A man states that ever since a car accident he has healing powers, and photoshops pictures of lightning coming out of his hands…superhero-534120_1920

A man states that there is only one of him in a generation, that he is special with his sense of intuition, only he can have access to source, that those before him couldn’t handle this awesome power, and that what he says will not be found out to be true for decades…

A woman says that she has ET origins and was specifically constructed to be the ideal human sense of beauty…

A woman states that she was saved by dolphins and various sea creatures after almost drowning and now can communicate with them to bring the healing power of Atlantis to others…

I have always been fascinated by mythology, by the stories and patterns that create us. They shape our world; we readily understand repeated myths and unknowingly and unthinkingly accept them.

When the concept of the “guru” first was introduced to mainstream America/a Western audience, it was largely through Eastern thought. These gurus repeated watered down phrases from Babaji, Kriyananda, Muktananda, Ramana Maharshi, Sivananda, Krishnamurti, and others.

This contingent is very much with us, by the way, and will likely never fully disappear. I do realize that people need to start somewhere, and they are not likely to start their journey by picking up a book by Gopi Krishna or Krishnamurti; the thoughts and realizations of Mooji, or Eckhart Tolle, or even Oprah are much more palatable and quite frankly necessary for a beginner.

There is the difficulty of the fact that many people believe that these “watered down” gurus are espousing great truths that they singularly came up with, instead of straight out of a Buddhism 101 text, but that is on the individual student/follower to realize, as well as the individual guru who is claiming quotes and states of mind (or lack thereof) that they may not actually understand or relate to through direct experience.

What has become much more prevalent the last five to ten years is the “superhero” mythology arising within the guru contingent.

Those beginning sentences that I wrote above could be out of the latest comic back, or superhero movie… but they are not. They are from current “gurus” and “spiritual teachers” who are utilizing this mythology as part of their marketing scheme.

It is always difficult to talk about this topic because it is one of those things that people do not like to think critically about. We love to think that there are all-knowing, all-being sorts of humans out there– people who can cure cancer in a glance, or who can answer all of our deep spiritual questions.

We fear the unknown. Many of us are more than willing to give our power away to someone who states that they know everything about death, or about spirituality, or who can heal whatever we are suffering from.

We are in fact used to being powerless. It is very much the Western medical model to give our power to an all-knowing physician, or to give our power to anyone or anything that promises to quickly and with no effort on our part improve our lives. 

My point here is not even about the individual “gurus”– they will come and go as they always do… They will rise up in their mythology much like Icarus, and eventually fall like Icarus, the same cycle that anyone who has to eventually contend with the illusions that they create about themselves has to face.

When we put out any falsehood to the world, we have to contend with it. Either outwardly (something happening, like being “found out” to not be as great as we state we are), or inwardly (a cycle of self-destruction).

This is true for all of us, but is especially true for “spiritual” sorts, as source energy and divinity is not without a sense of ironic humor for those that claim to work a spiritual path without actually realizing one.batman-853110_1920

But what is more important here is the difficult realization that nobody can do our work for us. 

It is so easy to give away our power, to hope and believe and pray that someone has all of the answers that we want. That there are superheroes in our midsts that are not just shiny wrapping paper with nothing underneath.

The truth is that there are wonderful healers out there. Real medicine men. Real spiritual workers. There are people who are consistently with divine energy; people who have formed strong and powerful spiritual alliances over decades; strong seers, diviners, and many others who have some capacity to see, feel, sense, or be “beyond”.

There are those who have increased capacity to do so, and have devoted their lives to spiritual work, to learning spiritual healing (or any type of healing), and can do things that would be so unfathomable to most of our minds that we simply wouldn’t be able to mentally reconcile them.

There are those that can curse with a single glance, have powerful prayers that can heal, and can channel energies that radiate bliss, healing, and love.

But these teachers are humble. They have humility. They realize that what they are in contact with has very little to do with them.

This is the biggest difference here. If there is arrogance, or superiority, the person likely isn’t in contact with anything. Nobody is the sole contact to God. Even if you have devoted your life to a spiritual path, even if you have the best and largest and most powerful spiritual connections, you know everything about spiritual and energetic healing, you have traversed realms that nobody can think of… an interesting thing happens…

You realize how small and insignificant you are.

This is how I mark who a true teacher is, who a true guru is. Because until someone realizes this, they are only at a certain point on their spiritual path. They don’t yet realize that not everything is about them. They do not yet realize that the universe, and the spiritual realms, are an extraordinarily large place and no matter how large we are, how important we are (or how much we wish to believe this), that we are actually small.

This is a state that people get to when they recognize oneness, by the way. Without humility we cannot experience true spiritual flow, we cannot surpass where we are. Anyone who has come into contact with something way beyond their selves will realize how small they are in comparison. How they are a helper, or tool, to be utilized by vast energies. How they are simply of service, just like the person down the street is of service by being a teacher, or a plumber, or a factory worker.

You also realize that people healing has nothing to do with you.

I have been a “healer” for a fairly long time now. I have trained (excessively) and devoted a lot of my life to learning how to heal– learning the techniques and understanding the precepts behind spiritual, energetic, emotional, and physical healing.

There was a time that I thought that if I could just learn the right techniques that I could help everyone who came to me.

But this isn’t true, not by a longshot.

The truth of it is that people need to be ready to heal, they need to be ready for healing… to move on with their lives, to move forward. Allopathic (Western) medicine can force or quiet a “storm”– force things in a state of balance (this is no slam towards western medicine, that is what it is good at) but spiritual healing, emotional healing, and energy work requires that the person be ready for it.

Until someone wants to heal, or until someone is ready to heal, they will not heal.

I realize that that sounds like a strong statement, and the first thought is “well, who wouldn’t want to heal”, but we are all composed of forces. We may have parts of us that are healthy, that very much wish for us to be healthy, to move forward in our lives, to surrender, to heal, to be completely and fully who we are in our lives.

We also have forces that are protective, instinctual, traumatized, and self-destructive. Parts of us that are afraid of moving on– of what will happen if we let of of the “known” (even if it is a difficult “known”).

The healthy aspects of ourselves need to want something more than the warring forces, or the protective forces. Unless we are clear enough and ready enough to will ourselves to move through our own healing process, it is likely that the “stuck” forces will win.

wonder-woman-1016324_1920This has little to do with the healer, by the way, or their energy. 

A wonderful healer can do so much more for us than an adequate healer, by the way. So if we are ready for healing and go to an educated, sensitive, and skilled healer the results can be phenomenal.

But a guru can have the most intense, “highest vibration” energy in the Universe. One person may come into their presence and their entire body will start shaking– they will be forever changed. The next person won’t feel anything. Although a simple example, this happens in healing all the time. One person may be ready, willing, and able to move forward with their lives, to become healthier, more stable, and so forth.. and the next person is not.

The healthier we become, the more energy we have on the “healed” side, the easier it is for us to have a basis or grounding in health. Which can help us through some difficult times, as well as help us to work through the rest of the “gunk” that is preventing us from moving forward, or finding health.

Healing is different than curing, as an aside. We may die in a healed state, in a whole state. Spiritual work looks at things much differently in this regard than allopathic medicine.

But the false guru will point back towards themselves, and how great they are. Their healing work, or whatever they are saying or doing is about them.

Anyone who heals should be commended. Those internal forces have decided it was time to move forward. It is on the individual to heal, and although a guru or healer can be a catalyst, it is an internal decision on the part of the decision to heal. They have done the work.

We consistently look for these outer forces to tell us who to be, what to do. We allow for them to construct larger than life mythologies about themselves, stories that make absolutely no sense when looked at logically. And these gurus consistently become well-known because we give them our power and our money.

As a last aside, I will say that I regularly meet people who are powerful, who have contact with forces, source energy, channel, are highly psychic, can heal with the best of them. I have no doubt that there are people who can do things that still put me in a state of awe (which is fairly hard to do these days), because I have met them, or I sense them. They are out there.

But when we see a guru, or a spiritual teacher, they should be allowing us to look inward. While we each have our “story” about how we came to be, a reliance on things like the “superhero mythology” is often taking advantage of current popular culture and movies to sell us on a spirituality that may be little more than a shiny wrapped box with a bow with nothing inside.

We all need teachers, mentors, healers, and communities. But we should also be aware, and logical, and think about things critically. Look beyond the messages and the wrapping and see if the message resonates, see if the person seems authentic. See if there is humility, if their story lines up, if their energy/vibe lines up. See if they are pointing towards you, and you doing work… or if they are pointing towards themselves. One of my teachers used to say “if someone says that they know all of the answers in the Universe, run the other direction”. I find that to be true. If we can look beyond the trends we can find real teachers, real healers, and find the depths of what we are looking for. We may just need to be ready for it to happen.