I get a lot of people who believe that they are being attacked by demons or something hugely negative who contact me.

If I were to break it down to numbers (just to illustrate) I would say that out of every hundred people who contact me believing that some hugely negative or demonic force is after them:

  • 1 or 2 probably actually are
  • 5 or 6 have something authentically going on that is fairly severe
  • 5 or 6 have something going on that is severe in their own minds, but it typically is something fairly benign (to someone such as myself; I will say due to our Judeo-Christian background, even if someone thinks that they are not influenced by it, and spiritual activity is sometimes regarded as “demonic”) or the person is afraid because they have come across the reality that the spiritual does exist, and does impact the physical world for perhaps the first time
  • The rest are either attacking themselves through their own thoughts… or are creating demons out of a trauma response

So I will say that my numbers are likely somewhat skewed because I specialize in this type of work. I also have now been doing spiritual work for a long time professionally on a full time basis. What this means is that I have interacted with a lot of people, and that I have seen and experienced a lot of things that a lot of people have not (this would be putting this mildly).

So I am well aware that there is evil out there, demonic energies, negative energies, and how absolutely horrible and difficult an experience like that is. People who are not experiencing anything truly demonic should really be thankful. They often are not, though (but more on that later).

Most demonic energies have to do with land. This is actually a good thing in many ways. What this means is that the highest occurrence of people having to deal with these energies is because they move somewhere. The demonic energy then typically views the person as encroaching on their land, and will lash out, take advantage, or oppress people to the point that they turn on one another.

This is the thing that people don’t understand about truly negative or “dark” energies. They are not just something that one person notices. They are not just something that one person experiences. They divide, isolate, and create hell for entire families.

The reason why it is a good thing that these are often land-based is that someone can move. They may not want to, they may lose a lot of money. They may have mixed emotions about selling their home. While there are things that can keep energies like this at bay, the best solution is to always move. Because the longer that someone is in contact with something like this, the worse it gets.

Some things that people do not realize about negative, dark, or demonic energies:

They have a distinct palpable presence. Anything that is inhuman does. What this does is create a “mark” that can be easily seen by anyone that has the capacity to see it.

I will get people who will argue with me about this because the really, really want to keep their stories. If someone has experienced an inhuman energy, it will change them. It will be clearly evident in their energy field. This is even way after it has been removed by the way. This is how people can see negative energetic influences in previous lives. Our energy field in many ways is like the rings of a tree– it shows significant spiritual and emotional happenings.

If someone truly has experienced something negative, dark, demonic, or simply inhuman it will be seen for many lifetimes– many lifetimes going forward and backward. Even after it has been cleared. This is why you cannot fake this or create something like this and go to an authentic spiritual practitioner (one that has “sight” and experience enough to discern this) to convince them of this.

You cannot just wish or “love and light” energies like this away. I went to courses once that taught that you could just talk to energies like this and convince them that they had this light within and they will recognize it and someone become all love and light. This generally only works for former humans (this won’t even work on elementals, by the way. They don’t really care about your concept of divinity).

The experience of something like this will change you drastically. Many of the best spiritual workers I know experienced energies like this in their early childhood. They realized that things were possible, and were able to see and sense them after. You cannot go back from certain experiences, and certain types of trauma and knowing. This is one of them.

If you have never encountered something like this, it is easy to believe that you are. The people who contact me who talk about how they had “five hundred demons” cleansed from them (or something similar) never realize that if they actually encountered what they believe they had, they would have been hospitalized (for physical issues or mental) or would be dead.

If you are experiencing something like this, it manifests in physical reality. This means severe health issues. By severe I mean I have had people contact me with spontaneous necrotic tissue, after heart attacks with severe bruising on their chest after dreams of a creature sitting on their chest, and many others with deep scratches, bruising, and things happening in the physical environment that are extreme.

Other people will notice what is going on with you subconsciously. I recently worked with someone who had a Djinn attached to her. She noticed that people were backing away from her in the grocery store, friends would cancel any sort of gathering with her, and her family kept on rescheduling with her. Although none of these people (well, maybe a few, but in general I am making a point here) were considered “sensitive” or had “sight”, they all retracted from this energy because they realized it was there subconsciously.

Before I talk about the “other half” of this equation, I will say something else about the human energy field. I will attempt to do this somewhat simply. We have human energy. Something attaching to us that is “human” will be somewhat congruent with our field. It will have repercussions (fatigue, health issues, thoughts from attachment sometimes, some emotions) but in general former humans will just be humans without the meat suit– meaning they are somewhat congruent with our field.

Energies that are not human do not have that type of congruence. If something is in an energy field, or attached to someone that isn’t of human origin the body will do its best to reject it. If it does not, it causes severe issues. These are not mental or emotional issues only– they are extreme physical issues that happen. Physical issues that would bring someone to many doctors, hospitalization, and cause an incapacity to truly function on a physical level.

I used to be surprised at the amount of people who really wanted to be cursed, or have something attacking them. I no longer am. It is easy to get a bit jaded in this business, but the amount of people who have watched a horror movie, or who have read a few books on witchcraft or demonology that have a kindergarten-like understanding of what happens (and will insist that they are experts, of course. We are in the Wikipedia generation) will occasionally argue with me and insist that they are being attacked by something.

On occasion I try to teach these people how and why they are wrong. I have never had one person actually listen to me who is so thoroughly convinced not only of their expertise but of the reality of their experiences.

Luckily, some people are thankful that something is not attacking them and will go receive the help they need. Through therapy, they can often find the repressed memories, the rage and other emotions from their childhood that caused for their own mind to attack themselves, and to create a reality in which they are continually attacked by something that isn’t there.

But what often happens is what always happens when someone tries to treat an internal issue through external means– they will go through decades of finding people to exorcise or remove demons and negative attachments and energies from them. They will spend thousands of dollars and find “shamans” who lack the capacity, experience, and education to even know that if someone had even a tenth of what they are purporting their client had within them, their client would be dead. Or severely ill.

Even despite all these removals and clearings, the person will be continually attacked. Likely for the rest of their life, unless they truly receive the help they need to understand why they are creating this for themselves.

It is sad, really, but people will live out their stories the way that they need to.

Hopefully some day many of them will receive the help that they need, but I have been doing this work for too long and I know that some people are in such a state of brokenness and illusion that they just cannot help themselves than to create a reality in which some big, bad entity is after them.

It is much easier to have a big entity after you than to remember childhood sexual abuse, or violence, isolation, and other childhood experiences have caused for the mind to be fractured.

What is interesting about the psychology of this is that people will often claim that they have countless negative energies after them. That they are constantly being attacked. What is so interesting about this (beyond the fact that they are not being attacked at all, beyond their own mind attacking themselves) is that they never think about the “why” of this.

As in “why” would all of these energies be interested in them? What makes them so “special” that they not only have one energy after them, but literally thousands of different energies after them?

Energies like this are interested in power, and typically the people who maintain illusions like this have none (past lives and ancestral power doesn’t count unless it is “activated” or “cultivated” by the way). They typically are actually deeply traumatized to the extent that all of the focus of healing should be on building them up, nurturing them, healing whatever wounded inner children lay beneath.

I used to be somewhat curious in this realm about how and why people would maintain spiritual illusions that are so harmful, so detrimental to themselves. Because you can say what I did above about what actual demonic oppression is like, or I could share that I have close to fifteen years of professional spiritual experience at this point, or that there are books out there that will say in detail exactly what experiences like this are like. Hell, some episodes of the Dead Files are somewhat close to what people authentically experience with these types of energies.

Really, someone creating such illusions about themselves when there are people out there that are really and truly suffering, is fairly obnoxious. It is the equivalent of someone saying they have severe depression after having a single bad day, or to be totally ludicrous, saying that they have leprosy because they received a cut on their finger.

But I do truly help that all suffering is lifted in people. That whatever the source, people can live in this world more joyfully.

It is an odd form of spiritual bypass to think that everything in your life is spiritual.

Spiritual bypass can include wanting to focus on past lives, demons, spirits, or really anything but your own experiences and wounding in this world. We really should be looking to heal our own lifetimes first, our own experiences here. Even if something is really and truly spiritually going on, there should be deep contemplation, and for a long time, about what is going on in a personal level. Otherwise we lack clarity to really heal those experiences fully.

Healing anything beyond the self (past lives, ancestry, outer spirits) fully requires the capacity for some personal reflection, in fact. Because there are reasons why many things occur, and we take on energies and beliefs and make them our own.

What is always sad about this situation is that people will find spiritual practitioners more than willing to tell them about the many demons that they have. This is one of those reasons why people need to be called to spiritual work, by the way. I can always tell a spiritual practitioner by their eyes– they have that gaze that is looking through anyone and everyone. It is penetrating, and can see for miles and beyond galaxies. It is a disconcerting gaze, and I can count the amount of people who authentically are called to this type of work on a hand or two who have it.

What is especially sad is that the person will spend most of their life finding these practitioners, never understanding why the “demons” always come back. Never understanding that if they could find someone to help them look in the mirror they would find who is attacking them.

There are of course other energies that are not as severe, but any external energy that attaches to the human body will have a physical impact and physical symptoms. Some former humans create less symptoms, and truly negative energies create a lot of symptoms, but they are always there.

One of the difficulties of this work is that I run across a lot of people who say that they have “self-taught” themselves everything from exorcism to depossession. Frequently they then will begin to work on others. Doing this type of work requires training with an actual teacher. Doing self-work requires a lot of clarity, something that anyone who is dealing with a negative energy (be it self-created or not) will not have.

This is why sight is so important, as is discernment. Because what frequently happens is that people will play with such things at a beginner’s level, not realizing it makes an impact. Not realizing that anyone these days can call themselves a “shaman” and say they released fifty demons from you, with neither practitioner or client realizing that the impact of that would likely be hospitalization for both parties concerned. Not realizing that this work is not simple, it requires preparation, power, and focus. Not realizing that even one negative energy, if actually present, would likely spend a lot of time laughing at you for thinking that you could clear it with only your intuition or something you taught yourself.

What eventually happens to these practitioners is that they do eventually have something attach to them. And they freak out, because they suddenly realize that is above their paygrade, so to speak. They suddenly realize that spiritual work isn’t some huge LARP role-playing thing where they get to avoid their lives for a while, and that negative spirits are, in fact, real.

The odd irony of this is that this is exactly what many of those practitioners need to understand the reality and severity of such an occurrence. It is through this experience that they can learn about things like how to discern thoughtforms and self-creations of their client and authentic spiritual attack. It is an initiation, basically. Through this initiation they may learn to authentically be of service to others who are suffering due to energies like this.

They may also freak out and decide that they are done playing. I have worked with many practitioners by this point who have encountered something like this who realize that they want absolutely nothing to do with the spiritual realms any more.

I do hope for the best of all who contact me. It would be easy to say that people creating these experiences are “bat-shit crazy”, and some of them are. There are a lot of broken people out there, a lot of wounded people out there. We all must work on ourselves the best we can. Some people will take one step in their lifetimes, some will take twenty. Others will take none.

I always ask myself when I am experiencing anything: “What if this were not true (or real)”? Because even now, I know the powers of self-creation. If we are to honestly ask ourselves that question about a lot of things in our lives, we would likely come to realize that many of our experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and understandings are not as true as we believe them to be. The difficulty, of course, is the willingness and the maturity to be able to do this.