Spiritual Courses

PLEASE NOTE: My online courses will be open for enrollment until 11/5/2017. (You will have until that date to sign up).

I will no longer be offering these courses after that date.

The Facebook group will remain up for you to get direct feedback and chat with other students if you are involved in a course, however.


Whether you are a sensitive, psychic, or spiritual seeker who wants to learn energetic hygiene and discernment practices, or someone who is looking for authentic practices to connect you (or connect you further) to your spiritual path and inherent power, my courses offer in-depth information and practices to assist you on your path.

All of my courses are “on demand” meaning that you will receive the week one email right after you sign up, and then emails on a weekly basis for the duration of the course. These courses operate on a closed Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to share your experiences as well as ask questions of myself and former and current students of my courses.

Commonly asked questions/FAQ’s about my courses are answered at the bottom of this page. I suggest reading them over before contacting me as they will likely answer your question(s).


Foundational Courses
No prerequisites, but some shamanic, contemplative and or/meditative experience is highly recommended. You must be at least eighteen years of age in order to take any of my courses. These are foundational courses, meaning this is the type of in-depth information and building blocks that every sensitive/psychic, spiritual seeker, or spiritual practitioner should have (but are often not taught, or not taught to the depth that they deserve, which is why I teach them). You can simply click on the link to read more about the course, and to purchase it/begin if you are ready to.

Spiritual Cleansing and Clearing Course
An eight week course focused on cleansing, clearing, and protection. Learn energetic hygiene, how to properly cleanse and protect yourself and your home utilizing herbs, minerals, and other spiritual methods. 

Five Week Spiritual Discernment Course
A five week course focused on differentiating between spiritual energies. Learn to differentiate between self and other, how to utilize your intuition, and how to discern between different types of stimuli. 


Intermediate and Advanced Courses
These courses are for people ready and willing to learn the skills and techniques to properly navigate the spiritual realms as well as to learn to build authentic spiritual relationships in those realms.  Either The Cleansing Course or regular meditative, spiritual, and/or shamanic experience of at least two years or more is required for these courses. However, I do occasionally make exceptions for motivated beginners who have the stability and readiness to approach the topic- you can contact me if you feel you fit into this category.

I require anyone wishing to take these courses to send me an email with a brief paragraph (or two) about why they would like to take the course, as well as their meditative, spiritual, and/or shamanic experience prior to the course. Please also let me know if you have taken my Cleansing or Discernment course.

If you are accepted into the course, a link will be sent to you so you can complete registration/sign-up for the course. These courses are also “on demand” meaning that you will receive your week one material after your registration is complete, as well as access to the closed Facebook group.

Working with the Elements Course 
A five week course focusing on developing a relationship with the elements– air, fire, earth, and water (as well as spirit). Learn how elements are the constructive elements that create us (and the world), how to develop a connection to each element, how to connect to elementals associated with each element, and how to use this work to heal others, heal the earth, and to become a person of clarity, peace, and embodiment.

Ancestral Basic Course
A four week course teaching how to develop a spiritual relationship with your ancestors. Your ancestors guide, protect, and are powerful spiritual allies, but few know how to contact them appropriately or engage with them respectfully. Learn how to set an altar for your ancestors, how to develop a relationship with an ancestral guardian, as well as connect to your ancestral lineage as a whole. Also learn how to work with ancestors of a place, ancient ancestors, and more. In my opinion, working with ancestors is the first step that anyone should take in learning to develop a spiritual relationship, or towards a significant spiritual path. There is no more profound way to build power and knowledge than to tap into your ancestry.



What is the difference between the course and your books?
In my Managing Psychic Abilities book, I go over basic Cleansing and Discernment techniques. Something like 5-10 pages or so on each topic, and the book is intended for basic self-help purposes (without sacrificing depth). My Courses are eight weeks and five weeks (respectively) and are approximately 130-160 pages, just focused on the topic at hand. So there is a lot more material, a lot more in-depth and focused (intermediate/advanced) material so you have a comprehensive enough understanding of the subject to truly be of service to yourself and others (if that is part of your path). Plus, courses have the ability to ask questions (in the Facebook group) of myself and others to gain feedback.

Can you tell me your background/how you developed the courses?
My practices are a synthesis of direct revelation and experience as well as many years of practice in Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Spiritual, Magical, and Folk Traditions, CranioSacral Therapy and many forms of bodywork, as well as Energy Work. I am not a “lightworker”, “new-ager”, “core”  or “neo” shaman, and my practices are about balance, pragmatism, and seeking clarity (clearing away illusion). I believe that personal spirituality and connection can best be developed by looking internally, learning how to listen (discern), and developing relationships based on ancestral resources. You can view more about me here

My courses are really in response to the skills and tools that I needed (and that I had difficulty finding) on my own path. It took me over a decade to develop some of these skills and resources, and my courses are intensive– they have a lot of material. Students will frequently tell me that they will look back at courses they have taken again and again and learn something new, and that the material contained has been invaluable to their path. The courses are step by step, with a “cutting through” quality that allows for people to develop the skills that they need on their spiritual path.

Will your course fix my specific issue? 
My courses are not intended to heal specific issues– they are best for people who are looking to develop spiritual skills and spiritual relationships or connections, as well as to receive an in-depth education and direct experience of a specific subject with course-related feedback offered by an experienced teacher and spiritual healer.

Why do your intermediate and advanced courses have prerequisites? Why do you do divination/require me to send you an email for those courses? 
I realize that many modern courses that are considered “shamanic” are focused on self-help or psychological techniques or affirmations; while my intermediate and advanced courses may bring forward deep healing, they are focused on the spiritual, not the psychological. They are intended for people ready and willing to truly immerse themselves in greater spiritual realms, to build relationships in those realms with spirits, beings, and other energies, and who are willing and able (as well as have the stability) to do the work required to do so. Work like this requires personal stability as well as a foundation (a body of knowledge) already in place.

I do my best to work with authenticity, and I want to ensure that people who take the intermediate and advanced courses are ready for them, and do not want for anyone to waste their money, quite frankly. This is why I require people to send me an email and have a few prerequisites- to basically ensure that you will get what you need from the course.

Will you offer me free advice and guidance in the hopes that I will sign up for a course? Can I manipulate you into giving me advice if I say I am interested in a course?
The simple answer is “no”. I do wish that I was able to offer more guidance and advice to people, but due to my schedule, I am unable to. I also simply don’t respond well to people attempting to manipulate me trying to wrangle free divination, advice, and guidance– it happens way too frequently, and to me, represents how the combined energies of spiritual entitlement and personal wounding have created issues that many people do not make their way past on the spiritual path. I also question why someone would do such things to someone who basically is a professional seer for a living, but recognize and have compassion for the fact that most of the people who contact me in this way are immersed in personal wounding and have not yet learned that authenticity on the spiritual path is of vital importance.

If you have course-related questions, I am happy to answer them, though (or my assistant may in some cases)

What should I know about you?
My energy can be quite strict in some ways. I have pretty solid boundaries after doing this type of work (as well as having a meditation practice for almost twenty years by this point). One of my teachers called me “fierce compassion” and I find that a decent description. My mother was a teacher, and as a teacher I would rather teach people how to think rather than what to think. I frequently respond to people (who are part of my FB group) with my thought process around something and how I got to that conclusion so they can ideally engage in the same critical thinking.

I am a peaceful person, and do not engage (nor start) drama. I am at a point of realizing that most chaos is self-created, and have written a lot about how we cast one another in “plays” and “roles” (I am not the first person to talk about this, I realize). I do my best to respond and interact with neutrality. I greatly respect people willing to critically think, to move beyond themselves (or see beyond themselves) and who are seeking clarity and healing. I push my students who are ready and willing to be pushed into thinking about themselves, or the world, differently.

Due to how modern spiritual/guru/teacher (etc) sort of interactions are constructed, I find many students want to give me their power, or are used to giving others their power (by having their teachers tell them what to think, who to be, what their experiences mean, etc). I offer resources to people so they can find their own power and clarity. I have no need for the power of any of my students, and actively redirect people seeking to give me their power to their own resources.

Although I have a lot of knowledge in the “spiritual” arena by this point, I tell people when I do not know something. I also do not tell people something (agree with illusions, typically) just because they really need me to. All of my personal and professional practices are geared towards helping people realize clarity and move beyond the restrictions and barriers that they have erected (or have been erected for them). I do this as compassionately as possible, but as a human, I am certainly not perfect, and am always learning and evolving, and I will be the first to admit this to people.

Will you call me a Shaman? What is your response to modern shamanism? Tell me your thoughts about appropriation
No. I will not call you a shaman. I find that much of what people call “being a shaman” is a high degree of personal trauma and a subsequent personal mythology to create meaning out of wounding. I find much of modern shamanism to be troubling, quite frankly, and although there are a lot of well meaning people involved in it, to me it seems simply like more of the “conquerer” ideology– people looking to take more from cultures that they have already dominated and decimated (not personally, I realize, I am talking about culturally and on a pattern level).

I find much of modern shamanism to be self-help within the context of a psychological framework, psychological methods with a thin veneer of spirituality. It really doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with spiritual development or skills. I also find that there is a fair amount of delusion that is fostered and encouraged in modern shamanism, often to the detriment of the participant who is unable to discern, and has not been taught to discern, between the creations of a wounded mind seeking fantasy, escapism, and relief from the “real world”, and anything approaching spiritual reality or clarity (or healing of those wounds).

I do understand why people are attracted to this, as we all wish to feel special, to be heard, and to find mythic reasoning for our pain, but I find modern shamanism is stuck in a place of mimicry without much if any substance. Unfortunately people only wake up to this when they are ready to, and resources that are watered down or false are always going to achieve greater popularity in our world. I have, however, worked with many people who emerged out of this framework, and who realized that they could go deeper (or who began being troubled by some of the power dynamics as I did).

I do not believe that we can truly understand or know a culture without understanding its history, language, mythology, and why the religion, spirituality, magic of that culture emerged. I also have interacted respectfully with enough elders, practitioners, and healers of varying sorts from varying cultures to know that what has been popularized as the shamanism of that culture is usually brought forward through a christianized, puritanical lens, stripping anything that is not “love and light”, anything that has to do with power, or spirits, away from the practice, and shoved it into a psychotherapeutic framework in order to make it safe and palatable for a wide variety of participants (well, middle to upper class participants) with a wide range of personal backgrounds, interests, and skills.

I do realize I can get on a soapbox about this sort of thing, but what I do my best to offer is the tools and ways for people to personally connect to spiritual resources, to find clarity, to move beyond escapism and selfish tendencies (to see outside of the self), and to find the power of their ancestry. We can connect to the land we are on, we can connect to our lineage, and we can learn to seek clarity, knowledge, and discernment for all of our spiritual needs. By offering on-line, reasonably priced courses (especially for the amount of info received), I hope to provide resources for people ready to move beyond all of the fluff out there, as spiritual skills, spiritual connections and a personal connection to divinity can bring incredible transformation and beauty to the life of those willing to delve a little deeper than what mainstream spirituality offers.