I am currently accepting new and returning clients for individual sessions.

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Spiritual healing appointments are focused on body deva work: self-inquiry (questioning) and looking within to see what may be out of balance in your life. My work is always focused on healing and includes you as a part of the process.

Healing work may include body deva work, energy work, and spiritual healing including soul retrieval, ancestral work, past life work, and/or inner child work.

Sessions are distance (phone or Skype), approximately 60 minutes in length, and are $150 US per session. I typically have between a 2-8 week wait list for new client appointments.

I work limited hours (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30 am-3:00 pm CST/Chicago time). If you are looking for a session outside of my hours, I recommend the practitioners here.

How a Session Works

If you are interested in an appointment, you are welcome to contact me. Please include what you may want to focus on during a session (a paragraph or two about why you are seeking spiritual-energetic healing) as well as your location (where you live).

I will then sit with/do divination to see if I can be of service to you. If I can be, I will then send you a document going over specifics about the appointment and common FAQ’s. I will also offer available appointment times in your time zone.

On occasion I am simply not the right fit. I do try to work as ethically as possible, and if I do not believe that I can be of service to you, I will let you know.

Please note: I do not take clients who feel as if something spiritual is chasing them or attached to them. My services are also focused on healing, rather than guidance.

About Spiritual Healing

It is important to know that you can come to spiritual healing with a specific idea in mind, like an area of pain or felt imbalance in your body. It can also be more existential, like a feeling of being stuck in your life, an area of your life you feel held back in, or vaguer feelings of emptiness, disconnection, or repeating patterns that you would like to heal.

It may also be emotionally based, such as a desire to work with anger, fear, depression, or grief. Many people come to spiritual healing because they wish to break through patterns of being (places they feel stuck, or beliefs that they wish to release), or wish to look at things in their life a new way. Many individuals come to me during their spiritual awakening process seeking assistance to help them work through energies arising.

Spiritual healing works from the basis of understanding that all of our imbalances– physical, emotional, mental, spiritual– come from some level of disconnection. The purpose of spiritual healing is to resolve that disconnection, and to become connected in a loving way to ourselves, to others, and to the world (cosmos, etc).

I highly recommend my book, The Body Deva, as sessions are focused around that work. It is not essential to read it prior to scheduling, however. I do recommend that people who contact me familiarize themselves with my work, as I approach even the darkest aspects of self with respect and love (our rage has a reason for being, for example. So does our resistance, addictions, and all the parts of ourselves that we feel are “wrong”, “bad” or “Other”). While I am willing to work with people where they are, I work best with people who are willing to look at the depths of themselves with honesty and openness.

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