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Intermediate/Advanced Courses

This course require previous study with Mary, or significant experience (two years or more) in spiritual, “shamanic”, energy work, or a related field. Mental stability is required, as is the ability to work with advanced concepts in a thoughtful, open way.

I do not accept all students for this course– please contact me with 1-2 paragraphs about why you wish to take this course and your experience level. Please include if you have studied with me before. I will only accept a small amount of students in this course, and preference will be given to prior students.

Working with Grids
Begins November 10, 2018
$120 US

This will be the last time I will teach this course.

This is a five week course that goes over how to work with grids, or the weavings that create our personal and collective realities.

Included is how to work with our personal grids, how to work with the grid of another for healing purposes, and how to clear houses and land using grids. Grids can be used to clear at a distance, and can form a wonderful basis for shifting the foundational “ground” or reweaving the personal baseline energies of someone (or something) at a level that creates a different level of healing than many healing methods out there.

Learn how to recognize and work with communal grids: societal, world, mythic, archetypal, and collective energies. This is important work, and intended for individuals who have the capacity to move beyond personal emotions and beliefs to consider how they can, in a small way, be of service in healing of rifts and tears in the fabric of humanity, and in service of the collective.

Even the recognition of grids and how they affect who we are and what ideas/beliefs/energies they impose upon us will shift perspective, create new awareness, and allow for the individual to more greatly discern personal energies and motivations from imposed, or collective energies. Understanding the “grids” can allow for greater consciousness regarding the nature of reality, and how to interface with that reality with clarity.

Supplies needed are a good ruler (or a straight surface to make lines with) and a journal or blank pieces of paper. Some people prefer small gems, rocks, or other items to place on their small grids (for clearing houses/lands at a distance primarily), but I do not require that for this course. If you decide to do this option, eight small stones or crystals, all fairly similar to one another, are suggested. Excellent journeying skills or multi-year experience with meditation or self-enquiry practices are required. Personal stability is required as these are large energies, and it is easy to use such a subject matter to fuel personal illusion, rather than the intended purpose, which is to interact with the universe, and yourself, with greater clarity and knowing. A grounding practice is suggested while working with this material, and while I am not going to make this a static requirement, I will say that already having seen/sensed the grids or coming upon the sort of weavings or looms that I refer to above would be a good indicator that you could work with the course material.


FAQ’s/About the Courses and Mary’s Teaching Outlook
All of the courses are offered via distance. Material through the course website will be sent via email once a week for the duration of the course. Included in the course is a Facebook group to interact with fellow students who are taking the course, as well as to ask questions of me. If you are not on Facebook, you can ask questions on the course website.

My courses are typically fairly dense in terms of material (many students have commented that they go back six months or even a few years later and find more insight or a new layer to the work) and are focused on bringing the spiritual knowledge/understandings, tools, and guidance to people who are ready for such tools and understandings.

It is not guaranteed that I will teach the courses offered currently again, so I suggest signing up rather than waiting. What I teach is based on a lot of factors, some of which has to do with what would be helpful/needed for me to teach/what is requested by current students and some of what has to do with my personal spiritual path. I am not the type of person to teach the same thing for years, and find that with my spiritual path things can and do shift, sometimes fairly rapidly, due to new spiritual relationships and ongoing spiritual exploration on my part.

All of my courses are generally for people beyond the “101” type studies (even my ”Foundation” courses), and who are ready and willing to move beyond the surface level polarities and restrictive ideologies/dogmas so prevalent in spiritual studies. Critical thinking, openness, and a willingness to directly experience are in vastly short supply in this world, and I am continually amazed at those students who cross my path who take the skills/understandings that I offer and use them to lead richer, fuller, more connected, embodied and conscious existences.

My courses are a combination of (primarily) written, with some audio and video. My courses are priced as is, and I do not do payment plans. While I am happy to answer course-related questions, I would hope that students ready to take my courses have the capacity to respect my energy and time… I generally delete emails that are disrespectful, delusional, entitled, ask me to google things (my pet peeve), or expect me to participate in whatever ego olympics or dramatics people have created for themselves and are attempting to enroll me in. I am also unlikely to view you as the most kundalini-filled enlightened shaman prophet of the new aeon, and find that individuals perpetuating this type of reality often could use healing work rather than my courses.

I have fairly strict boundaries, and my courses do not include direct email contact with me. They also do not include readings, phone calls, or healing work. My courses are not intended to heal specific issues.

I view much of mainstream spirituality as facilitating and perpetuating trauma and confusion and pulling people away from more clearly interfacing with reality and themselves. Interfacing with spiritual reality should allow you to become clearer, more compassionate, freer, and more of this world… as well as allow you to understand and grow closer to your personal potential.

My courses are intended for people ready to learn spiritual skills who are willing to directly engage with the material (as in, the spiritual path is one of direct experience, and you should be willing to gain that experience), and are not self-help focused. While certainly a great deal of personal healing can come from spiritual interaction, these courses are not intended for people with serious psychological issues or who are imbalanced to the point where they are unable to do any work or are unable to consider anything beyond the restricted view of reality they have created and locked in for themselves. All of my courses point the person inward, and towards developing tools and skills to navigate existence in an embodied, more connected, more conscious way.

It is my personal belief that while in human form we are never perfected– we could always be more conscious, learn more, be more… and the spiritual path is one of always unfolding and always seeking greater clarity, communion, and connection. The spiritual path is something that requires greater and greater personal responsibility for oneself. It is just a question of if we are willing and ready to unfold or not. I am definitely not a “love and light-er”, am not ascending anywhere, and believe that while we are are associated with our human bodies, we might as well enjoy them and utilize them.

I would suggest reading through some of my blogs or my books to get a sense of my work before purchasing a course. If you have read through all of this, and still wish to take a course with me, or have any questions, you can contact me. 

* If you use the key word of “Rusalka” while wanting to sign up for an advanced course, you will get extra consideration, because it means that you were actually willing to put in the effort to read my above ramblings.