The word “curse” is quite loaded in our culture- we picture movies and myths of people cursing their enemies in a rather dramatic fashion. While this scenario does in fact occur, the majority of curses are through statements, word, and vows we make unknowingly to our family, friends, and random people, or are from genetic/family lineage.

Thoughtforms (projected thoughts) and words are living fields of energy, and the combination of words and/or thoughts with emotion creates a curse. In our culture we no longer understand how powerful words are, and how they can shift and change our entire reality. I have worked with many patients who were told as children by their parents that they were not good enough and would never amount to anything who grew to live that out. I have also worked with people who have been cursed in previous lives or through family lineage. Family lineage curses are fairly common and show up as the entire lineage having issues and often destructive tendencies and a great deal of pain and chaos can be involved.

Other curses are self-imposed, such as declaring that you will never make any money, or that you will never get over your lover. Some curses are quite dramatic, and involve someone deliberately creating a curse or cursed object with a specific target in mind. But most curses are declared vows, words, thought forms, and created contracts that either were created in this lifetime, in previous lifetimes, or are as a result of a curse being passed down through the family lineage (think Hatfield and McCoys).

Most people I work with have some sort of curse with them, and unraveling/removing the energy of these curses can result in a great deal of healing and clearing. Removing Curses is somewhat of a specialized field (especially when someone else curses you), but when removed appropriately can result not only in healing/clearing, but in dramatic steps forward in your life.

To be continued: A Discussion of Contract Work…

Mary Shutan L.Ac, CST-D, CZB, ABT facilitates distance work for Curse Removal, Contract Work, and Thoughtform Release via Email, Phone, or Skype. She can be contacted here for sessions and here for readings of your situation.