One of the greatest transitions on the spiritual path or during a spiritual awakening of any sort is from an external path to an internal one. It is a true test to reach this point, and a true initiation to pass it.

We live in a world where everything, including spiritual experiences, need to be explained logically to be assimilated in the mental realms/thought processes. A world where we want an explanation for everything, and a world in which there should be a one-to-one correlation for everything.

This is an external world, a world of constantly seeking validation and perpetual seeking- asking friends, books, teachers what spiritual experiences mean. Most people remain in this perpetual seeker mode, needing others to validate and describe their experiences for them.

I wish to wake you up to the fact that you will never understand everything that goes on around you. Never. It simply will not happen. The easiest thing to do is to simply accept your spiritual experiences, let go of control, and try to stop shoving them into logical patterns and constructs. I promise life will move much more smoothly if you do this.

Similarly, the move from external validation to internal realization is a huge step forward, and marks an important initiation into the world of spirit. This move means that you have gone from looking outside of yourself for validation and knowledge, and discover the resources that you have within. This is not to say that you should not have physical teachers, read books, or chat with friends. Many people share similar experiences on this journey, and similar archetypes (like power animals, angels, energies, etc) come through often for a reason.

But how you can come to a place of being “found” rather than being a perpetual seeker is through relying on yourself, your own power, your own understandings, your own relationship with spirit (God, Goddess, etc) to understand what is going on with you. This is an important shift, because with this shift comes a certain calm, a certain understand, and a feeling of empowerment that will propel you to higher levels of understanding.

The biggest difficulty with this path is that many want to have one-to-one correlations for everything. If they see a blue light, they will google and see that it is a specific Angel, if they smell roses they will ask friends who say it is Mother Mary. The problem with this is that this experience may be true for 50 percent of people. It will be true enough that it is a consensus of many. But what about that other 50 percent? The people who may be seeing a light and it is a different spirit, physical eye issues, or something else entirely? The person who smells roses may be smelling a spirit of a grandmother. By then externally seeking, the person then convinces themselves that they have been visited by Mother Mary. By internally seeking, and internally asking, the person has a chance of figuring out why that smell is presenting to them.

We all have individual experiences. By externally seeking we find out the path of others. This may be similar to ours, or provide comfort to us. By relying on the self, and your internal support network, you will find confidence, power, and an understanding of what your individual spiritual experiences mean.