depossession and spirit release

Some Musings on Spirit Release

I have now been doing spirit release as well as psychopomp work for quite a while.


I can tell you when I received “official” training it (I think my first course was in 2005?) through physical teachers, but I have interacted with spirits and beings, as well as have had strange dreams “working” with spirits since I was a child… before I really was conscious of what I was fully doing, and before I realized that my “imaginary” friends as a child were perhaps not-so-imaginary.

I also teach psychopomp and spirit work to people. I do so to people who are ready to work with my approach– which is essentially non-adversarial and non-fear based. Basically, I work in concert with the spirit realms. I do not consider myself to have dominion over them, and I do not consider them to be psychologically based. This approach is quite different than a lot of people currently who do “spiritual work” and teach “shamanic” work.

Due to my background, I don’t have anything really against most spirits and beings. They can, in fact, be easier to get along with than living humans. I don’t mean to suggest the perception that discernment is not necessary, or that they are all “love and light”, but in general a fair amount of my life I have been much more comfortable interacting with spirits and beings than with a fair amount of living humans.

I talk about it quite a bit, but the mainstream “shamanic” theory is now that spirits are psychological, that they are disassociated aspects of the personality, or shadow, or whatever the trendy pop-psychology terms are at the moment. This is really unfortunate, for quite a few reasons. I could go on a large rant about this (and I have previously) but basically the spiritual has been distilled down to a sort of mental exercise, visualizations, techniques to learn, and has joined forces with the self-help movement.

I used to have a fair amount of anger about this, but I have let it go with the realization that people find the correct understandings in their own time. There is a reason why all of these mainstream “be your own shaman” and “you are special because you are a (shaman, starseed, empath, indigo, insert trendy word here)” type movements are so popular, and as they become increasingly divorced from actual spiritual work… and become more and more mental /visual exercises, and more and more focused on techniques… they continue to lose their essence. When something loses its essence it loses its power, basically. But most people are afraid of power, and most “spiritual practitioners” would likely run screaming in the other direction if an actual spirit showed up,so this isn’t a big deal for a lot of people, because it really isn’t what they are looking for out of “shamanism”.

I do think that most people, if they are really and truly looking for the “truth” or a teacher or practitioner who does more than the psychological or self-help type shamanic approach, they will find it when they are ready to.

But I digress…


The difficulty in doing spirit release work 99 percent of the time the living human.

I realize that sounds strange, but living humans are strange. Their approach to the spiritual realms is strange.

This is shown in our pop culture, where anything that might even resemble a spirit has to be “feared and cleared”– basically forced out of the house or area that they are noticed in. The funny thing about this is that the spirit may not be doing any harm. It may just be there. You may simply be somewhere they have been for hundreds of years. There are so many spirits in this world and most people simply don’t notice them.

I will say that this pattern is different for when a spirit is attached to someone. This is rightfully a matter of some concern– although we are a sort of grouping of energies from different sources, different roots… really the only person, the only consciousness in our body is intended to be, well… us.

The interesting thing about doing spirit release is that the difficult is rarely the spirit. Even if the spirit or being is angry, bent on destruction, full-on demonic (you catch my drift) generally they are more reasonable than the living human client. The spirit or being often needs to be negotiated with, they need to be reminded of certain things, and things might be somewhat difficult (or simple, or quite difficult) in that process for the spiritual worker.

But the real hang-ups have to do with the living client. This doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but sometimes people get really hooked into the drama of having something spiritual happen to them. They create loops of fear– and will often feel as if devastating forces are destroying their lives, and they will list chaos after fear after drama about their story and journey due to this.

I have also worked with many living humans who have created stories of spirits and energies, or who inwardly have so much emotion– fear, anger, anxiety, grief– that their thoughts and emotions are actually creating spiritual activity (commonly known as “pk”) or a conscious being (such as a “poltergeist”). Until this living client deals with their emotions, learns how to take responsibility for them and process them appropriately, no amount of clearing or psychopomp work will be of assistance.

There are also living humans who have created “spirits”, “demons” and so forth out of their own psyches. They have had trauma occur (over-simplifying here) and it was too overwhelming to consider that it came from a parent, or mentor, or teacher, and so this mental fracturing has created a “demon” (or ET, spirit, etc) that is invading them because the consideration that someone in human form has done something atrocious to them is too much to bear.

This is not 100 percent of scenarios, however, so careful differentiation must be made about what is actually happening in every scenario, with appropriate referrals all in the interest in the client receiving the help that they need to get well, whatever that might be.


Living humans are complex, with resistance and trauma and many subconscious and nonconscious forces guiding them to come to the decisions and realizations that they do in their lives. Although spirits can be complex, they do not tend to have the resistance that living humans do. They do not have as much need for story, typically. And they often do not have as much need for drama or chaos. They also tend to negotiate more readily than living humans do.

I fully recognize here that I am someone who has been interacting with spirits their whole life, and that to someone who has not, having an experience with even one spirit, attached or not, might create a lot of fear and outright panic. I am actually really compassionate towards that fact. I am compassionate towards people who have the luxury of believing that all of this stuff is psychological. I am increasingly compassionate towards even the pop-psychology new-age shamanism movement (this is still a work-in-progress at times)

When you are doing actual spiritual work, you have to determine which clients are self-creating and disassociating aspects of themselves, and which are experiencing something that has attached from the outside in. This is not terribly difficult, however, if you know how to look for it, as they manifest differently. Some aspects of disassociation/self-creation can really be helped by spiritual work, by the way, it just depends on the individual situation.

The most difficult thing is to determine what clients, and by that I mean living humans, are willing to heal from this type of experience if they do have a spirit or being attached to them. Some living humans will get so hooked into their story, so hooked into the spirit or being, that they do not want to let them go. I realize that this sounds odd, but it is often the living human that stops whatever is attached from them from releasing.

Also, having a spirit attachment can create difficulty. Real physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulty. In some cases it can create a lot of difficulty. But the spirit is never responsible for 100 percent of the difficulty. There is always personal trauma, energetic imbalances, and other issues that are underlying most (not all) spirit attachments. Even if it is only 1 percent something going on with the client, the spirit not only needs to be released but that 1 percent needs to be worked on as well.

Unlike is believed in the current “shamanic” movement, I do not believe that it is the fault of the client for the attachment (even if they were doing some weird magic that backfired, or were voluntarily possessed… I still have compassion because it is not like they wanted things to turn out that way). I do not think it was weakness, or they caused something so it happened. Sometimes it is just being in a bad place at a bad time. Sometimes it is about the person being sensitive and attracting more spirits to them naturally and not having the skills to handle it. Sometimes it is because of energetic openings, but even then, we cannot do something about our past energetic openings in our field. It is our choice to work to work with anything underlying so it doesn’t happen again, though.

Some clients do not want to hear this. They want to believe that all of their problems were because of the spirit attachment. Hearing that they may have “homework” to do, or that they need to focus on healing patterns of trauma (especially in complex attachment situations) or that all of their difficulties in life were not as a result of this experience is something that some do not wish to reconcile.

Until someone is willing to work with underlying patterns, especially in complex cases of spirit attachment, the experience is likely to simply repeat itself.


There is also a lot of fear with experiences like this. If I could tell you the amount of clients who have written to me telling me that they have some sort of dangerous situation going on and I need to protect myself because of x, y, and z… (well, I guess I just did). I do not wish to be cavalier about this subject at all– good protection and good spiritual working relationships that can protect you are really essential in this work… but most of this fear is really self-perpetuating. By that I mean that if you are in a situation that is “spiritual” you may define it as the worst, darkest, most dangerous thing ever… not realizing that it may not be as negative or difficult as you are making it out to be.

Often some of this fear comes from the spirit itself. It may be afraid of moving on. That is fairly common, in fact. But emotions create. They color and create our world along with our thoughts. And what typically happens is that it is just a former human that it is a bit upset or scared that is attached to them, and it is a relatively simple fix… as long as the client is willing to release them.

Sometimes there is something difficult going on. Another difficulty of the shamanic psychotherapeutic movement is that those type of practitioners often do not have relationships with any outer spirits or guardians to protect them. If you believe everything is psychological, you do not cultivate spiritual relationships, especially ones that have any power, or can protect you. So sometimes people will relate how their last practitioner got attacked or sick or something like that in a really fearful way, and often it is because the practitioner simply didn’t know what they were doing, or didn’t have the appropriate amount of experience (spirit release is a specialized field of sorts). In spiritual work if you are operating on your own “juice” and you come up against something that isn’t just a mental something or other, it can make you not feel well, and the spirit will know it. Some of the time in these situations the practitioner knew they were over their head and freaked out, rather than something attacking them… but in many cases it has to do with them not knowing how to cultivate relationships with spirits who can protect them against anything that isn’t psychologically-based.

I have had some people contact me I have said I will not work with because I know I cannot be of service to them. This is often someone who has a “spirit” that they have been to twenty or more practitioners to get released and nothing has happened. I am the first person to call out crappy practitioners, but if you have gone to twenty spiritual workers, chances are that one of them is going to have an idea of how to help you.

This person feels the need for this situation in their lives.. usually a complex psychological reason. And until they are willing to let this spirit go, it will remain. Interestingly enough, the spirit or being may be more than ready to go (it may, in fact, be begging to be let go) and the living person will hesitate.

I will also say that for spiritual work to be effective you really need to be in a place of enough clarity and wherewithal to have change occur in your life. And some people are not ready for change. Changing any sort of dynamics of our existence is a big deal, no matter how mentally/physically/emotionally healthy we may be, and nobody outer can force us to change if we are not ready to do so, even if that outer person has a lot of power, ability, etc. 

But one of the biggest ramifications of merging psychology and spiritual work is that there is no longer a clear differentiation between them. While many people could use spiritual work, and are receiving psychotherapeutic-style work instead, there are also many people who need psychological help, and are not receiving it. Until someone is mentally healthy enough, and balanced enough, to accept changes in their lives, spiritual work does not have as large of an impact as it could, and can lead to someone spending a lot of money (and time) seeking out shamans when a counselor down the street might have helped them to get to the point where they felt ready for significant, life-changing spiritual work.

The Revamped Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Course

Introducing a New Format– The Eight Week Cleansing and Protection Course

This course is an email based course with weekly lessons sent to you, with access to a closed Facebook group to ask questions of me (and fellow students), and discuss your experiences. If you do not have Facebook, alternate arrangements can be made (a few questions can be asked of me directly; I do highly suggest joining the Facebook group to gain the most out of the course, however)

This course is “on demand” meaning that you can sign up and start the course when you like. You can do so here if you are ready to

Since this is a question I receive frequently… yes, you can do the “Spiritual Bathing” section without a bathtub.

This work is essential for anyone who wishes to truly know how to take care of themselves and maintain proper energetic hygiene. 

The Purpose of this Course:

Many people come to me with no idea how to properly take care of themselves energetically. They may know very basic information about spiritual usage of salt, or may have some odd ideas about sage (not actually a great cleansing herb… and it is odd that it has gotten so popular, it is actually more of a consecration herb… and there are much, much better herbs out there for cleansing), but generally people do not know how to properly clear, cleanse, and protect themselves spiritually. 

Other people have learned how to shield themselves, or erect mental energies in an attempt to protect themselves. This is what is commonly taught to empaths, sensitives, shamans, and psychics. And guess what, it doesn’t work. Or it does work, but only for a short period of time before it wears you down (because you are utilizing your own energy, even if you think that you are not in 99 percent of cases). Shielding is meant for short term or emergency situations, and nobody should be “closing down” or “closing off” their aura or energy field. When you do this, the “good” as well as the “bad” get stuck. And you get tired. And you cannot connect to spirit the way you likely could before. And there are magical and spiritual (as in not mental/thoughtform, although you will learn some of those too in this class) ways to protect yourself that are incredibly powerful and most of all effective.

So who is this course for and what does this all mean? We are in a sea of spiritual stimuli. Plenty of us are more sensitive than others (more “psychic” or “awake”) and it is rare that any of us have the proper skills or tools to know how to clear this energy from us before it affects us physically, energetically, or emotionally. Many people are in a constant state of spiritual overwhelm without knowing it. And plenty of people have put up energetic walls or shields, disassociated in part or in full, or in some cases, are consistently dealing with spirits, energies, and other beings invading their space and their homes.

Other people interested in this course may be so because they may be practitioners– bodyworkers, spiritual workers, acupuncturists, energy workers of some sort. Others may simply come into contact with a lot of people and want to know how to properly clear themselves of all of the energy they come into contact with on a daily basis– teachers, waiters, retail workers, and so forth. And many people have done “core” or other “shamanic” work for a long time and never learned really how to do this sort of work.

It is possible to maintain energetic hygiene, to clear this sort of energy, and to know how to properly cleanse yourself and your home on a regular basis. It is possible to do so in a direct, simple fashion that will have big effects on your life. It is possible to protect yourself (if necessary) in a way that doesn’t take from your own energetic reserves.

My purpose with my classes is clear… to get you the direct experience you need so that you feel comfortable and confident doing this work in the world… either for yourself or others.

This work is based in spiritual herbalism. The basis of it is in Rootwork (Hoodoo), but also merges Folk Magic, and other magical and spiritual practices. Herbs and minerals are wonderful because they have their own spirit, their own spiritual properties… and they don’t require you to use your own energy so you will not personally get depleted.

What is Included in the Course:

  • A weekly email sent with lessons and practical material (syllabus below)

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community to ask questions of your fellow students (as well as me)

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Syllabus

  • Week One: Spiritual Bathing Basics
    Week Two: Spiritual Bathing Basics & Intermediate
    Week Three: Spiritual Bathing Intermediate
    Week Four: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics
    Week Five: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics continued
    Week Six: House Clearing Intermediate
    Week Seven: Basic Protection Practices
    Week Eight: Intermediate Protection Practices

Weeks One, Two, and Three: Learn how to properly craft a spiritual bath, what herbs and minerals (many right out of your kitchen cabinet!) help to clear energies. Learn the difference between herbs– which ones clear emotions, or clear stress, or will help you get mentally unstuck. Learn spiritual baths to clear spiritual attachments (spirits and cases of possession), jinxes, curses, crossed conditions. Know how to prescribe a spiritual bath for yourself and others based on symptoms, experiences, and properties of the herbs.

Weeks Four, Five, and Six: Learn methods to properly clear and cleanse your home. Create washes for your floors (or carpets) and walls, and learn about the spiritual properties of herbs that will release imprints, stress/emotions, remove spirits/banish, clear evil, or just allow for you energetically to get a new start. Learn about some of the common already created products (such as Florida water, Hoyt’s cologne, and others) that are on the market.

Weeks Seven and Eight: Once a proper clearing/cleansing has been done, many practitioners and sensitives wish to protect their homes and themselves. Our homes as well as our physical bodies should be our sanctuary– and there are methods to protect ourselves and our homes so that we have control over them… and random energies cannot come in our space. Learn how to properly work with talismans and to clear and create a talisman out of a ring or necklace that you already have in your possession, how to create a mojo bag for personal protection (a small bag with herbs and other objects in it that you can carry with you), and how to create a servitor to guard your home (an energy programmed from your own thoughts).

This course is offered “on demand”, meaning that you sign up for the course and will receive your week one email right after signup (and then subsequent weeks on a weekly basis for the next seven weeks)

Sign up and Pay for the Course here

You are welcome to contact me with any questions about the course. This course is considered “foundational”, meaning that it is knowledge that everyone on their spiritual path should have, and that anyone is welcome to take.

The Dangers of Soul Retrieval Part One

Eloise (fake name, of course) contacted me because she felt something was really wrong spiritually. She had received a “soul retrieval” from a “shaman” six weeks prior, and since then her life had gone rapidly downhill.

She was initially interested in soul retrieval because of a bad breakup four years prior. She had the classic symptoms of someone who had never gotten over that point– still thinking about the relationship after many years, inability to get into a new relationship, and a feeling of a part of herself still being her younger (well four years younger, which matters a lot in your twenties) self.

After she received her “soul retrieval” she felt like something was wrong but reasoned that since it was a spiritual appointment that it wasn’t unusual to feel a bit off. However, over the next few days she realized that something was terribly wrong. Eloise had never been depressed or prone to any type of mental imbalance but she began to feel extremely suicidal. So much so that as a logical person she reached out to friends and family and told them that she was worried about the sudden feelings of wanting to harm herself.

She contacted her “shaman” and the “shaman” (yes, I am using a lot of quotes for a reason) told her that it must be a part of her “shadow” coming out and that it was something that needed to simply integrate, and told her to walk on grass and go out into nature to integrate her “shadow”.

A friend came over and they decided that she should get a psychiatric evaluation to ensure that she was safe. She was admitted to the hospital, spending two days in the psychiatric unit. She was put on medication, given talk therapy, and participated in groups with people that were significantly mentally ill.

After she got out she realized that she was not like the other people that she met in the hospital, and was given my name and email address to contact. I quickly realized that she had an energy attached to her that was not her– it was that of a suicidal young woman. We cleared the former human, but Eloise was left with the traumatic experiences she had endured due to the experience of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital (as well as that fact permanently being on her health records) and was extremely and understandably shaken by the whole ordeal.She also had to deal with the fact that she was now on a psychiatric medication that was somewhat difficult for her to get off of.

Brandy (yes, name changed again) contacted me because she had enough spiritual experience to realize that something was attached to her after a soul retrieval appointment. From just one “soul retrieval” from a “shamanic practitioner” she began experiencing really odd experiences around her home, and feeling physical sensations that she knew were not coming from her in origin.

She contacted me and in tracking the energy it was understood that a trickster energy had noticed that this “shamanic practitioner” did not really know what they were doing but was stirring up a bunch of spiritual energy performing “soul retrievals” and the like, and wanted to influence and entertain themselves through being a part of sessions. The practitioner of course had no idea that this was happening. When Brandy came in for the appointment the trickster quickly realized that it was getting bored and noted that Brandy actually had spiritual abilities and attached to her by appearing as a “soul piece” to the practitioner. It took us three appointments to get her rid of this energy over the course of three weeks. Meantime she had difficulty sleeping and strange physical and mental symptoms.

Michael went in for a soul retrieval because of significant childhood trauma. He was molested as a small child, and felt like his life went off track since that point. He had difficulty having intimate relationships and kept those around him at bay. He had a soul retrieval prior with a spiritual worker that helped him release trauma from a situation he had had as a teenager, and he was excited to continue the work. He had moved since the first soul retrieval, which was a few years prior, and so he looked up someone in his town who performed the service.

When he went in the new “shaman” said they brought back five pieces, all of difficult childhood traumas. Michael was excited to hear this, but when he went home he began to feel a well of rage come up in him. He began punching the walls in his apartment, fracturing a finger. He had the urge to flee or burn down his apartment, but at the same time he felt intense grief pour out of him to the extent that he could not move.

He spent the next three weeks in bed in a state of despair. He had memories of his childhood come up that he had not remembered, and could not cope with. He began drinking heavily and watching hours upon hours of television. Over the next three months he lost his job and his days were mainly him with a bottle and his television.

Six months later he began to have flashes of realization that what had happened was a direct result of the soul retrieval that he had from the “shaman”. Although he was still drinking and unemployed, he found me online and we set up a series of appointments to work through the issues that had been created by the “shaman” doing the retrieval.

He is now in AA and is learning meditation to gather the tools he needs to work through some of the trauma he has experienced.

In this case, the “shaman” was technically someone who was spiritually capable (a distinct difference from the first two examples). But because the spiritual worker had little experience with trauma, they were unable to help Michael because they brought back issues that he was not ready to deal with, which obviously had disastrous effects.

In Part One, we have gone over case studies of some of the people I have worked with who have suffered as a result of “shamans” performing “soul retrieval”.

In Part Two I will discuss how frequently and unfortunately I get contacted by people like this, how/why this happens, and how to tell if you have had a soul retrieval that needs to be corrected… or worked with by a more competent practitioner.

I will also discuss my thoughts on why core “shamanism” is presented as safe in terms of soul retrieval, why too many people are playing in realms that they do not understand and feel confident in doing so, why many “shamanic practitioners” grasp onto the idea that there is nothing outside the self (and everything else is lumped in with the “shadow”… which doesn’t mean what they think it does), and the harm that is created by many practitioners working with deep traumas and emotions without any sort of trauma or body-based training. I also will talk a bit about one of my specialties, which is corrective work– or essentially healing the effects of the work of other “shamans” and spiritual practitioners.

Spiritual Bathing: The Basics

One of the tools that I recommend most to my patients who are energetically sensitive in any way is spiritual bathing. Although it sound a bit trite to say (and to read I am sure) the practice of spiritual bathing has completely turned my life around. I used to be consistently exhausted, overwhelmed, and felt ill consistently (with illness that nobody could figure out) due to the amount of spiritual stimulus that was around me. This was despite knowing how to ward (protect myself and my home), how to clear my space, having proper boundaries, claiming my body, working through my traumas and illusions, and doing all of the multitude of practices that have helped me to become whole, given me power, and facilitated understanding on a rather deep level.

Despite all of this I still was overwhelmed because of my sensitivities. I could ward, banish, clear, cultivate my light and compassion and do everything “right” and because I was so sensitive I still was overloaded from seeing too much, from sensing too much, and from feeling the effects of the amount of energies attracted to me and just simply that surround me.

Spiritual bathing comes from pretty much every culture on the planet. It is mentioned in the Bible, it is mentioned in most forms of folk practices and magic from Greece to China to Africa. At its simplest, spiritual bathing is just as it sounds. It is bathing in herbs and minerals for a specific purpose. 

Spiritual bathing can be done for anything. It can be done to clear energy from you (or from inside of you), release emotions/trauma, clear blocks, bring in new opportunities and money, engender romance, for fertility, for protection, sealing of the energies around you, and simply for relaxation.

The prescribing of specific herbs and minerals for spiritual bathing should be done by an experienced root worker, root doctor, or folk practitioner who understands the spiritual properties of specific herbs and minerals and who can come up with an exact prescription of what ingredients you should use to help your exact situation.  (Yes, I do this, and it is often part of the “homework” I give people after a spiritual healing session)

That being said, there are basic ingredients that we can all utilize that are wonderful for most of us to gain the benefits of spiritual bathing. I have included a few of my basic, favorite baths below, and then will tell you how spiritual bathing is done.

Clearing and Releasing Baths
My favorite “basic” bath is a salt bath. This can be as simple as getting dead sea salts or Epsom salts, putting a cup in the bathtub, and soaking in it, with the intent that anything that is not yours and/or anything that wants to clear, can do so.

One of my other favorite baths is with coconut. Ideally you would get a whole coconut, drill three holes in it, put the coconut water in the tub and again intend that anything that is not yours will clear. In some Caribbean traditions you would then fill up the coconut with the dirty bath water (it doesn’t have to be a lot) and release the coconut into the sea or ocean, or at the very least crack it by some sort of body of water to signify that the old energy is leaving and that new energy can come in.

Nurturing and Romance
Goats Milk 
is both mildly clearing as well as deeply nurturing, and is a part of many prescriptions for fertility. The addition of rose petals can nurture as well as allow for a woman to feel romantic about her male partner, or lavender is classically used for women who wish to feel romantic about their female partner.

Any of the clearing herbs can certainly help with protection, but the addition of rosemary will help women to feel protected, especially women who have children. Rue is an herb that is specific to clear negativity and to protect you from negative energy sent from others.

Clearing Jinxes and Crossed Conditions, Starting Anew
Some spiritual situations are incredibly complex or more serious than simply taking a salt bath. Herbs like hyssop combined with agrimony and rue are an excellent place to start. This is a simple prescription for those who have had any sort of magic done against them, or who are spiritual workers to ensure any negativity or backlash has been cleared. Parsley is often used to banish or clear more difficult spirits or energies from us (temporarily, but effectively).

For complex situations (yes I am repeating myself) an individualized prescription is often necessary. Spiritual bathing can be a simple way to work with a variety of situations– from simply creating a fresh start for ourselves, for general release and clearing or “blockbusting”… to specific or difficult situations such as spirit release, undoing the work of others against us (or our subconscious work against ourselves)… to engendering romance, fertility, protection, and better finances and general flow in our lives.

How Spiritual Bathing works
You will simply gather your ingredients. For loose herbs (either dried or fresh) so you do not mess up your bathtub you have two choices:

  1. Put the herb in a large bowl, bring up some water to a boil, and cover the herb with the water and let it steep. When it gets dark/infused, strain it, bring the water portion up to the bath and pour it in with the rest of the water.
  2. Get an empty teabag or cheesecloth and put the herb in. Then put it in the hot water of your bath and let it steep a bit.

For salt you can simply put a cup or two into the bottom of your bathtub. For the coconut you would drill the holes before getting in the bathtub, and simply bring it in the bath with you.

There is no set amount for ingredients, but like a loose leaf tea, you want there to be enough of an impact that the water changes color, that you can smell the herbs, and that you can sense their presence while bathing. There is no set amount for ingredients– meaning that you may choose to take a salt and rosemary bath, or a goats milk and rose petal bath. Or even a salt, hyssop, agrimony, parsley, and rue bath to hedge your bets. With combining ingredients you want to ensure that you are not canceling one out, or adding too many purposes to one bath. You would not want to take a clearing bath and a romance bath at the same time, for example. You would take the clearing bath and then on a separate day take the romance bath. Unless you know what you are doing, simple is often best. A simple salt bath can make a world of difference to someone who is sensitive if done regularly.

How often do I do this?
I suggest to most people that they do a spiritual cleansing bath once a week. Again this can be a simple salt bath.

What do I do?
After gathering the ingredients and putting them in the bath, you will get in the bath. You will state your intent (this bath will clear any negativity, any energy that is not mine, allow for me to move forward in my life, clear any energies/entities, protect me, etc). You may choose to call in a spiritual guide before getting into the bath or utilize source energy/reiki to bring extra energy and intent into the bath as well. Often this is really not necessary, however.

You will then get into the bath and basically take a bath. There are many different cultures who do spiritual bathing and some of them utilize cups (for example) to take the bath water and pour it over the head, letting it run down to the feet.

Many of the directions for spiritual bathing were created in cultures before there were bathtubs, or when they were quite expensive, so I suggest to most people to simply immerse themselves in the bath after stating their intent and allow for the bathwater to be poured or streamed over you head to feet for clearing purposes… and feet to head for anything you want to gain (protection, romance, money, for example). This can be as simple as cupping your hands and pouring a bit over the top of your head and then gently sweeping your body in a downward fashion until you reach your feet.

You then get out of the bath. Like I said, a simple salt bath is often quite effective (just pouring in some salt, sitting in it and saying your intent of clearing, and then getting out). I find that the ritualization of spiritual bathing (or the “classical” rootwork methods) to be quite effective. These are not absolutely necessary, but if you are dealing with a lot of negativity or struggle or you think someone is working against you are something is attached to you, I do suggest doing the ritual in full.

The full ritual:
In rootwork, the bath is often taken at or just before dawn. A portion of the bathwater is saved. You would get out of the tub and air dry. Some people like to step out of the tub between two white candles that are lit to signify that a fresh start is being made. I do find that it is a lovely way to do things.

You would then get dressed, put any clothes you were wearing in the laundry, and bring the portion of the bathwater that you saved to a crossroads (basically where any road intersects with another road). You would then dump out the bathwater you saved over your left shoulder and go back home, taking a different route than you took on the way there. You would not look back at the crossroad that you dumped the water at.

The modified ritual:
Most people who are not in severe situations, or who are willing to make spiritual bathing a routine (as in once or twice a week, or once a week and whenever they are feeling “off”) that they will stick to will do a modified ritual.

You would bathe the same way, collect a portion of the bathwater, step out between the two candles, and then drop the bath water off at a crossroads, in a brook or stream, or ask permission of a tree or other natural object to mulch or dispose of the water for you.

The modified ritual cuts out the air drying, the timing portion, and the ritual of the crossroads (at least to the extent of not needing to do it at dawn, pouring over left shoulder, etc).

A simple bath:
Like I mentioned, most people could really just use a salt bath. Just put the salt in the tub, get in and state your intent, and soak for 10-20 minutes or so.

This cuts out need for downward motion for clearing, collecting bath water, timing, ritual aspects, etc. But even doing a simple salt bath once a week, if done regularly, can clear a lot of energy.

It sounds so simple, but often the simple things are the most effective… we just really want things to be complex because our minds think they will work better. When I began spiritual bathing I didn’t know much about the spiritual properties of herbs and did a salt bath (simple version) once a night for seven nights. My health immediately improved, my fatigue lessened, my energetic space became clearer and clearer. I do realize as a clinician that salt baths also contain a lot of magnesium and minerals that are highly effective, but the effect of not having so much energetic “junk” around me even with the simple bath was astonishing to me. The gradual addition of herbs to help clear, protect, banish, or break through negativity, to nourish, or to bring certain elements to my life as well as the ritualized, classical aspects of it has had an astronomical impact on my life and on my practice.

If you are looking to begin a practice of spiritual bathing, you can contact me for a reading or appointment. Like I mentioned, these are the very, very basics of doing these practices, and with the right prescription the results can be really beautiful. But the practices mentioned are an excellent start at integrating spiritual bathing into your life.


Symptoms of Possession

One of my areas of specialization in my spiritual healing practice is working with attached energies of all sorts. In my previous blog, I discussed why energies attach to us, and the number one symptom of having something attached.

In Part Two (this blog), I am going to discuss common symptoms of having an energy attached to you. In Part Three (upcoming) I will discuss an overview of the varying energies I work with and why I specialize in this work.

As discussed in the prior blog, many people look at an energy attachment or spirit attachment as something frightening, unnatural, and think that an energetic attachment will cause severe symptoms that are readily noticeable.

This is rarely the case. In fact, the number one symptom of an energy attached to you is fatigue without cause. This is fatigue without any sort of medical or social reasons. This can be a hard symptom to parse out, because we live in a society where we are all (well most of us) are chronically fatigued and reliant on stimulants to get us through our days.

Before I get into symptoms, I will also say that having other energies, even other beings of an entirely different vibration or physiology than us attach to us is more common than we might think. We like to think of ourselves as concrete physical creatures– our physical presence ending at the skin level. We are actually energetic creatures– our bodies are composed of varying energies of denseness and light and everything in between. 

Basically, everything in this world is made out of energy, including us. There is no “physical” versus “energetic”. We are all composed of energies– some of them more dense (our physical structure, organs, etc) than others (our thoughts, our “aura”, etc).

We are all interfacing with different energies that are not “us” all of the time in actuality. It is only natural that we are affected by the emotions, experiences, thoughts, and even other energies that we come across. Most of us have barriers to this (energetic structures that allow these energies to pass through us or not get past a certain point in our field) or a healthy mind-body so that we do not take these energies in. Most of us in this world are not sensitive– we cannot see, touch, sense or feel these energies in any way. Most of us focus only on the physical, “concrete” reality around us and are blind to anything else. Sensitivity, trauma history, and lack of boundaries are the three (main) reasons why energies attach to us. 

The more sensitive we are, the more open we are, the more traumatized we are, the more spiritually aware we are, the more likely it is that a wider and wilder variety of energies that are not resonant with our field will be attracted to us. Most people have former humans attached to them (spirits of deceased people, just for clarity) because their energies are not so different than our own. Other people who are more sensitive, open, traumatized, or spiritually aware may be more likely to have a wide variety of beings, spirits, animals, and energies attached to them. Generally the bigger the energy, the more vibrationally different than our own energy, the more severe the symptoms. 

Many people may not even notice that a former human is attached to them. Many people may not believe in it even if they do have one attached to them. That is certainly their choice. But there are a wide variety of spirits, energies, beings, and former humans that are attached to many, many people (it is incredibly common) creating a lot of symptoms that could be lessened or even completely eradicated if they were to go to someone with the ability to release these beings/energies from their physical body and/or energy field.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachments and Possession

The most common symptoms (beyond fatigue that cannot be explained) are memory issues, general fogginess/lack of clarity, and physical or emotional symptoms that started at a very specific point in time. 

I also suspect spirit attachment if someone has been in a place with a lot of spirits– a hospital or nursing home, for example– with symptoms that started right after their visit that they did not have prior. This could really be anything, as when a former human attaches to us we pick up their symptoms. This means that if we were in a hospital where there was a former human who died with pancreas issues we might suddenly start having pain in our side. 

No medical tests show anything. This is another big symptom that makes me suspect spirit involvement. If you have physical symptoms that are causing you considerable distress and have gone to doctors, had medical tests, and blood tests, and nothing shows up and nobody can tell you what is wrong you either have a bad doctor or may want to check for spirit attachment. 

You had surgery, anesthesia, or were knocked out. Any time we have surgery we partially or fully leave our bodies energetically. It is a basic trauma response, and the anesthesia in fact has the effect of kicking us out of our bodies. This means that other energies that are present can see an opening and take advantage of it. Our boundaries are down and our energy is scattered while knocked out, especially under anesthesia. Of course, not everyone who has surgery gets a spirit attachment– but this paired with symptoms starting that cannot be explained and other symptoms listed here might suggest that you get a reading at the very least.

Change of behaviors, personality, addictions, and hobbies. This is another huge symptom that causes me to suspect spirit attachment. If you were a quiet, shy and plainly dressed and chaste woman who suddenly starts wearing tube tops and picking up men in bars (this is an extreme example, of course) that would suggest that there is an energy present that is not you. Similarly, a sudden interest in other hobbies, changes in wardrobe, personality that is unlike you is cause to question, especially if the interest showed up suddenly.

Addiction is a huge symptom of spirit attachment. First, because the addiction and substance use makes you have less boundaries overall (kind of like anesthesia) which makes it easier for energies to attach, but also because there are a lot of former humans who were addicts in life hanging out in bars and other places. They sense that you are a vibrational match for them and attach. Spirits have a hard time getting drunk or high though since they do not have physical bodies… so whatever drink or drug you are utilizing is never enough. They always want more.

Sensitivity paired with odd dreams. Although this can be a wide variety of things (including past lives, astral travel, etc) if you are a sensitive and have odd dreams that are not your own, you may want to get checked for attached energies, or at the very least learn some protection measures for your bedroom so that energies are not interfering with your sleep and general privacy.

A relative, family member, friend, or pet that you are in constant grief over. The grieving process for anyone is extraordinarily difficult. There are specific stages to grief, and it can take us a long time to work with grief when someone has left our lives physically. But if you sense that the person is still with you, you are constantly dreaming and thinking about them, and you have physical or emotional imbalances that they did they may still be present. Although people sometimes are happy that their loved one is still around they are not in their right place and are causing you harm by being attached to you. 

War and other intense events, visiting places as a sensitive that have had a lot of violence or spirit activity. I have now worked with countless people from the military who had PTSD and high levels of stress who also had another layer of spirit attachment on top of that. This is sometimes hard to differentiate, but any extreme levels of trauma make us more open for spirit attachments, especially if there already is a lot of death and spirit activity present.

Similarly, if we are sensitive (which means that we notice things around us more, like spirit presences), and we visit a place that has had a huge amount of trauma, war, or violence we may have something attach to us.

Hearing voices, sensing a presence, or feeling something within you or around you that is not “you”. This can mean a spirit attachment, or it can mean significant trauma has happened that has caused you to disassociate. Or it can mean both.

Lack of interest in sex. Again, we are getting into something that could be hormonal or based in other reasons (meaning look at if your partner is being a jerk, or if there are “mundane” reasons for your sex life to be not present, first). But the presence of a male former human in a female body, for example, can cause the female to not be attracted to her male partner.

Memory lapses, time loss, and fogginess/lack of clarity in thinking. This can again point to severe trauma, endocrine conditions, and other issues… but when a spirit attaches to us their thought patterns, emotions, and physical issues overlay our energy systems, in time becoming more and more physically entrenched. You may experience thoughts that are not yours, or just have a general sort of fogginess to your thinking due to a presence. In severe cases this energy overlaying can become more dominant with people reporting memory lapses and time loss from the time that they are in the background and the attached energy became more dominant.

Symptoms that started suddenly. If you are aware of that all of your symptoms started on a specific day, week, or month, this is a common symptom of spirit attachment.

Emotions that are like a roller-coaster. Lots and lots of fear. Anxiety attacks. Feeling emotions that are not based in your experiences or a roller coaster of emotions. Interestingly, many people cancel on me because they make an appointment and the night before they start feeling a lot of fear and anxiety. Many of them then cancel the appointment. They do not realize that it is the attached spirit that is afraid, not them. That the attached spirit realizes, anticipates, and fears moving on.

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the most common symptoms. Again, most people who have attachments are of moderately benign energies– emotions, thoughts, and former humans. These symptoms cause fatigue as well as many of the other issues above. As we can see, they do not typically cause really severe symptoms. The further away we get from more common energies or benign energies, the more severe the symptoms are, and the more difficulty they will create in your life. Many non-human energies cause similar symptoms as listed above, but due to their unique presence and vibrational difference from our own energetic field their presence is noted more readily.

It is really important to know that only having one of these symptoms does not mean you have something attached to you. If this blog resonates with you, and you have a few of the symptoms, I would suggest checking in with a spiritual worker.

It is of vital importance to find a spiritual worker that has trained in and specializes in this type of work! I rarely use exclamation points, but many spiritual workers do not specialize in spirit release work, especially any type of work dealing with non-human origin spirits, beings, and energies. They may claim that they know how to work with this, but it takes many years of specialized training to work with attached energies, even former humans, and especially the more complex ones. 

Although this may seem rough to other spiritual workers, I do a wide variety of “correctional” work– meaning I receive emails from many people who have been to all sorts of “shamans” and “spiritual workers” of all sorts who have further traumatized the person by saying that it is all in their head (and there is no such thing as spirits) and if they wanted to they could just pray them away or use “white light” or sage and they would go away… to making situations much worse…to not doing anything at all and charging a lot of money… to taking on cases and then when spirits present that are frightening to them or the client dropping the case, making the situation much much worse.

When you contact me suspecting an attachment, I will do divination work to see if I am the appropriate person for this work. Sometimes distance work is not the best option , or I am not the right practitioner for whatever reason. If I can help you, I will let you know, and we will set up an appointment via Phone/Skype. I will do work prior to the appointment and after to ensure that things will go well. In some cases, one appointment is all that is needed. In complex cases, or in cases of multiple spirit attachments, more appointments are necessary. You can read about my ethical pledge for my spiritual work here and contact me with any questions or for an appointment here. Additionally, you can read more information about my spiritual work, including cost, here.