It is not unusual for me to talk to people who say they feel stuck or lost in their lives. They may feel dizzy, out of body, or simply out of sorts.

For some of these people, there may be an actual part of them that is lost elsewhere.

A lot of people think of astral or etheric travel (where a portion of you or one of your energetic “bodies”) goes to other places (simply put) as a conscious thing, something that they may have read books about to learn how to do.

But far more people do this naturally. They do it without realizing that they do. 

Most people are familiar with the concept of Soul Retrieval– the idea that a part of you has disassociated/left as a result of trauma. I do not believe for this to be quite true, but that is another blog you can read here

But parts of you can leave not because they are traumatized but simply because they can.

Although this can be a difficult concept to explain (as many spiritual concepts are) there are parts of you that are likely more “awake” than others. There are parts of some people (due to past lives or ancestry most typically) that have more latent power and spiritual abilities/understandings than others. These parts of you are not likely conscious. But these aspects of you may travel in dreams (most common) or when awake. They may travel anywhere– from different parts of our world to different planes to different worlds.

In fact, many people talk about spiritual concepts not really aware of the fact that they are talking about a place. Most people who talk about a “dark night of the soul” or “being in the abyss” do not realize that these are spiritual places that we can inadvertently wander to and get lost. 

So the real question is what to do about this…

The first realization here is to recognize where you are, where all of you is. If you feel scattered energetically (feeling cloudy, dizzy, not all together, spacey) there may be a good reason for it.

If you know that you “travel” it is your responsibility to get the training and skills that you need so it can be a conscious thing that you do. So you know how to do it with skill. So you don’t get stuck or partially stuck if you journey or go somewhere (either consciously or not).

If you feel like you have latent power (a subject of another blog on power I will be doing soon) it is also your responsibility– to figure out how to work with it. Until you do it will be a stumbling block for you. There are a fair amount of people out there who have latent power causing all sorts of issues for them and they have no conscious understanding of why so many odd things happen to them.

And if you do not know how to sort something out yourself, or you find yourself saying things like “I feel like I am in a wasteland with no water” or that “I feel so blank in a space filled with nothingness” or “I feel like I am trapped alive in a coffin” or “I feel like I am in a deep dark abyss” realize that those are places that a talented spiritual worker can help you leave. A spiritual worker can find you, wherever you might be, and bring you home… As long as you want to come home (this is, of course, another story).

There are so many places and parts of us that can travel to some odd places. Most of us do this inadvertently, and have no conscious understanding of it, beyond reporting strange dreams to places you have never seen that feel oddly real or not about you (and not about your psychology). Learning about your individual skills and gifts (and being able to travel is an ability that some people naturally have more than others) and how to use them with safety is essential. Becoming aware of them is essential. Knowing how to call yourself back home is essential.

We all should be as “home” as we can be, with our dominant energies focused on this lifetime and our current human form, no matter who we believe or know ourselves to be. If this is not happening we cannot fully enjoy our lives to the full extent that we could. By bringing all of ourselves into the present, and learning the skills we need to to do so, we can bring our skills and abilities into our current lives and day-to-day realities. By becoming conscious and skilled we can achieve a lot in this world, and deeply understand ourselves, where we are, and what we individually bring to this world.

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