hurricane-1049612_640There was a point in time that I suddenly looked out at the world and I could see a sort of hurricane surrounding people. This was a new development for me, and for quite a while I didn’t realize what it was that I was sensing.

As I began exploring this, I realized that people who tended to be more chaotic, more dramatic, or more unbalanced had a larger and more rapidly moving “hurricane” around them than those who were balanced, at peace, or not chaotic.

And conversely, people who were relatively peaceful and drama free (in both their actions as well as their words/outer self) had just streams of energy like wind around them, slowly moving.

Over the years since I have first sensed this I realized a few things about this phenomena:

  • That people generally had the same level of hurricane, no matter what was going on in their lives. It was rare that I would see this change, and when I would, what would happen would be interesting…
  • Generally what would happen for most people is that they on some base level would sense that they did not have as much chaos in their lives– as much anger, drama, fear, negativity, or whatever was the genesis of their individual hurricane and they would react…
  • They would then react by creating situations in which they could bring back the same level of energy they were used to… so that their “hurricane” could go back to the levels they were used to.

This is so incredibly common…

We are used to a certain amount of chaos in our lives (chaos being a general word for the amount of individual fear, anger, rage, grief, despair, negativity, jealousy, and just general drama) that when it is missing we sense something is wrong and react. 

This is, of course, a subconscious thing. It is not like people are walking around saying that they would like to be incredibly negative, or to self-sabotage their healing processes, or to do exactly the opposite thing  that would bring them some peace in their lives.

Our powers of creation are incredible. There is obviously more than the mental layer of things (which is why I have issues with the Law of Attraction, but that is another subject), but it is a powerful layer, a powerful “body” that surrounds us.

If we look at our “bodies” (in the system that I use) we have the outermost body as the “spiritual”– meaning our connection to something greater than ourselves, our cosmic selves, who we truly are and so forth…

Then we have just inside of that the “mental” body, meaning our thought processes, basically (yes, I am greatly simplifying this).

Then we have the astral, or emotional “body”, where our emotions are.

Then we have the etheric, or our body double– basically a template of our physical body and its processes.

And then we have the physical body, which is the densest and makes up what we consider to be our “concrete” or mutually agreed upon reality.

As a side note, this is why I have difficulty with modern “shamanism” is because all it does is work with the mental layer… which is important, but they are missing out on a whole, higher level. But I digress…

The point here is that most of what we create is based on the mental and emotional layers. Why is this? It is because we have true spiritual energy, spiritual force, true cosmic consciousness (whatever you want to call it) but as long as we have beliefs, traumas, and thoughts/restricted mental “stuff” blocking its flow from the outer “body” (the spiritual) to the physical, we are not going to feel or even notice those flows.

Hence, the hurricane.tornado-303208_640

By the way, this is why some people have incredible healing work done within a short period of time while others take a few steps. Because they are in contact with the spiritual layer, and they are open enough mentally/emotionally that they can allow for spiritual energies to filter through. Most people are not this way, and will heal only as much as they mentally/emotionally are able to. Basically, if you have a slow-moving hurricane with small currents you will be more in contact with outer layers, and more in touch with spirit.

If you have a whole swiftly moving chaotic hurricane filled with your thoughts, fears, and self-sabotaging ways, you will not heal. Or more likely, you will do the sort of taking a few steps forward and having a realization and then taking a few steps back (almost to your original point) which is what most people do.

So why do I even mention this?

It is because it is possible to transcend this, to not feed into your personal hurricane.

It is possible to assess your hurricane, to see how much chaos you personally have in those mental/emotional layers. To do so honestly, from where you currently are.

You do this by seeing yourself at the eye of the hurricane. Because this is true. We are all healed, we are all whole, we are all home. We just have a lot of material blocking this fact.

You then look outward and see the hurricane around you. See how much chaos is there, how much pain, how much fear, how much self-sabotage. What thoughts are swirling around and blocking you from interfacing with something real, or causing you to not have what you need in this world, or causing you to not really show who you are in this world… 

Or more importantly, are causing you to subconsciously have a reaction of creating this same hurricane again and again because you are used to it. 

That are causing you to create more chaos in your life when you don’t really need it.

On a more “advanced” level, what material is in that hurricane that is causing you to constantly “loop”– recreating scenarios and traumas again and again in your life without you consciously realizing it.

When we consciously realize that we are creating this hurricane we can let it go. We can realize that we want peace. We can let go of the loops, the chaos, the drama. We can stop re-creating it again and again. We can be okay with not having the same level of chaos– of anger, of fear, of grief, and those same chaotic self-sabotaging thoughts that cycle through us, creating our world.

It is not as if things will not happen if we let go of our chaos. Our “hurricane” will occasionally be amped up by life. It happens. But we can make a conscious choice to set our “hurricane” at a different base level, and our outer lives will get much clearer. And more peaceful. And we will simply react differently, because we will see that most people around us are simply creating out of their own personal hurricane, and they are always at that level of anger, or false positivity, or fear, or self-sabotage, and we learn to not take this energy on and not to take it personally. Because it doesn’t actually have much to do with us. 

We can sit in that eye of the hurricane and work with this material until we find peace, until we find ourselves. Until we realize that we have a choice to be at the same level of chaos, or to consciously do something about it. Until we realize that other people do not need to feed our hurricanes, and we can consciously choose peace.

When we do this our hurricane clears up and we are able to interface with spiritual flows directly. They no longer are filtered by our own restrictions, by our own loops. We can have a clear pathway from the spiritual body into our physical body, and into our physical lives. And that is a thing of beauty.


Mary Mueller Shutan is a spiritual worker, teacher, and author. You can find a body-based approach to dealing with your inner hurricane in her book, The Body Deva: Working with the Spiritual Consciousness of the Body.