

But you are creating your reality just as your neighbor is creating theirs. And their reality may be coming from a place of a lot of unreconciled stuff. Plus, we all have past and present energies (from past lives and family history and culture and class and so forth) that impact us beyond what we are creating out of the unknown or unhealed depths of our subconscious.

But what actually happens is that when you reconcile this energy you just accept them. You understand where they are, who they are, and don’t try to control or change them. You don’t emotionally react to them, basically. You realize that they are the sum of what is unhealed within themselves, and that that doesn’t have much to do with you.

This is obviously much harder to do when this unhealed person has a direct impact on you. I would never suggest not emotionally reacting, and feeling that full array of emotions, when someone burglarizes your home, or has created violence that has impacted you. I actually would suggest fully reacting and not stifling any emotions that arise, as they need to do so so we do not stifle them within. Reconciling that and doing healing work with that, when the person is ready, is a different subject than this blog. But our feelings about “people” or “humanity” in general, or most of the people we meet in our daily lives, can be worked with by looking inward.

This is a large job in my career choice, by the way. My work constitutes a lot of people projecting or “throwing” stuff at me on a pretty consistent basis. I luckily have worked on myself to the extent that 99 percent of the time I will just inwardly say something like “oh, that person is just being defensive because of ego (not a “bad” thing, just their identity as it is felt the need to defend and assert itself; this happens all the time and is interesting to see when and from who it arises out of, as it points to all that ego stuff like need for superiority and to be seen a certain way and so forth). But I also have people throwing jealousy, negativity, anger, and so forth my way. And while I do take personal responsibility (and do Cord work) for my part of things, a lot of what is thrown my way has little to do with me but more the “role” or “archetype” that I fall under, and the sort of unhealed material the individual throwing such things at me is carrying.

One of the difficulties of the new-age movement (or neo-shamanism, or “lightworker”, etc) is that there is no look at the inner parts that really need looking at. There is a good talk about “shadow”, but largely the violent, sadistic, dark, vile, evil, hating, sexual, and wild parts of self go unheard and unreconciled.

They are looked at as “bad” and cast away in favor of the “light”. Who would want to identify with such things? The belief in the spiritual path that allows someone to “rise above” their humanity or origins ( and the energy of the sort of “taking” and violence that our ancient ancestors needed, for example, to simply survive) when it goes unexamined means that there will be a fixation on the outer world, and the people in it who do such things.

I remember when I came to a point where all these parts in me that hated, or wished to do violence arose in me. For as much spiritual work I had done, and the state of surrender I have learned (as well as acceptance) these parts of me that wanted to do harm to myself or to others I separated from. I wouldn’t acknowledge them. It took me a long time do so.

I was in meditation when a troll-like energy came up within me. When I questioned what it wanted it kept on repeating and showing me scenes of violence, and how it wanted to do things like bash heads and chomp on bones. Not very pretty things, and a long distance from what I consider my identity (and certainly my outward appearance) would indicate.

But allowing this energy to arise and be heard and understood really allowed for it to be a part of me. A part of the whole. When it was unexamined and unheard it came out in desperate ways to be heard. I would shoo it away, or perhaps consider it to be “outer” in my early days. But allowing this energy to arise in me meant that all of those small things I was doing, the small violences that I was doing against myself, all but disappeared.

I have had similar experiences with the inner wildness, sexual, and “primitive” energies within. If we allow ourselves to sing, and dance, and create in concert with those energies, allow those energies to have a place in our lives… they allow us to move beyond sectioning them off.

I did not go into detail about specifically how to work with these aspects of self except in a general way because for some, the sense of violence coming up would mean enacting outer violence (for example). I didn’t actually want to gnaw on the bones of my enemies, the energy just needed to arise and be accepted, but it takes a fair amount of psychological stability to even be willing to accept that we have these seemingly difficult, primal, raw, or wild energies within ourselves… and that we are reacting to them in the outer world because they lie unreconciled within ourselves.

Similar to the individual people I contact, I find that the more I can reconcile these unheard aspects of Self, the less emotional reaction I have towards humanity as a whole. I do feel myself as a part of them… I am part of humanity, and there is no need for me to feel separate from humanity, or the Earth, or any aspect of the whole. But at the same time I see the state of humanity, the state of the world, and it is just something that I accept now.

We create the world together. Our inner violence becomes outer. Our inner hatred becomes outer. All of our unexamined “stuff” creates the world, and the world we leave behind. Having the courage to do our own work… having the capacity to look within and to take note when we are triggered by others, and taking personal responsibility for anything that causes us to feel negatively towards ourselves, humanity, or individual people, can allow for those people to be guideposts in our lives. They become teachers of what we have unhealed within. Otherwise they would just be another jerk that we know is suffering within, but that we don’t feel the need to emotionally react to.