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Geomagnetic Storm Meditation: Raising Your Frequency through Meditation

In case anyone is feeling out of sorts: there is a geomagnetic storm going on right now (for the next 15 hours or so)… which in very simple terms causes solar winds to increase the pressure within the Earth’s magnetic fields. If you are out of balance, or are still working within the confines of cosmic consciousness, you will feel headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, and basically feelings of heaviness and not wanting to do much.

If you are able to work with this, or want to learn how to absorb this energy for your own use, it is a great time to ground yourself, use this extra magnetized energy to build up your aura and subtler energy bodies, which will allow for you to be a bigger “force” in this world, build up your aura, as well as can be used as a manifestation tool.

© Patricia Betts | Dreamstime Stock Photo

© Patricia Betts | Dreamstime Stock Photo

Working with the Geomagnetic Storm: Note of caution, do not do this if you are not feeling balanced. It actually creates a pretty big leap forward in consciousness if you do it right (friendly warning) and is considered a medium to advanced meditation (as in, don’t do this if it is your first time trying to meditate).

The Meditation:
• Sit in a favorite meditation pose, ideally outside or at the very least with your feet touching the ground or earth.
• Allow yourself to briefly check in with your physical body, your energy bodies, until you can sense the outer edges of your aura which basically forms a “bubble” surrounding you
• Now bring your focus to the Earth as a whole- get a sense of the windy, magnetic energy that surrounds and penetrates the earth right now
• Again bring your focus back to your energy bodies
• Allow for the magnetic energy of the Earth energy to slowly merge into the outer edge of your aura on all sides, filling up the “bubble” of your aura evenly. You should feel this as a buzzing, heavy energy, or may see it as a light
• Allow for this energy to slowly expand and fill your aura.
• If you are ready, it will create a new “ring” or band in your energetic field, allowing for you to connect with earth energies and solar energies on a deeper, more intimate level.

Advanced Meditation
If you are able to feel/visualize the band/ring, you may choose to continue
Aura/Field Building: Consolidation of The Ring
• Allow for the ring to fully consolidate around you
• Look to see if there are any broken lines or unevenness to the ring. If there is, allow for your focus to go to the space you notice that is fractured, broken, or uneven and allow for the vibration to build it up
• Allow for your focus to go back to the ring until you can sense or see the ring even, bright, and full completely surrounding you.
• Move the ring slowly in and out, closer to your body and further into your body (between one inch and 12 inches away from your body). Feel or see where it is most comfortable.
• Allow for the ring to permanently settle in to your field where it feels comfortable.
• Meditate on the ring, feeling the vibration, getting to know it. Ask the ring how it can remain permanently with you, what gifts it has for you, and how you can utilize it.

Manifestation Using The Ring
• Connect with the buzzing/frequency of the band that is now a part of your field.
• Visualize or speak out loud what you would like to manifest. Make it simple to begin with.
• Realize that with manifesting it is a co-creation: you and the Universe. Meaning that you may get what you ask for, but it is likely not going to be exactly how you may wish for it to occur.
• Feel, visualize/allow for the frequency to carry that message like waves coming off of you into the earth and all directions (basically visualize or feel the expansion of the ring that is now a part of your aura until you feel it reach its target).
• Once you feel that it has reached its target, the sensation of the ring surrounding you will build back up again and you will have an inner sense of knowing.