One of the places a person can stop in their spiritual progress is when they think they have found the truth. This typically happens when someone knows a bit more about a subject than they used to and they begin to teach others or see others who are where they used to be on their spiritual path as inferior, or knowing less than them, or arguing with others to have them see their truth. This is a dangerous place, and a place that many people stop in their spiritual path. The ego steps in at this point, and tells them that they are no longer at Point A, or even Point B, so they must be at Point Z. What they fail to understand is that they are at Point C, and that beyond Point Z, there are actually no Points at all.

The truth is that there is no singular meaning for anything on a spiritual path. There are specific points on the road until there is no road that are similar, sure. There are initiations and experiences that are quite common. But there will always be people who will know more than you and people who know less. Once you come to a new point, or become a teacher or guru, does not mean that you no longer need help or guidance- spiritual evolution should be an ever flowing and deepening thing. I see many fall into this trap of ego- that once you reach a certain level of attainment you no longer need help or guidance from others. This is only partially true- there comes a point on the spiritual journey that you no longer have that urgent need to know, and what you need to know is given to you by spirit. Physical teachers, students, your family, your pets, your neighbors, the four year old down the street, the jerk who cut you off in traffic, and a blade of grass are all spirit by the way. There is a general willingness to see help and teachers in all their forms, to ask for help from others, and to not define oneself by roles by those who have developed their inner self enough to understand this concept, though. Books, teachers, friends, pets, gurus are simply guides to allow you to discover what you think and who you are… to spark your own inner knowledge.

I consistently get asked what a specific experience or archetype means for someone. I often refuse to answer. There are thousands of books out there, dictionaries of what the power animal of cheetah means, or what having Archangel Raphael as a spirit guide means. These books and resources are meant to give common thoughts about the archetype level of existence. This level of existence gives common characteristics to a figure or concept in order for it to be easily assimilated and understood through naming. It is a collective thought form- something that is known by groups of people across many cultures (typically). What archetypes fail to see, however, is the individual meaning for the person having the experience. Basically, your power animal of cheetah and the cheetah of your classmate might have entirely different purposes… your Archangel Michael and mine might have similar functions but our relationship to AA Michael might be completely different.

So what does this all mean? Once a certain amount of truth is found comes the realization that there is no singular truth. Truth might be something one minute, and something entirely different the next. It might be different for you than your neighbor. And with this understanding comes the knowledge that this is okay. There is no reason to argue about your truth, or to think you are above others for having a certain understanding or knowledge base. It is okay to let go of the need to understand everything. It is okay to let go of that mask of being a guru, a teacher, of being more “advanced” than other people and ask for help and let your guard down to show how much you still need to learn. The truth is, the blade of grass in your front yard knows more than you, and understands the universe better.