One of the biggest teaching segments that I do for people who are in my email programs is how to discern energies. This is an important topic that is rarely covered by others.

The truth is that the spiritual is all around us. Energies, spirits, beings, energetic fields, emotions, thoughtforms… and much more

Most of us can only see very little of what is around us. We call what most people see “reality” in that a large percentage of us will agree about such things. Yes, there is a chair in the corner of the room. Yes, that movie starred Hugh Jackman. We think of these things as concrete, and quite frankly we think of these things as being the only things there.

People get in huge disagreements about this. It is the whole debate between “science” and holistic medicines, where science seeks to reduce things down to concrete reality and what we currently know to be true through the mainstream current thought patterns and observable phenomena by people interested only in the concrete… and others who acknowledge that there are energies and spirits and all sorts of things we cannot observe or understand.

Interestingly, such fields as Acupuncture, as they become more popular, are finding themselves with a lot of “concrete” and linear types of thinkers who want to re-create Acupuncture to be about neuromuscular junctions and things that are acceptable by modern, “concrete” thinkers. While this does help programs such as Acupuncture programs in hospitals for cancer children (which I love and totally support) it has rendered the medicine of Acupuncture to be more and more ineffective, with practitioners that cannot cultivate qi (which is the heart of the medicine and how it works) for the life of them.

But the ability to see or sense the things around us is a bit of a bell curve. Before the bell curve goes for its swoop upward are the people who only will notice things that are physical, and will often refuse to sense or see anything else. These people will negate emotions, feeling states, or anything non-physical or accepted by pretty much everyone around them.

We then have the entirety of the curve. As the curve goes up to its apex is where most people generally are. Some are able to sense emotions, feelings, and so forth. Some of these people are mildly sensitive to spiritual stimuli– meaning that when the previous categories may notice five things in a room, they may notice five things in that room, an emotion, and a sense that the house they are in is dark, or something bad might have happened there. As the curve goes downward we get people that are more and more sensitive… who are more and more able to receive, understand, sense, and see spiritual stimuli. As the curve goes flat again we get the highly sensitive person, who is typically so inundated with stimuli coming from all sources– physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual– that it is difficult for them to function. 

I typically work with people on the other side of that bell curve– who are having difficulty with how much they sense, see, or feel that is not considered “concrete” reality.

But because so many people, and the vast majority of the population is on that other side of the bell curve, proper discernment of energy and spirits is never taught.

Because so much of the “spiritual” community is intended for the aspirational type, the ones who want to become more sensitive, and generally wouldn’t know something spiritual or energetic if it was doing the hokey-pokey in front of them in a bar, the general teaching is that spiritual work is safe (I won’t go on another rant, but you can read this blog if you want it) and that anything spiritual that you are able to see, sense, taste, hear (you get my point) is intended for you and is there for you. 

This is simply not true. The spiritual is all around us– our world has many, many energies, beings, spirits, emotions, thoughts, and so forth that interweave and live side by side with our world. You just don’t notice them. 

So realizing that as a sensitive (I tend to use this word more than psychic, because like the word Shaman it tends to bring negative connotations in outer culture and the aspirational community) that you are simply noticing more that is right in front of you is an important realization. 

The spiritual is not somewhere else. It is not separate. It is right here. It is in front of you, doing the hokey-pokey.

As a sensitive, if you are able to reconcile the above realization you will come to understand that, much like what we consider “concrete reality” we may not want to trust everything that we see or sense. Simply because something comes up to us and says that they are our guide doesn’t make it so, for example. I would liken this to someone coming up to you in a bar and telling you that they are an investment banker who has a BMW. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true.

We are under the false illusion that the spiritual is safe, that it is here to help us, that if we just think positively or imagine white light or sage our homes that we are safe doing whatever and interacting with whatever in the spiritual realms. But for those of us who are sensitive, this simply isn’t true.

I do not intend to strike a chord of fear. It really isn’t my intent. My purpose is to get you to truly think about what you are interacting with if you are sensitive. It may be the most loving guide that is full of wisdom and intended just for you to help you along your spiritual path. It may also be a former human who you probably shouldn’t be taking advice from. You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home, and you wouldn’t believe a guy or girl who comes up to you at a coffee shop telling you that they can make you famous. The same considerations apply to the spirit world. 

It is typical for the highly sensitive (that person on the end or on the flat part of the end of that bell curve) are so inundated with spiritual stimuli, and are in such a cycle of overwhelm, that they cannot discern anything at all. Having a vision to anyone who does not have them sounds interesting. Having thirty thousand visions at the same time is not. Sensing more than other people do sounds wonderful. But when the “normal” person can sense or see twenty things in a room and you sense 20,000 it goes from simply being sensitive to an emergency situation. When someone is highly mediumistic, for example, and closes their eyes to see many people waving their hands at them for help it is not interesting. It interferes with your life and ability to function.

At some point on this spectrum things get physical. Headaches, digestive issues, sleep issues, bad dreams, nosebleeds, and constant feelings of being on edge or being watched. Constant and debilitating fatigue, autoimmune issues, migraines, and pain are the most common issues that highly sensitive people face. But there are also the feelings of intense emotions (that may or may not be yours) as well as the fluctuating nature of have the “highs” of large influxes of energy and then the “lows” of crashes after spiritual experiences. All of this I will get into in another blog soon.

But for the highly sensitive person (or even the moderately sensitive person) we really are only able physiologically to process so much energy at a time. And most of us are not “clear” or even close to it so the energy gets stuck in our bodies. Most people who are sensitive (either moderately or highly) have learned how to subconsciously shield, or have had horrible advice about creating shields, thoughtforms, or “sealing the aura” from authors and teachers. Unfortunately this is created out of your own energy, typically, adding to the fatigue. This also creates a mechanism where more energy gets stuck within you, creating more physical and emotional problems. We are intended to have proper flow in and out of our bodies of energy. Adding more obstructions, shields, or “seals” is not the solution to this. It just creates more issues.

So what is the solution? 

1. Discernment of energies. When we know enough about what we are sensing we can start to create a sort of file cabinet psychically. We can begin to categorize and release energy and stimuli at the level in needs to be, and in the way it needs to release.

This work is typically not taught because, quite frankly, most of us are not highly sensitive. But for even moderately sensitive people discernment of energies is needed. You need to know if the guy at the bar who is telling you about his stock portfolio and how he rescues kittens from sewers on the weekends actually does those things. You also need to know if the “guy” at the bar is actually a guy– or is a former human, being, energy, or something else entirely.

Many sensitive people need to learn what is theirs, and what is not in terms of energetics and emotions. Learning who you are and taking control of your physical body will significantly decrease physical, emotional, and even spiritual issues.

These are all skills that can be taught.

What else is needed? Proper safety and precautions for interacting with the spiritual world. A spiritual bouncer, or energy that can create a layer of protection for you. Real, trustworthy guides and energies that can assist you that have been thoroughly vetted and you know how to work with properly.

Any sensitive needs to properly know how to clear their home and how to protect their home and themselves. Sensitives have a tendency to attract all sorts of energies to them. Some of these energies wish to attach themselves to our energy field or physical bodies for assistance of some sort, or more typically, for our energy. A proper, strong routine of clearing, banishing, and protection is needed for any highly sensitive person. Most of the materials that are out there commonly (sage, for example) are actually pretty weak. There are much stronger tools out there, and for someone who is highly or moderately sensitive, a spiritual bathing routine can be literally life-changing and life-saving.

Beyond that, you need to be educated about the different types of energies and how to work with them. So discernment, but also learning tools for how to understand, work with, or clear different types of energies. There are a lot of different types of energies, beings, and spirits out there. They all can be properly understood and worked with. Some people do not want to work with them, but even these people need to understand what surrounds them so they can react appropriately and effectively.

We are surrounded by stimuli of all types. Most of us only notice a very small fraction of what is around us. Some of us notice a slightly larger fraction. And for those people, it can be overwhelming. For those people, it can lead to very real physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that nobody really talks about or knows how to help with. We think of the spiritual realms as being separate, and if anything comes our way it is intended for us. It is not. Most of what the highly sensitive person notices is just energy, spirits, and other things that are simply present in the environment. Proper discernment and the learning of proper tools can help the sensitive person who simply notices more of the world than others to be functional, happy, healthy, to understand what is going on, and to be safe and in control of their own body. If you are interested in learning these tools, you can contact me. I would be happy to look at your situation to see if I can be of assistance. You can read more about my ethics here.