Courses and Workshops

Distance/Online Courses for 2018 will be announced in the near future. Sign up for the mailing list to be informed of new courses.

HERE ARE MY COURSES UPCOMING FOR 2018. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION WILL OPEN IN JANUARY 2018. Please do not contact me with questions or to sign up before registration is announced (on my mailing list and Facebook page; this page will also be updated when courses are available). Thank you for your consideration.

Short Courses
Anyone may take these courses. They offer a “short”, or 60-90 minute course, in the topic at hand, and can be signed up for at any time. These courses do not offer individualized guidance or access to the Facebook group (as I wish to keep this material cost-effective)

Working with Spiritual Awakenings
A course in how to recognize and work with spiritual awakenings for clinicians of varying types. Learn how to support your patient or client in the spiritual awakening process. Top down awakenings, Kundalini, Individual chakra awakenings, and other awakenings are discussed. Red flags and differentiation between psychosis and spiritual awakening are also gone over. Ideal for bodyworkers, craniosacral therapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, spiritual healers, and counselors who are looking to be of service, or greater service, to this population. Purchase of my book, The Spiritual Awakening Guide, is suggested in conjunction with this course.

Working with Sensitivities and Psychic Abilities
A course in how to recognize and work with highly sensitive individuals and those with psychic abilities. People who are highly sensitive and/or “psychic” pick up more information than the average individual does. This may range from a small amount to a great deal of extra “information” that the sensitive/psychic will need to process energetically as well as physically. Learn what systems are affected, how to support the sensitive/psychic, and how to differentiate between sensitivities and personal wounding/needs for healing. There is a lot of illusion and unhealed energies that surround the word “psychic”, but psychics and highly sensitive individuals can thrive in this world with the right support. There are special considerations for this population, that once understood, can allow for the clinician/practitioner to help the 15-20 percent of the population that falls into this category. Ideal for bodyworkers, craniosacral therapists, energy workers, acupuncturists, spiritual healers, and counselors who are looking to be of service, or greater service, to this population. Purchase of my book, Managing Psychic Abilities, is suggested in conjunction with this course.

Foundational Courses

Anyone may apply and take these courses

Animism and Shamanry: Beyond 101
How do we respectfully engage with the world around us? How can we develop greater consciousness in our daily lives? How can we engage with the tree in our yard, or develop spiritual relationships and awareness of what surrounds us in a respectful manner? How can we engage with the Other in a way that is life-affirming, non-fear-based, and not steeped in dogma, strict polarities, or taking from other cultures? How can we move beyond illusion (and delusion) to interface with the Other in a way that is pragmatic as well as moves us closer to clarity, wholeness, and vitality? How can we step beyond what is commonly offered in “shamanic” or spiritual studies to a path of depth and substance?

In this course, we will go over how to respectfully interface with the animistic universe. Suitable for those new to animism as well as those with considerable experience (and anyone in between) who is willing to look at the world in a more in-depth, thoughtful, and magical/spiritual way.

Magic and the Occult: Beyond 101
This is a course intended for animists/spiritual practitioners as well as those who would like to consider magical and occult practices through an animist lens. Becoming versed in magic and occultism is a difficult task– there is a lot of confusing, illusory, and unhealed energies surrounding this area of study. It is easy to engage with group think, to find yourself traveling down unhelpful paths, to become confused, or to never have direct experience (remain stagnant in intellectualism). Magic/Occultism can bring depth of thought, ritual, “technology” and personal evolution in a way that can bring a lot to those looking for a spiritual path of depth. It is also important for modern spiritual practitioners to understand the foundations of common occult practices to help clients in an informed way.

This course will go over foundational occult/magical practices, an overview of different magical/occult paths, a book list of important texts (culled from years of personal study and spending way too much money and time on finding books of some worth in this field), and how to merge an animist foundation with magical/occult practices.

Please especially note for this course that I am not a “love and light”-er. I seek to engage with all spiritual subjects in a balanced and informed way, and openness to learning about all paths with compassion and critical thinking (to move beyond the extremely limited moralistic/personal wounding world-view that is unfortunately common in this field) is expected of those who engage in this (or any) of my courses.

Intermediate/Advanced Courses
These courses require previous study with Mary, or significant experience (two years or more) in spiritual, “shamanic”, energy work, or a related field. 

Dates for these courses will be announced in January 2018. Please do not contact me to apply until then.

Magic and the Occult: 102

Ancestral Work

Working with the “Other”: Becoming a Psychonaut