The Revamped Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Course

Introducing a New Format– The Eight Week Cleansing and Protection Course

This course is an email based course with weekly lessons sent to you, with access to a closed Facebook group to ask questions of me (and fellow students), and discuss your experiences. If you do not have Facebook, alternate arrangements can be made (a few questions can be asked of me directly; I do highly suggest joining the Facebook group to gain the most out of the course, however)

This course is “on demand” meaning that you can sign up and start the course when you like. You can do so here if you are ready to

Since this is a question I receive frequently… yes, you can do the “Spiritual Bathing” section without a bathtub.

This work is essential for anyone who wishes to truly know how to take care of themselves and maintain proper energetic hygiene. 

The Purpose of this Course:

Many people come to me with no idea how to properly take care of themselves energetically. They may know very basic information about spiritual usage of salt, or may have some odd ideas about sage (not actually a great cleansing herb… and it is odd that it has gotten so popular, it is actually more of a consecration herb… and there are much, much better herbs out there for cleansing), but generally people do not know how to properly clear, cleanse, and protect themselves spiritually. 

Other people have learned how to shield themselves, or erect mental energies in an attempt to protect themselves. This is what is commonly taught to empaths, sensitives, shamans, and psychics. And guess what, it doesn’t work. Or it does work, but only for a short period of time before it wears you down (because you are utilizing your own energy, even if you think that you are not in 99 percent of cases). Shielding is meant for short term or emergency situations, and nobody should be “closing down” or “closing off” their aura or energy field. When you do this, the “good” as well as the “bad” get stuck. And you get tired. And you cannot connect to spirit the way you likely could before. And there are magical and spiritual (as in not mental/thoughtform, although you will learn some of those too in this class) ways to protect yourself that are incredibly powerful and most of all effective.

So who is this course for and what does this all mean? We are in a sea of spiritual stimuli. Plenty of us are more sensitive than others (more “psychic” or “awake”) and it is rare that any of us have the proper skills or tools to know how to clear this energy from us before it affects us physically, energetically, or emotionally. Many people are in a constant state of spiritual overwhelm without knowing it. And plenty of people have put up energetic walls or shields, disassociated in part or in full, or in some cases, are consistently dealing with spirits, energies, and other beings invading their space and their homes.

Other people interested in this course may be so because they may be practitioners– bodyworkers, spiritual workers, acupuncturists, energy workers of some sort. Others may simply come into contact with a lot of people and want to know how to properly clear themselves of all of the energy they come into contact with on a daily basis– teachers, waiters, retail workers, and so forth. And many people have done “core” or other “shamanic” work for a long time and never learned really how to do this sort of work.

It is possible to maintain energetic hygiene, to clear this sort of energy, and to know how to properly cleanse yourself and your home on a regular basis. It is possible to do so in a direct, simple fashion that will have big effects on your life. It is possible to protect yourself (if necessary) in a way that doesn’t take from your own energetic reserves.

My purpose with my classes is clear… to get you the direct experience you need so that you feel comfortable and confident doing this work in the world… either for yourself or others.

This work is based in spiritual herbalism. The basis of it is in Rootwork (Hoodoo), but also merges Folk Magic, and other magical and spiritual practices. Herbs and minerals are wonderful because they have their own spirit, their own spiritual properties… and they don’t require you to use your own energy so you will not personally get depleted.

What is Included in the Course:

  • A weekly email sent with lessons and practical material (syllabus below)

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community to ask questions of your fellow students (as well as me)

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Syllabus

  • Week One: Spiritual Bathing Basics
    Week Two: Spiritual Bathing Basics & Intermediate
    Week Three: Spiritual Bathing Intermediate
    Week Four: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics
    Week Five: House Clearing and Cleansing Basics continued
    Week Six: House Clearing Intermediate
    Week Seven: Basic Protection Practices
    Week Eight: Intermediate Protection Practices

Weeks One, Two, and Three: Learn how to properly craft a spiritual bath, what herbs and minerals (many right out of your kitchen cabinet!) help to clear energies. Learn the difference between herbs– which ones clear emotions, or clear stress, or will help you get mentally unstuck. Learn spiritual baths to clear spiritual attachments (spirits and cases of possession), jinxes, curses, crossed conditions. Know how to prescribe a spiritual bath for yourself and others based on symptoms, experiences, and properties of the herbs.

Weeks Four, Five, and Six: Learn methods to properly clear and cleanse your home. Create washes for your floors (or carpets) and walls, and learn about the spiritual properties of herbs that will release imprints, stress/emotions, remove spirits/banish, clear evil, or just allow for you energetically to get a new start. Learn about some of the common already created products (such as Florida water, Hoyt’s cologne, and others) that are on the market.

Weeks Seven and Eight: Once a proper clearing/cleansing has been done, many practitioners and sensitives wish to protect their homes and themselves. Our homes as well as our physical bodies should be our sanctuary– and there are methods to protect ourselves and our homes so that we have control over them… and random energies cannot come in our space. Learn how to properly work with talismans and to clear and create a talisman out of a ring or necklace that you already have in your possession, how to create a mojo bag for personal protection (a small bag with herbs and other objects in it that you can carry with you), and how to create a servitor to guard your home (an energy programmed from your own thoughts).

This course is offered “on demand”, meaning that you sign up for the course and will receive your week one email right after signup (and then subsequent weeks on a weekly basis for the next seven weeks)

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You are welcome to contact me with any questions about the course. This course is considered “foundational”, meaning that it is knowledge that everyone on their spiritual path should have, and that anyone is welcome to take.

Spiritual Bathing: The Basics

One of the tools that I recommend most to my patients who are energetically sensitive in any way is spiritual bathing. Although it sound a bit trite to say (and to read I am sure) the practice of spiritual bathing has completely turned my life around. I used to be consistently exhausted, overwhelmed, and felt ill consistently (with illness that nobody could figure out) due to the amount of spiritual stimulus that was around me. This was despite knowing how to ward (protect myself and my home), how to clear my space, having proper boundaries, claiming my body, working through my traumas and illusions, and doing all of the multitude of practices that have helped me to become whole, given me power, and facilitated understanding on a rather deep level.

Despite all of this I still was overwhelmed because of my sensitivities. I could ward, banish, clear, cultivate my light and compassion and do everything “right” and because I was so sensitive I still was overloaded from seeing too much, from sensing too much, and from feeling the effects of the amount of energies attracted to me and just simply that surround me.

Spiritual bathing comes from pretty much every culture on the planet. It is mentioned in the Bible, it is mentioned in most forms of folk practices and magic from Greece to China to Africa. At its simplest, spiritual bathing is just as it sounds. It is bathing in herbs and minerals for a specific purpose. 

Spiritual bathing can be done for anything. It can be done to clear energy from you (or from inside of you), release emotions/trauma, clear blocks, bring in new opportunities and money, engender romance, for fertility, for protection, sealing of the energies around you, and simply for relaxation.

The prescribing of specific herbs and minerals for spiritual bathing should be done by an experienced root worker, root doctor, or folk practitioner who understands the spiritual properties of specific herbs and minerals and who can come up with an exact prescription of what ingredients you should use to help your exact situation.  (Yes, I do this, and it is often part of the “homework” I give people after a spiritual healing session)

That being said, there are basic ingredients that we can all utilize that are wonderful for most of us to gain the benefits of spiritual bathing. I have included a few of my basic, favorite baths below, and then will tell you how spiritual bathing is done.

Clearing and Releasing Baths
My favorite “basic” bath is a salt bath. This can be as simple as getting dead sea salts or Epsom salts, putting a cup in the bathtub, and soaking in it, with the intent that anything that is not yours and/or anything that wants to clear, can do so.

One of my other favorite baths is with coconut. Ideally you would get a whole coconut, drill three holes in it, put the coconut water in the tub and again intend that anything that is not yours will clear. In some Caribbean traditions you would then fill up the coconut with the dirty bath water (it doesn’t have to be a lot) and release the coconut into the sea or ocean, or at the very least crack it by some sort of body of water to signify that the old energy is leaving and that new energy can come in.

Nurturing and Romance
Goats Milk 
is both mildly clearing as well as deeply nurturing, and is a part of many prescriptions for fertility. The addition of rose petals can nurture as well as allow for a woman to feel romantic about her male partner, or lavender is classically used for women who wish to feel romantic about their female partner.

Any of the clearing herbs can certainly help with protection, but the addition of rosemary will help women to feel protected, especially women who have children. Rue is an herb that is specific to clear negativity and to protect you from negative energy sent from others.

Clearing Jinxes and Crossed Conditions, Starting Anew
Some spiritual situations are incredibly complex or more serious than simply taking a salt bath. Herbs like hyssop combined with agrimony and rue are an excellent place to start. This is a simple prescription for those who have had any sort of magic done against them, or who are spiritual workers to ensure any negativity or backlash has been cleared. Parsley is often used to banish or clear more difficult spirits or energies from us (temporarily, but effectively).

For complex situations (yes I am repeating myself) an individualized prescription is often necessary. Spiritual bathing can be a simple way to work with a variety of situations– from simply creating a fresh start for ourselves, for general release and clearing or “blockbusting”… to specific or difficult situations such as spirit release, undoing the work of others against us (or our subconscious work against ourselves)… to engendering romance, fertility, protection, and better finances and general flow in our lives.

How Spiritual Bathing works
You will simply gather your ingredients. For loose herbs (either dried or fresh) so you do not mess up your bathtub you have two choices:

  1. Put the herb in a large bowl, bring up some water to a boil, and cover the herb with the water and let it steep. When it gets dark/infused, strain it, bring the water portion up to the bath and pour it in with the rest of the water.
  2. Get an empty teabag or cheesecloth and put the herb in. Then put it in the hot water of your bath and let it steep a bit.

For salt you can simply put a cup or two into the bottom of your bathtub. For the coconut you would drill the holes before getting in the bathtub, and simply bring it in the bath with you.

There is no set amount for ingredients, but like a loose leaf tea, you want there to be enough of an impact that the water changes color, that you can smell the herbs, and that you can sense their presence while bathing. There is no set amount for ingredients– meaning that you may choose to take a salt and rosemary bath, or a goats milk and rose petal bath. Or even a salt, hyssop, agrimony, parsley, and rue bath to hedge your bets. With combining ingredients you want to ensure that you are not canceling one out, or adding too many purposes to one bath. You would not want to take a clearing bath and a romance bath at the same time, for example. You would take the clearing bath and then on a separate day take the romance bath. Unless you know what you are doing, simple is often best. A simple salt bath can make a world of difference to someone who is sensitive if done regularly.

How often do I do this?
I suggest to most people that they do a spiritual cleansing bath once a week. Again this can be a simple salt bath.

What do I do?
After gathering the ingredients and putting them in the bath, you will get in the bath. You will state your intent (this bath will clear any negativity, any energy that is not mine, allow for me to move forward in my life, clear any energies/entities, protect me, etc). You may choose to call in a spiritual guide before getting into the bath or utilize source energy/reiki to bring extra energy and intent into the bath as well. Often this is really not necessary, however.

You will then get into the bath and basically take a bath. There are many different cultures who do spiritual bathing and some of them utilize cups (for example) to take the bath water and pour it over the head, letting it run down to the feet.

Many of the directions for spiritual bathing were created in cultures before there were bathtubs, or when they were quite expensive, so I suggest to most people to simply immerse themselves in the bath after stating their intent and allow for the bathwater to be poured or streamed over you head to feet for clearing purposes… and feet to head for anything you want to gain (protection, romance, money, for example). This can be as simple as cupping your hands and pouring a bit over the top of your head and then gently sweeping your body in a downward fashion until you reach your feet.

You then get out of the bath. Like I said, a simple salt bath is often quite effective (just pouring in some salt, sitting in it and saying your intent of clearing, and then getting out). I find that the ritualization of spiritual bathing (or the “classical” rootwork methods) to be quite effective. These are not absolutely necessary, but if you are dealing with a lot of negativity or struggle or you think someone is working against you are something is attached to you, I do suggest doing the ritual in full.

The full ritual:
In rootwork, the bath is often taken at or just before dawn. A portion of the bathwater is saved. You would get out of the tub and air dry. Some people like to step out of the tub between two white candles that are lit to signify that a fresh start is being made. I do find that it is a lovely way to do things.

You would then get dressed, put any clothes you were wearing in the laundry, and bring the portion of the bathwater that you saved to a crossroads (basically where any road intersects with another road). You would then dump out the bathwater you saved over your left shoulder and go back home, taking a different route than you took on the way there. You would not look back at the crossroad that you dumped the water at.

The modified ritual:
Most people who are not in severe situations, or who are willing to make spiritual bathing a routine (as in once or twice a week, or once a week and whenever they are feeling “off”) that they will stick to will do a modified ritual.

You would bathe the same way, collect a portion of the bathwater, step out between the two candles, and then drop the bath water off at a crossroads, in a brook or stream, or ask permission of a tree or other natural object to mulch or dispose of the water for you.

The modified ritual cuts out the air drying, the timing portion, and the ritual of the crossroads (at least to the extent of not needing to do it at dawn, pouring over left shoulder, etc).

A simple bath:
Like I mentioned, most people could really just use a salt bath. Just put the salt in the tub, get in and state your intent, and soak for 10-20 minutes or so.

This cuts out need for downward motion for clearing, collecting bath water, timing, ritual aspects, etc. But even doing a simple salt bath once a week, if done regularly, can clear a lot of energy.

It sounds so simple, but often the simple things are the most effective… we just really want things to be complex because our minds think they will work better. When I began spiritual bathing I didn’t know much about the spiritual properties of herbs and did a salt bath (simple version) once a night for seven nights. My health immediately improved, my fatigue lessened, my energetic space became clearer and clearer. I do realize as a clinician that salt baths also contain a lot of magnesium and minerals that are highly effective, but the effect of not having so much energetic “junk” around me even with the simple bath was astonishing to me. The gradual addition of herbs to help clear, protect, banish, or break through negativity, to nourish, or to bring certain elements to my life as well as the ritualized, classical aspects of it has had an astronomical impact on my life and on my practice.

If you are looking to begin a practice of spiritual bathing, you can contact me for a reading or appointment. Like I mentioned, these are the very, very basics of doing these practices, and with the right prescription the results can be really beautiful. But the practices mentioned are an excellent start at integrating spiritual bathing into your life.