As many of you may know from reading my other posts, what I generally see from many people is that they are self-creating most of their spiritual experiences, angels, gods, spirits, spirit guides, and so forth. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because these aspects are disassociated aspects of Self- meaning that they are aspects of ourselves that have split off due to trauma or because we are not yet able to or cannot fully identify with them. When we fully know who we are, when we are fully integrated and embodied there is no longer a “true self” or “inner physician” or an aspect of ourselves that is a traumatized six year old because those traumas have been resolved and we are just simply who we are– one integrated, awakened human being.

So the parts we self-create, or are aspects of ourselves are important. They allow for us to understand our deepest desires, to let us know what we are really thinking, to have access to parts of our subconscious. But there are things outside of ourselves. There are all sorts of energies and beings and spirits that we can contact, that we can connect with, that are not us, or a disassociated aspect of ourselves.

It seems that this is something that nobody talks about, but people take for granted that what they are contacting (when they contact something outside of themselves) is a spirit guide, an angel, a deity, an ancestor, or a helpful spirit. Sensitives automatically assume that when they are channeling something that it is what they say it is, which is often a being of light, or great wonder, or something of great intellect. While there are all sorts of beautiful, blissful, and interesting energies, spirits, and beings out there, most people are not contacting them. What they are contacting is a run-of-the mill former human, an aspect of a former human, an attached energy, or a trickster.

This is obviously a difficult sale (so to speak) because most people really want to believe that they are contacting Archangel Michael, or a deity, or some other great power. It is a difficult illusion to look past. When we self-create AA Michael, or he is an aspect of our higher self, he tells us what we want to hear. What our deepest desires are. Again, this can be wonderful to hear because outwardly we may feel confused or directionless or stuck in our lives and AA Michael as a subconscious aspect of ourselves may tell us exactly what we are really thinking. When we are contacting something outside of ourselves we will hear advice, thoughts, and understandings that are not our own. When we are working with a true, non-physical teacher this will often be things that we need to hear, rather than want to hear. We may be challenged, we may have difficulties, we may be put through initiations so we can go up a level on the proverbial spiritual elevator, or go down a bit in the proverbial rabbit hole of spiritual understanding.

But when we are really and truly speaking or working with an enlightened being, an angel, a presence of the divine it has a much different energy than us (no matter how enlightened we are or think we are). It has a much bigger power source than us. It is a much bigger, denser, and more intense vibration than us. This means that you will feel this presence when it enters a room, when it speaks to you, when it makes contact with you. There will be a palpable change. We cannot help but feel changed or be changed by this presence, especially if we channel or in some way take it into our body. We may feel shaking, have headaches, or be so expanded that we cannot move. The energy field of AA Michael and our own is so incongruent that it may take months, if not years, to work with him so we are not “blasted out” after an encounter. It is typical when actually working with large and powerful energies such as this to be fatigued, in a state of expansion, or have a release of a huge amount of emotions, traumas, and other blocking material after the encounter.

When working with “lower” energies such as elementals and elevated ancestors (a little lower on the huge energy scale) there still will be a palpable shift, a sense of presence different than our own, and even a change in our physical environment (for example in the work that I do I set out water or perfumed water and the presence of ancestors would create bubbles in the water). These energies are important to work with and cultivate, but although their energy fields may not be so hugely different than our own, they have different ideas, thoughts, understandings, ethics, and belief systems than our own. They do not fit tightly into our cosmology of the universe and our concepts of right and wrong.

But many of the energies we are actually interacting with, if they are outside of ourselves, are not actual spirit guides, angels, or elevated presences. They are likely not even elementals or “lower” presences. They are most likely former humans or tricksters who have taken on the guise of a spirit guide to get their needs met.

Most former humans (basically meaning spirits or part of the spirit) are typically pretty weak. They are typically quite congruent with our own energy fields. If spirits do not move on they can attach to our energy field for strength and for energy. Some of these former humans will begin to present as spirit guides, angels, and so forth so that they can remain attached. They will espouse various memes and sayings that will help you feel good about yourself, give advice/guidance, and help you with clients and friends. You will not feel energized, or move up the spiritual elevator (or down the rabbit hole) or really have any deep understandings, and most importantly you will feel drained and ill from the encounter. You will also likely, if you are able and willing to reflect, be able to point out a specific part of your body, or your energy field, where this “spirit guide” is.

It is hard to convince people that what they have is an attached former human and not a deity that is informing their decisions. In my work I never get rid of anything– I let people make choices about their spiritual path, what they want to work on, and even if they want to get rid of harmful energies that are not theirs. Most of the time people decide to keep their “spirit guide” and then will come back later, after much reflection, to release it. It is understandably hard to admit, hard to process, that you are carrying something that you thought was AA Michael and really it was simply a former human.

You may ask what is the harm of keeping a former human if it is giving decent advice? The real harm is in having anything in your body or in your field that is not you. Anything that is not you that is in your body/field is draining you of energy. It is taking your vitality. It also may be giving shitty advice that you really shouldn’t take. Just because someone no longer has a physical body doesn’t mean it is all-knowing. Many spirits have an increased capacity to see their lives from a clearer and more expanded worldview, but if they are earthbound they are likely the same intelligence they were here, have the same spiritual wisdom, etc.

In some cases there may be a trickster or other non-human simply messing with you or that has a specific purpose (such as if you actually have abilities and it is interested in you and/or your abilities but you are unskilled and do not know how to use them). There are all sorts of beings and energies that will present differently than they actually are or will not present who they actually are as a sort of test, or simply because they want something from you. A trickster is the most notorious of them for presenting differently than they actually are, and for interfering with humans who don’t know what they are doing in their spiritual practices. The trickster will present as a deity or spirit guide for its own amusement, to gain energy or ask for offerings, of for other purposes that are too complex to talk about here. Again, since a trickster is a lower energy, there will often be a sense of deadening of energy and fatigue and there may even be feelings of confusion or a gut instinct on your part that things are not what they seem (if you are actually willing to look at what you are dealing with rather than being simply content that you have finally found something that is a separate energy from you). Tricksters are notorious for going into well-meaning spiritual practitioners offices and screwing with the sessions, and many spiritual practitioners are unfortunately unable to clearly see that they are dealing with one.

Although this can be a lengthy and controversial topic, please know that what appears to you in meditation, in your spiritual practice, and through the course of your life as a “spirit guide”, angelic or other heightened presence has specific signs, or guideposts, that mark their presence. It is important to question what you are dealing with (even if you like the presence or are excited you are dealing with a spiritual presence for perhaps the first time). It is important to be just you in your body. Even if you are a channel it is important that energies leave after… and that you have complete and total sovereignty in your own body and are capable of making decisions of what you let in or not. If you are having difficulty with any of these issues, contact me, and I can help you through an individualized session: spiritual healing, instruction, or spirit release.