Spiritual Orphaning, Mythic Realities, and the Biggest Misconception about the Spiritual Path

I recently opened my Facebook page to hear from people what they might want me to talk about in a blog. One of the questions that I got via email was basically asking what the biggest misconception on the spiritual path is. My answer is that unless you are directly...

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Sisyphus and the Spiritual Path

One of the more common illusions of the spiritual path is that it will get easier as one progresses on it. The belief that the spiritual path is about transcendence means that people often create subsequent beliefs that if only they tried hard enough, or were...

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Animism and Personhood

Lately I have seen the term “person” or “personhood” being used in an animist context to introduce the concept that we should be considering other intelligences as vitally alive and of having a soul. Anything that supports people picking their heads up and actually...

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