Ethical Considerations of Spiritual Work in Natural Disasters

Every time there is some sort of larger happening in the world I see a call to “send energy”: to send prayers, intentions, or even do some type of energetic or spiritual work to be of assistance. In this I see the best of intentions: a desire to be of service,...

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Beyond the Hedge

It is quite understandable to think of the spiritual path as a spiral. The structure of a spiral or other toroidal forms point to a realization that we return to the same point again and again, but with different perspective– a...

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On Meditation (and the Meditation Course)

This is a self-guided course. You can sign up for it here. Please read the course description and policies before signing up. By signing up for the course you agree to the policies and FAQ’s listed below. One of my favorite descriptions of the purpose of meditation is...

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