One of my areas of specialization in my spiritual healing practice is working with attached energies. You can find out more about my spiritual healing services in general, including cost, here. In the first blog in a 3 part series, I will be going over why energies attach to us. The second blog (which you can read here) is on common symptoms, and the third will be on different spirits, energies, and beings, as well as some information about how I can help release these energies and why I specialize in this type of work.

In simple shamanic terms, people either come to a spiritual worker to have something taken out or put back in. Things to be “taken out” include disease, imbalance, thoughtforms (either our thoughts or the thoughts of someone else), and the energies of former humans (spirits or ghosts is the popular term), beings, entities, and energies of all sorts.

Due to popularization of the concept, many people think of possession and automatically think of “The Exorcist” and similar movies… someone becomes possessed by a demonic presence and all sorts of grotesque and unusual things occur.In reality, possession most often symptomatically shows up as fatigue without reason. This means that you should have energy, you have been checked by doctors, and there is no cause for the fatigue. Often this happens somewhat suddenly, as the person can almost pinpoint the month that the symptoms occurred.

But let us back up a bit. Why do energies attach to us?
Although there can be a huge array of reasons, the simplest reasons clinically I see are that:

  • – we are open/sensitive to energy
    – we have an opening in our energetic field (significant trauma that has occurred or genetically we have an opening)
    – we were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time
    – we have done something that we shouldn’t have
    – in rare cases, have upset someone that has the ability to work with spirits
    – In rarer cases we have something attached to our family or ancestral line, or from prior lifetimes.
    – it is not an energetic attachment at all– it is a subpersonality… or an aspect of Self that has disassociated 

There is a whole modern take of victim blaming that I really dislike… that if we have an energy attached to us it must be our fault, we must have somehow caused it, and if we were just positive enough or thought hard enough or utilized enough sage that the attachment would go away.

Even if we called an energy to us that attached the simple fact that we want to heal, we want help, and we want to have the attachment released is beautiful and wonderful to me. Anyone that is willing to heal any aspect of their lives should be applauded, whether it is trauma that they have had to deal with and are willing to look at, or an energy that has attached to them that they want removed. Many of us live in fear of these sorts of energies and create all sorts of illusions and myths about them (as well as judge others for having them) because the idea that something spiritual is happening that is out of their control, or could be out of their control, creates feelings of dis-ease and deep seated fear that people cannot reconcile.

Many people who are naturally sensitive or “open” draw all sorts of energies to them. In fact, the more sensitive or psychic we are the more we draw to us. Think of sensitivity and being “awake” as a sort of internal nightlight. The more sensitive we are the more we can see the spirit world that surrounds us and interweaves with our world. The more sensitive we are the more our inner “nightlight” shines. This nightlight is easily seen by all sorts of energies, spirits, and beings, who may be attracted to us, may want our help, and for other reasons.

In some cases we have an opening in our energetic field. This means that we have deal with trauma or disassociation from a part of our body on some level. Because there is an opening in our energetic field it is easier for energies of all sorts that are not “us” to be housed in our physical bodies. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and can be an opening from our family, our ancestry, and other sources that have been passed down to us.

In some cases we were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This often coincides with having an opening in our field or being the most sensitive person in a place, but we can pick up spirits at bars, on vacation, in the park, or as a soldier, social worker, nurse, or other profession that is around a lot of death and/or chaos.

In rarer cases we have called something down or we have purposefully called something to us. This may be really conscious, or it may have been done subconsciously. Even if we have somehow found ourselves calling something down with limited understanding of the occult (and one of its basic tenants of not calling something to you that you cannot get rid of) if we recognize our mistake and want to move on from it we should be able to. We should of course learn from our mistakes, so we do not do it again, but even in the cases where we have specifically called something to us consciously we should not be blamed or told that we cannot be helped. I am willing to help people understand what they did wrong and move on from such situations, and I work with this quite a bit.

In some cases we may have upset someone with magical or occult knowledge. This is somewhat rare, but does happen. This can be quite difficult to work with as someone who has done such a thing against you is likely more knowledgable than most of the “shamans” and spiritual workers out there and they simply will not be able to take care of it, or even know what they are dealing with, or in worse cases tell you that all you need is “white light” or sage to get rid of it. I have worked with people who have spent thousands of dollars on practitioners like this, unfortunately, with the end results being no change and the practitioner creating further trauma to the client, to the practitioner really upsetting the attached energy or the practitioner more so the symptoms get much worse.

In some cases an energy, spirit, or being is attached to the family line. This is oddly typically known or figured out by someone who is reasonably aware of such things, and again, has typically gone through many practitioners, message boards, and the like trying to find someone to clear it for them. An energy can, in rare cases, be attached to us from a prior lifetime as well, which also requires a practitioner who specializes in such work to release.

In some cases, it is not an attachment from the “outside” at all. Due to trauma and other reasons we can create scenarios of being “possessed” by a spirit that is actually unprocessed emotions or trauma that has separated from our mind-body-spirit as a whole. We have fractured, basically. This certainly can and should be worked with spiritually, but the underlying reasons for the fracture of course need to be addressed.

The last scenario is that of a sub-personality. We all have subpersonalities. We like to think of ourselves as one cohesive being and as one central dominant identity. We are not. We are actually composed of many different identities, many different personalities, even different genders, sexual tendencies, hobbies, interests, and so forth. This is why we may like to watch documentaries and engage about serious philosophical arguments and secretly watch TMZ or read People magazine. Sub-personalities can certainly be worked with through spiritual healing, and by integrating them we can fully understand who we truly and vitally are as people.

In upcoming blogs I will go into more symptoms of possession, types of possessing spirits and beings, and some of the details of how I work with, or specialize in, working with such energies. If you feel as if you have an energy attached to you, you can contact me for a reading or spiritual healing appointment. I pride myself on being an honest, ethical practitioner who will tell you if I cannot work with your case. I have worked with clients worldwide via phone/skype to successfully release even the most difficult of energies. You can read more about my ethics and practices I abide to here

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