So I had an interesting question posed to me recently. The basics sentiment was: how can we break through to reality? 

This is somewhat out of context, so I will say that I talk a fair amount about the fact that a lot of spiritual paths and sentiments are meant to perpetuate illusion. That we are all steeped in illusion, and that we in fact seek comfort in illusion because it allows for us to feel in control, as well as quells our fears, and makes complex things (like spirituality) seem simple.

We like simplicity, we like linearity. Or I should say our minds do.

The difficulty with this is that authentic spiritual awakening allows for complexity. It allows for something and its opposite to be true at the same time. The “truth” is sometimes painful, it is sometimes what we don’t wish to hear. This is because it breaks away from what we consider to be “true” about ourselves or the world.

So I thought I would talk a bit, from my perspective, about the process of continually working through illusion in order to find truth.

We tend to repeat things to ourselves and others that are not true.

These are often phrases or sentiments that are focused on beliefs. These are also often sentences or phrases that will explain something complex simply.

For example: “men are like that”; “people suck”; “I will never have enough”; “women are soul suckers”

These are often focused on past traumas or cultural/societal teachings.

Or: “the alignment of the cosmos is why this happened”; “blessings, love and light” or “I am an (fairy, et, earth angel, sensitive, psychic, empath, shaman, fill in blank here) and that is why my life is so difficult”; “the shift is creating this momentum”; “I am special and so nobody understands me”; “everybody hates me/nobody loves me”; or insert conspiracy theory here.

So these are a mix of trauma and a traumatized brain always seeks separation. I have worked with trauma for a long time. Most people who have experienced significant trauma, unless they have received appropriate help, will believe that they are the only person who will understand or know what their trauma is like. This is untrue. I can tell you from my experience in working with people who have experienced devastating trauma that many other people have experienced the same exact things as you have. Even truly horrific things like incest, kidnapping, rape, watching someone be murdered, etc.

Our brains tell us that we are the only person who have experienced something like this. This allows for the trauma and the beliefs associated with it to continue, and for us to not receive the help that we need. A traumatized brain is fragmented, and will want to keep the status quo. Even if our reality is a dysfunctional one in which we are not thriving, our minds will seek to continue the separation. That is until we are willing to realize that what our minds are telling us may not be true.


The other aspect of this are simple solutions to complex issues.

Although it sounds odd, if we believe that the Illuminati are controlling the world, this is preferable to realizing that the world cycles through various stages of entropy at times. That there is no evil Mr. Burns-like character in control of everything. There of course are shady characters, people of power, people who are part of the 1 percent and so forth. But conspiracy theories tend to be all-consuming and a simplified explanation for everything. Us believing whatever conspiracy theory allows for the part of us that likes simplicity and control to be sated.

This is also true in terms of identity. If all of our troubles are because we are an empath, that not only takes any sort of personal responsibility away from ourselves, it also creates the illusion that nothing in our lives will change. That we will always be troubled, have health issues, and so forth. It stops us from looking for and receiving help and guidance, or following through on doing so.

The fact that we may have a chronic health condition that we always will have to deal with is separate than the mental aspect of ourselves constantly defining ourselves as something in order to provide a sort of order to chaos, as well as to shirk responsibility.

What is funny about this is that a few months ago I saw a thread in a Facebook group in which someone said they were empathic and that made them so much different than everyone else. The funny aspect of this is that about 150 people responded, saying the felt the same way.

None of them realized that if they let go of the illusion of being isolated/alone/different/etc. that they would be able to see the irony that everyone in that group (even likely most people who responded) felt exactly the same way. None of them seemingly saw the irony of the fact that there were hundreds of people are sharing that singular sentiment.



The spiritual realms are non-linear and often not logical. They also can be extremely linear and logical (see what I did there). But we have this tendency to want to create order and tidiness to spiritual things. The further that we move into direct experience, the more we will have to contend with our own illusions based on the idea of control.

Basically, if we believe we understand something and can name it, we feel in control.

A perfect example of this is Mercury Retrograde, which has gotten an exceedingly bad wrap (there are other retrogrades that are far, far more difficult, they just don’t have the PR campaign poor Mercury has).

People being aware of Mercury Retrograde and endlessly repeating that things are going wrong because of it is either because:

  • they are aware of Mercury Retrograde, and so are ascribing any small inconvenience to it
  • it is a time in which any problems can have an external cause (rather than looking internally, or having a “sometimes shit just happens” approach)
  • they actually are having issues due to Mercury Retrograde

The first two are by far more predominant.


So how to Break through to Reality? 

How to know that you are moving towards “truth” rather than creating illusion?

  1. Look at the sentences and phrases you repeat to yourself. These may be sentences or phrases that you have repeated your whole life, or they may be specific to an event.
    1. For example, after a school shooting we will often feel worried and afraid. We may repeat to ourselves “that person was really sick” because, even though he was, the separation we are creating here allows us for some semblance of control and comfort. It may be entirely true that he is mentally ill, as most of us wouldn’t dream of shooting up a school, but the mental logistics of this are still the same.
  2. Look at the sentences and phrases that are repeated to you. The news and our media does this all the time. They will repeat things in just slightly different ways to us enough times that we make it a part of our reality.
    1. There are a lot of disturbing things I could go into about “pushing thoughts” and how easy it is to do, as our minds are incredibly malleable and open, but that is perhaps another blog
  3. Look at any thoughts or ideas that are causing you to place a lot of blame on one concept, or identity.
    1. For example, being an Empath likely does create some difficulty in your life. That can be worked with, by the way. But if you blame everything in your life on the fact that you are an empath (or even 70 or 50 percent) it is something to look at
  4. Look at any thoughts or ideas that are causing you to feel separate
    1. This is a big one in spiritual awakening. The ego and ego awakening sort of culture is really dominant and really illusory. A lot of people start on a spiritual path because they want to feel special. This is oddly a reaction to the part of the brain that wants to feel separate. Spiritual awakening can create separation at a certain point, but that point only happens when you realize that you are one and separate at the same time. Simply put, separation instincts are illusory.
    2. No matter what you are going through, whatever difficulty or terror or experiences that you have experienced, someone (and likely many people) have as well. This is why support groups work really well. I cannot understand what a Veteran has experienced past a certain point, but other Veterans will.
  5. Look at attempts to create logic, linearity, and simplicity
    1. This happens ALL THE TIME. It is much harder to understand and reconcile that we may not have all the answers, that our attempts to control (and feelings of being out of control) stem from a deeper, subconscious realization that we will never have all of the answers. That despite who we are, or how much we know, there is always a deeper truth. That things are complex, and non-linear, and that we do not control them and do not have all the answers.
    2. This also greatly reduces us if we do this. If we ascribe all of our problems to the full moon, we stop looking for answers. We stop realizing that “okay, the full moon is affecting me, but so is that person at work, so is this spiritual process I am going through, and I just talked to my mom on the phone, and I feel uneasy about that presentation I have to do”.
  6. Look at where you stop yourself– where you conclude the “final” truth is
    1. This one is funny as I meet a lot of people who introduce themselves to me as some great awakened being. Or they will state how they had a kundalini awakening, are psychic, and so forth. Many of these people truly have experienced some sort of spiritual “something” but the mind will always tell us that we are further than we are. It will stop us from moving forward, or even realizing that our separation instinct is causing for us to both simultaneously feel some level of low self-worth as well as needing to feel “special” or realized/awakened at the same time.
    2. We can always know more than what we do currently. There is no “end stage”. There is no completion point. There are always deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper truths out there (did I say deeper?). This is what makes the spiritual path so exhilarating as well as occasionally infuriating. Because if you are on it for a while, you will realize that there is always more to know.
    3. I have met so many people who have stopped themselves from proceeding on their spiritual path. I sometimes meet someone who has been espousing the same beliefs and understandings as they did twenty years ago. I always think about who they might be, or what they might have accomplished, if their ego didn’t tell them that they had found some sort of final “truth”.
  7. And finally, illusion creates numbing. It also simultaneously creates pain. Look at any beliefs about yourself and the world. If they are creating separation, pain, or difficulty for you, they are likely false. Or at the very least not as true as you believe them to be. If beliefs are allowing you to anesthetize, to be numb, or apathetic, they are also likely false, and should be looked at.


I do realize that questioning your reality is for the brave sorts of us who are both willing and stable enough to do so. I continually question, learn, and try to “break through” my current reality on a daily basis. The effects of doing so can be initially frightening, but the baggage and sort of chains that false beliefs and illusions create, even if they are offering us things like simplicity and the illusion of control, cause for us to not be free. It is hard to describe how freeing it is to release the chains– the beliefs and understandings that are false that bind us. If you just start by noticing what sentences you repeat to yourself, or what sentences you notice repeated to you, you will likely, over the course of a few weeks, begin to realize some of the illusions that may be coloring your world.