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Announcing The Five Week Meditation Course

An online/distance course beginning October 24, 2019

Read the full description and sign up for the course here:

This course is five weeks long, but really I should call it a “five segment” course. It is a course that has a lot of material and practices, intended for individual wishing to learn a substantial toolkit that they can take into their lives, either for individual or clinical reasons (to offer to patients, clients, and so forth).

It most importantly goes over the “hows and whys” of meditation. How does meditation offer stress relief? How does meditation improve health, or move us beyond being continually reactive to the world and the people in it? There are basic misunderstandings about meditation that have emerged in this world because of basic misunderstandings in regards to how meditation actually works, and what its purpose is. 

The course is a combination of audio, video, and written. Every week a new section of the course will be available. This course is self-paced. There are no specific meeting times or times you need to be available for the course. As a part of this course, students are able to interact with other students through a Facebook group. I am available in that group to answer course-related questions during and after the course. If not on Facebook, the ability to ask course-related questions through the course website is available. As a part of signing up for this course, you are agreeing to the policies and boundaries listed below the course description.

The Five Weeks

Week One: Understand the purpose of meditation, how to meditate, postures and meditation, and typical responses to meditation. How to meditate in the world, how to meditate in a way that balances your individual needs with what is “correct”. Why progressive relaxation is the first meditation that most people should do, what it can offer, and a short and long version of progressive relaxation.

Week Two: Focusing, grounding, and centering. Learn about the true purpose of grounding and centering, how to do it accurately, the purpose of focusing and present moment awareness meditations (with exercises), and the common blocks that prevent people from becoming more self-aware. Learn how and why meditation is “mental training” and how we can retrain what we notice about ourselves, and about reality, to set up different filters and a different experience of reality.

Week Three: Learn about the nature of the breath, how to use it as the “vehicle of consciousness” simply and accurately to move through substantial blockages and lack of flow in the body and life. Learn about boundaries– not just from a psychological and emotional perspective, but also from an energetic-spiritual perspective. How to set up energetic boundaries, how to understand the topic of boundaries with nuance. A discussion of spiritual emergency, or why you hear about people having difficulties with meditation, and what to do about it (hint: blaming meditation is incorrect, people misunderstand how meditation works). Learn to work with breath in a variety of ways and in a variety of scenarios to bring more energy, flow, and vitality into your life.

Week Four: What is self-inquiry? Self-inquiry is understanding our mind, understanding our reasons for being, for examining how and why we react the way we do, and in that, we can change our reactions and interactions. Learn the “ten questions” to ask, how and why we should use self-inquiry, and why enlightened and conscious individuals consider self-inquiry to be pivotal to awakening. Learn about “loops” or repetitive behaviors that arise out of trauma and how to break them down to experience more of our potential, to move beyond simply living out our trauma again and again. Also, a discussion on how meditation leads to clinical and spiritual success, and how meditation leads to clarity and compassion in daily living (and what compassion truly means in a healthy system).

Week Five: Working with our shadows. Learn what shadow work is and how to do it. Awakening in the world offers so much– it offers us the continual opportunity to see what lies unhealed within ourselves “played out” through our projections onto others, through the scenarios we find ourselves in, through what we find ourselves reactive to again and again. Learn about “ocean floor” patterns, or patterns that make up the basis of our reality, and limit who we think ourselves to be. Learn about the “webs” or the true realization of oneness, which is a seeing of ourselves in one another, grounding in our humanity.